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Compelling evidence demonstrates that 'Hobbit' fossil does not represent a new species of hominid 

EurekAlert! - Oct 08 9:28 PM
Skull cast and cast of the endocranial cavity (endocast) from the Royal College of Surgeons in London of a modern adult human who suffered from microcephaly. It is strikingly similar to the...

Boat explodes in harbor 
Island Packet - Oct 08 10:18 PM
Thomas Dunning had just refueled at Hilton Head Harbour on Sunday afternoon and was about to head back out on Skull Creek with his wife and four others.

Like a Shakespearian tragedy 
The Daily Utah Chronicle - Oct 08 10:15 PM
"The Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning" is a crime against humanity. Every print should be gathered up and thrown into a giant bonfire from which a howling skull of smoke would erupt. This film is gruesome waste, made without wit, without imagination, but with plenty of contempt for the undiscerning teenagers who will buy enough tickets opening weekend to give the studio a good return.

Babysitter 'fractured tot's skull' 
South London Press - Oct 06 1:38 AM
A BABY'S head was left swollen "like a football" after the tot was battered by a man who was looking after her, a court heard. Conrad Bryan, 37, allegedly fractured the skull of the three-month-old after lashing out within an hour of being left alone with her.




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A hippopotamus' skull
A Tyrannosaurus skull

The skull or cranium is a bony structure found in many animals which serves as the general framework skull for the head. Those animals having skull and crossbones skulls are called Craniates. The skull supports the structures of the face and protects the brain against injury. Protection of the brain skull tattoos is only one part flaming skulls of the function of a bony skull. For example, a fixed distance skull and cross bones between the eyes is essential for stereoscopic vision, and a human skull fixed position for the ears helps the brain to use auditory cues to skull drawings judge direction and distance of sounds. The skull also serves as a mount for the teeth and jaws, to skull tattoo permit eating, and in some animals (e.g. horned ungulates) skull and bones it has a defensive function: the frontal bone is where horns are mounted.


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Animal skulls

A cat skull, a flaming skull typical skull of a carnivore
A beaver skull, a typical skull of an herbivore
An albatross skull, a typical skull of a bird

Human skulls

Main article: Human skull
Human skull (front)
Human skull skull designs (side)

In humans, the adult skull is normally made up skull pictures of 29 bones. Except for the mandible, all of the bones of the skull are joined together by sutures, rigid skull stencils articulations permitting very little movement.

Eight bones form the neurocranium (braincase), a protective skulls crossbones artwork vault of bone surrounding the brain and medulla skull art work oblongata. Fourteen bones form the splanchnocranium, the bones supporting the face. Encased within the temporal bones skull crossbones are the six ear ossicles of the middle ear. The hyoid bone, skull and bones society supporting the larynx, is usually not considered as part of the skull, as it does not articulate with halo 2 skulls any other bones.

The skull also contains the sinus cavities, which are air-filled cavities crystal skull lined with respiratory epithelium, which also lines the large pink skulls airways. The exact functions of the sinuses are unclear; they may contribute to lessening the weight of the skull with skull pics a minimal reduction in strength, or they may be important in tribal skull improving the resonance of the voice. skull rings In some animals, such as the elephant, the sinuses are extensive. The elephant skulls and crossbones skull needs to be very large, to form an attachment for muscles of the neck and trunk, but is skull beads also unexpectedly light; the comparatively small brain-case is surrounded by large evil skull sinuses which reduce the weight.

The meninges are the three layers, or membranes, skull caps which surround the structures of the central nervous system. They are known as the dura mater, skull graphic the arachnoid mater and the pia mater. Other than being classified skull kid together, they have little in common with each other.

In humans, the anatomical position for the skull is the art of skulls Frankfurt plane, where the lower margins of the orbits and the upper borders human skull drawing of the ear canals crystal skulls are all in a horizontal plane. This is the position where the subject is standing and looking directly forward. animated skulls For comparison, the skulls of other skull island species, notably primates and hominids, may sometimes be studied in the Frankfurt plane. However, this does pictures of skulls not always equate to a natural posture in life.

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  • White, T.D. how to draw skulls 1991. Human osteology. Academic Press, Inc. San Diego, CA.

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