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A Mixed Buffet Of Food Info 

Washington Post - 2 hours, 10 minutes ago
Tens of millions of consumers seek nutrition advice online, regularly searching for information about dietary supplements, food allergies and how to lose weight.

Daily Record - 2 hours, 15 minutes ago
AS Elizabeth Minto walked her dog she was torn apart with taunts from a group of teenagers. "Haven't you ever heard of Slim Fast?" they yelled. "Check the state of that."

Green living takes root in Sweden 
BBC News - Oct 09 4:34 AM
Sweden is trying to build a model of urban sustainability with eco-friendly housing in the city of Malmo.

Perking up for charity 
The Comet - Oct 05 12:23 PM
RECORD-BREAKING coffee mornings were held in Comet country on Friday in aid of a cancer charity. Children at Weston Way Nursery in Baldock made gingerbread men with the help of MP Oliver Heald and raised more than £100 for Macmillan Cancer Relief, as part of The World's Biggest Coffee Morning.




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Weight Watchers International, Inc.
Type Public
Founded 1963
Headquarters 11 Madison Avenue
New York, New weightwatcher York 10010
Key people Stacey Slaven, Linda Huett, President & CEO
Ann M. Sardini, Vice President & weighwatchers CFO
Thilo Semmelbauer, COO
Robert W. weightwatches Hollweg, Vice President, General Counsel & Secretary
Products Weight loss
Employees 46,000 (as of 2003)
Website www.weightwatchers.com

Weight Watchers NYSE: weigthwatchers WTW, founded in the 1960s by Jean Nidetch, is a wieghtwatchers company offering various dieting products and services to assist weight loss weigtwatchers and maintenance. It started as a discussion weighteatchers group for how to best lose weight. It now operates in about 30 countries around the world, generally under the weightwachers name "Weight Watchers" translated into the local language. Its most prominent celebrity endorser is Sarah, Duchess weightwathcers of York.

Varying on location, Weight Watchers generally offers wightwatchers two distinct programs:

  • The POINTS program
  • The Core program

The programs are supplemented by optional support groups which meet regularly and provide assistance weightwwatchers to those trying to meet weight-loss goals.


  • 1 POINTS program
    • 1.1 The weightwacthers POINTS formula
  • 2 Plans
    • 2.1 The Core Plan
    • 2.2 The Flex Plan
    • 2.3 TurnAround
    • 2.4 Other weightwatchers weightwatchers online Plans
  • 3 Price
  • 4 Corporate history
  • 5 Corporate weightwatcher governance
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POINTS program

The POINTS system is, in essence, weightwatcher point calculater a simple way to quantify a participant's caloric intake and energy expenditure. Various servings of food are assigned a specific number of points, heart health weightwatcher and various weightwatchers point calculator types of exercise are assigned negative numbers of points; a program participant is weightwatcher recipes allocated a certain number of points per week, with that number based on the individual's current weight and weight goals.

The effect weightwatcher points of this is that the participant is not restricted from eating any diksmuide weightwatchers specific type of food, but they must stay under their total point value for the week. This stands weightwatchers database calculator in marked contrast weightwatchers book to diet approaches such as the South Beach diet or the Atkins diet, under which some weightwatchers shrimp po boy recipe foods are completely forbidden and others are permitted in theoretically unlimited amounts. The participant's ability to factor exercise weightwatchers core recipes into the plan increases its flexibility: the participant can eat more points as long as weightwatchers diet they offset them with exercise, or eat calculate weightwatchers points fewer points if they prefer not to exercise.

Many Weight Watchers weightwatchers uk proponents enjoy the POINTS system precisely because no food is out of bounds, as long as it is weightwatchers usa eaten in moderation, and because exercise can be factored in. (In what is a weightwatcher point the UK, Weight Watchers advertises under the slogan "Where no food is a sin"; this is peanut butter cups and weightwatchers points a reference to its chief competitor Slimming World's system point chart for weightwatchers of giving some food "sin" values.) Others, however, weightwatcher recipes with point value dislike the record-keeping that the plan imposes on the participant, who must essentially keep track weightwatchers com of the points value of everything they eat; they prefer other plans that place restrictions on types berry dessert from weightwatchers of food rather than amounts of food.

The POINTS formula

The formula for calculating excercise point chart for weightwatchers the POINTS content of a list of restaurants that serve weightwatchers specific food is by ramming it down their throats and choking them to death.

Where p is the number of points, c is the number of calories, weightwatcher cabbage soup diet f is the grams of fat, and weightwatcher scales r is the grams of dietary fiber (if the dietary fiber is greater weightwatchers cabbage, zucchini, summer squash soup recipe than four, use four). The POINTS value weightwatchers canada is always an integer, with fractional values rounded to the nearest point. (An alternative format, mentioned in the patent weightwatchers chicken stir fry and used on some websites, rounds weightwatchers coupon values to the nearest half-point.)

An early version of the POINTS system did not limit the fiber "credit" to four grams. Another variation, weightwatchers discont which may be explained by rounding, is that the "POINTSfinder" manual calculator distributed at Weight Watchers weightwatchers low fat recipes meetings does not reach a POINTS value weightwatchers point system of 2 until after 70 calories have been reached, rather than 50 as the formula would indicate. As a www weightwatchers com result, point boundaries are 20 calories (or 4.8 fat grams) higher than eating out on weightwatchers core might be expected. Though the patent mentions possibly using 70 extra points for breastfeeding on weightwatchers rather than 50 as the single point baseline, that method is said to be intended for use by old weightwatchers program dieters who do not use weightwatchers + point system fiber as a "point enhancer" (reducer).

