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- human skeletal system

- skeletal system

A human skeleton - (endoskeleton)

In biology, the skeleton or skeletal system is skeletalsystem the skelatal system biological system providing physical support in living organisms. (By extension, non-biological outline structures such as gantries or buildings may skeletel system also acquire skeletons.)


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Types and skeletal sysrem classification

Skeletal systems are commonly divided into three types - external (an exoskeleton), internal (an endoskeleton), skeleta system and fluid based (a hydrostatic skeleton), although hydrostatic skeletal skeletal systm systems may be classified separately from the other two, since they lack hardened support structures.

External skeletons

Large external skeleyal system systems support proportionally less weight than endoskeletons of the same skelletal system size, thus many larger animals, such as the vertebrates, have internal skeletal systems. Examples of skeletal syste exoskeletons are found in arthropods, shellfish and some skeletal sysem insects, in which the skeleton forms a hard shell-like covering protecting the internal organs.Our skeletons seletal system also give our body a definite shape & size. It also protects our delicate skeleal system organs.

The phyla arthropoda and mollusca both have exoskeletons. Since exoskeletons necessarily limit growth, keletal system phyla with exoskeletons have skeletal system developed various solutions. Most molluscs have calcareous shells and, as they grow, the diameter of human skeletal system the shell is enlarged without altering its shape. On the other hand, the skeletal system arthropods shed their exoskeletons to grow, a process known as ecdysis (or moulting). skeletal system diagram During moulting the arthropod breaks down the old exoskeleton diseases of the skeletal system and then generates a new one, parts of which then harden, through various processes (such as calcification or horse skeletal system sclerotization). An skeletal systems arthropod exoskeleton typically also has internal extensions, commonly referred to as an endoskeleton, although it is not a true endoskeleton.

Internal skeletons

An internal human skeletal system diagrams skeletal system consists of rigid (or semi-rigid) structures, within the complete diagram of skeletal system body, moved by the muscular system. If the structures are mineralized or skeletal system labeled ossified, as they are in humans and other mammals, they skeletal system picture are referred to as bones. Cartilage multiple choice test for the skeletal system is another common component of skeletal systems, supporting and supplementing the skeleton. The human ear and labeled skeletal system nose are shaped by cartilage. Some organisms have a skeleton consisting entirely of cartilage and muscle skeletal system without any calcified skeletal system unit lesson plans using literature bones at all, for example sharks. The bones or other rigid structures are connected by ligaments and connected to function of the human skeletal system the muscular system via tendons.

Hydrostatic skeletons are similar to function skeletal system a water-filled balloon. Located internally in cnidarians (coral, jellyfish etc.) skeletal system diagrams and annelids (leeches, earthworms etc.), among others, these animals can move by contracting the muscles skeletal system for kids surrounding the fluid-filled pouch, creating pressure within the pouch that aging's effects on the skeletal system causes movement. Animals such as earthworms use their diagram of the skeletal system hydrostatic skeletons to change their body shape, as they move forward, from long and thin to shorter and wider.

Skull classification

Amniotes, a group of animals that have an endoskeleton can also be skeletal system drawings further classed by their skeletons, specifically a named map of the human skeletal system their skulls. The number of holes (temporal fenestra) in the top of their feline skeletal system crania decide what class they fall into.

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