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Scientists go to sea to study air in Texas 

Fort Worth Star-Telegram - 1 hour, 40 minutes ago
The Gulf study is part of an effort by more than 200 researchers to examine air quality in the state.

Research seeks pills for anti-radiation 
The Salt Lake Tribune - Oct 08 12:48 AM
Scott Miller spends his days envisioning worst-case scenarios of a nuclear disaster. Then he huddles in his lab at the University of Utah and develops treatments the federal government hopes will protect Americans from the awful consequences of radiation exposure. Lung cancer. Liver cancer. Bone cancer.

ODS: Nigeria Phases Out Consumption of 3,000 Tonnes 
This Day - Oct 07 7:23 PM
Environment Minister Helen Esuene has disclosed that Nigeria has phased out the consumption of more than 3,000 tons of ozone depleting substance (ODS) in six manufacturing industries in the country.

Leave gel shoe inserts at home 
Kansas City Star - Oct 08 12:24 AM
The Transportation Security Administration has loosened rules implemented in August regarding what passengers may carry aboard commercial aircraft. There are still some fuzzy areas, but here’s what we think we know for sure.




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Aerosol, short for aerial solid, may refer to

  • Aerosol spray, the spraying device
  • Particulate, mixed-phase state of matter
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