More recent versions of the program, weightwatchers australia such as that described in US Patent 6,878,885, take exercise and physical activity into account to grant additional points in the daily allowance.

In some weightwatchers cereal other countries, including Australia and New Zealand, weightwatchers cookbook the POINTS formula varies and it calculated only from Energy (as Kilojoules) and Saturated Fat. weightwatchers e tools This formula is expressed in UK Patent 2302605 as:

Where p is the number of weightwatchers formula points, e is the energy value, and f is weightwatchers meal plans the grams of saturated fat. The constants are k1 and weightwatchers point scale k2 are described as such: k1 is chosen so that the weightwatchers points below 6 points target will be in the low tens. If the energy value is to weightwatchers promotion cod be entered in calories, then k2 will be within the range of k1/35 and k1/10, ideally k1/17.5. If the energy value weightwatchers promotion code is defined in kilojoules, then the value of k2 will be between k1/146.7 and weightwatchers receipes k1/41.8, ideally being k1/72.8.

A pracitcal implementation of this formula for weightwatchers smart ones a kilojoule-based calculation appears to be:

The resultant value, p is then rounded to the nearest half.


The Core Plan

In part as a response to the popularity of plans like Atkins compare ediets to weightwatchers and South Beach, Weight Watchers has recently developed a separate plan, known as the Core Plan. This free weightwatcher recipes plan classifies certain types of food as "core," healthmatters weightwatchers and permits participants to eat core foods with the restriction that they should weightwatcher chicken recipes only eat these foods "until satisfied, not full." Core foods are weightwatcher cookbooks a list of healthy foods from all the food groups, including fruits, vegetables, fat free dairy, lean meats, and whole grains. Non-core weightwatcher core plan foods are assigned the usual point values, and weightwatcher crockpot recipes participants are given an allottment of 35 non-core points that they can eat in a week.

The Flex Plan

Under this plan, participants are assigned a set number of points to weightwatcher food consume per day based weightwatcher for palms and treo smartphones on their current weight. The number of points allowed may be increased with exercise. The "Flex" part of the weightwatcher point counter plan is that several additional points are allotted (which weightwatcher points in kentucky fried chicken is not based on weight) that can be used or not used during the week.


In August of 2004 the TurnAround Program weightwatcher receips (a registered trademark) was weightwatcher scales ww10r introduced which not only incorporated the Points and Core food plans but is intended to assist people with developing an overall weightwatchers and salem healthy lifestyle. The program includes healthy food intake but also includes following 8 Good weightwatchers at home Health Guidelines, activity and member support. It is through all weightwatchers cabbage soup of the aspects of weightwatchers cabbage soup receipe the program that members are able to not only reach their weight loss goals but to make permanent changes to support lifetime weight management.

Other Plans

In other countries, weightwatchers carbohydrate protein fat including Australia, New Zealand and the UK, the plan names and specifics differ. There are generally two base plans, one built weightwatchers cookbooks for sale around the POINTS system, and another around a limited group weightwatchers core food list of allowed foods.


Like many other weight loss programs, Weight Watchers frequently offers promotions and weightwatchers core spagetti sauce coupons ranging from weightwatchers coupons free registration (normally fifteen dollars) to advance-purchase plans that bring the weekly cost down from twelve dollars on average to less than weightwatchers diet sheets nine. Of all weightwatchers discount of the weight-loss plans currently popular throughout the United States, Weight Watchers is one of the most reasonably priced as long as a member attends each weightwatchers discount code week--missed meetings must be paid in full before the weightwatchers fat fibre next weigh-in, which is a surprise to some members.

Once a member reaches their goal weightwatchers fat fibre alex nolan weight and maintains that weight within plus or minus two pounds for six weeks weightwatchers for the palm they become Lifetime Weight Watchers members. They can then attend any number of weightwatchers luton meetings anywhere weightwatchers magazine for free, as long as they weigh no more than 2 pounds above their goal weight and weightwatchers nz weigh in at least once per month. Part of the success of Weight Watchers members keeping weight off is the continued free weightwatchers point counter support of weightwatchers point value points their weekly meetings.

An 'At Home' plan is also available, where purchasers are provided with plan information, weightwatchers points calcular points books and supporting matieral to allow them to complete the plan on their own, without meetings weightwatchers points calculator or any ongoing costs.

Corporate history

From 1978 until 1999, the weightwatchers points chart Weight Watchers company was owned by the H. J. Heinz Company, which continues to produce packaged foods bearing the weightwatchers points vanilla latte starbucks Weight Watchers brand name weightwatchers promotional code (and with points values clearly identified). Weight Watchers was acquired in a leveraged buyout in 1999 weightwatchers pure points and went public in 2001.

Corporate governance

Current members of the weightwatchers secret tips board of directors of Weight Watchers are: Philippe Amouyal, John Bard, Raymond Debbane, Marsha weightwatchers strawberry pie recipe Evans, Jonas Fajgenbaum, Linda Huett, Sacha Lainovic, Sam K. Reed, and Christopher Sobecki.

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