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Weathered shingles will last for decades 

Boston Globe - Oct 08 3:01 AM
Q. We have a lovely house on Cape Cod and have replaced two sides of the structure with cedar shingles that are weathering to the silver color typical of the area. Our children are encouraging us to do the remaining sides (front and west) in Nailite. They feel it is far more practical and would last forever. We are mildly ...

Construction leads to engineering 
The Fort Dodge Messenger - Oct 08 9:01 PM
Construction work in Eldon Rossow’s youth turned to engineering in his not-so-youth. Before Rossow could drive, he rode to work with Ray Hansch to carry shingles up on roofs because Ralph Michehl needed extra help. Rossow liked the work. He liked working construction.

Vaccines will provide shingles and whooping cough immunity --- HealthandAge 
HealthandAge - Oct 06 1:56 AM
Two new vaccines are now available to protect against shingles and whooping cough. We're familiar enough with the flu, pneumonia and tetanus-diphtheria booster vaccines. But now there are two new vaccines available for healthy adults.

CUT YOUR UTILITY BILLS | JAMES DULLEY: Plastic shingles look like real tile 
The Charlotte Observer - Oct 07 12:03 AM
Q. My asphalt shingle roof leaks. I want to install a longer-lasting roof this time even if it costs more. Other than metal, what types of roofs are available and which are best for the environment?




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Herpes zoster
Herpes zoster shingle blisters on the neck and shoulder
ICD-10 B02.
ICD-9 053
DiseasesDB 29119
MedlinePlus 000858
eMedicine med/1007 

Herpes zoster, colloquially known as shingles, is shingels the reactivation of varicella zoster virus, leading to a crop of painful shigles blisters over the area of a dermatome. In Italy and in Malta, shinges it is shngles sometimes referred to as St. Anthony's fire. Prior to implementation of the universal varicella vaccination shinlges program in the U.S., incidence of shingles increased with advancing age. The incidence rate in children aged less than 10 years shongles was approximately 70 cases/100,000 person-years, increasing shangles to 550 cases/100,000 person-years among adults aged 50 to 59 years. Historically, it was thought that shingles shinglles incidence increased due to an shingls age-related decline in immunity; however, recent studies [1] suggest that incidence shingled of shingles is linked to the reduced frequency of periodic exogenous (outside) exposures shindles to children with varicella (chickenpox) due to the increasing vaccination of that shinggles population. These exposures produced an immunologic boost that helped suppress the reactivation of shingl shingles. Shingles incidence is high in the elderly (over 60), shingles as well as in any age group of immunocompromised patients. It affects some 1 roofing shingles million people per year in the United States and can involve excruciating pain. Treatment is roof shingles generally with antiviral drugs solar shingles such as aciclovir. Many patients develop a painful condition called postherpetic neuralgia which is often difficult to manage.

In some symptoms shingles patients, herpes zoster can reactivate subclinically with pain in a dermatomal distribution shingles contagious without rash. This condition is known as shingles disease zoster sine herpete and may be more complicated, affecting multiple levels of the nervous system and causing multiple cranial asbestos mesothelioma roofers shingles neuropathies, polyneuritis, myelitis, or aseptic meningitis.

The word herpes comes cedar shingles from the Greek word for snake; it is cognate with herpetology[2].


  • 1 Signs and symptoms
  • 2 Diagnosis
  • 3 Pathophysiology
  • 4 Therapy
  • 5 Prognosis
  • 6 Stages
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Signs and symptoms

Often, pain is the first shingles symptoms symptom. This pain can be characterized elk shingles as stinging, tingling, numbing, or throbbing, and can be pronounced with cleaning roof shingles quick stabs of intensity. Then 1-3 crops of red lesions develop, which gradually turn into small iko shingles blisters filled with serous fluid. A timberline shingles general feeling of unwellness often occurs. In some cases, the rash asphalt shingles does not form blisters, but has an appearance much like urticaria ("hives").

As long as the blisters asbestos shingles have not dried out, HZ patients may transmit the owens corning shingles virus to others. This could lead to chickenpox in people (mainly young children) who are shingles pictures not yet immune to this virus.

Chickenpox virus can remain dormant for decades, shingles rash and does so inside the ganglion near the spinal cord. As the virus is reactivated it gaf shingles spreads down peripheral nerve fibers and architectural shingles produces intense pain. The blisters therefore only affect one area of the body and do not cross the residential roof shingles midline. They are most common metal shingles on the torso, but can also appear on the face (where they are potentially hazardous to vision) or other parts symptoms of shingles of the body.


The diagnosis is visual — very few other diseases mimic herpes zoster, especially in the localization of the rash, shingle coating which is otherwise quite similar roof shingle cleaning in appearance and initial effect to that of poison oak or poison ivy. In case of doubt, fluid from a pictures of shingles blister may be analyzed in a medical laboratory.


A course treatment for shingles of Shingles

The causative agent for herpes zoster is varicella zoster virus (VZV). Most people photovoltaic shingles are infected with this virus as a child, as it slate shingles causes chickenpox. The body eliminates the virus from the system, but it remains dormant in the ganglia aluminum shingles adjacent to the spinal cord (called the dorsal house shingles root ganglion) or the ganglion semilunare (ganglion Gasseri) in the cranial base.

Generally, the immune system suppresses reactivation of shingles causes of the virus. In the elderly, gaf timberline shingles whose immune response generally tends to deteriorate, as well as information on shingles in those patients whose immune system is being suppressed, this process fails. (Some researchers speculate that sunburn and other, unrelated shingles and pregnancy stresses that can affect the immune system may also lead installing shingles to viral reactivation.) The virus medical shingles starts replicating in the nerve cells, and newly formed viruses are carried down the axons to the area of treatments for shingles skin served by that buying roofing shingles ganglion (a dermatome). Here, the virus causes local inflammation in the skin, with the formation of blisters.

The pain wood shingles characteristic of herpes zoster is thought to be due herpes zoster shingles to irritation of the sensory nerve fibers in which the virus corning owens shingles reproduces.


Aciclovir (an antiviral drug) inhibits replication of the viral DNA, and is used both as cleaning asphalt shingles prophylaxis (e.g., in patients with AIDS) and as therapy for herpes zoster. Other antivirals solar power shingles are valacyclovir and famciclovir. Steroids are often given copper shingles in severe cases. During the acute phase oral aciclovir should be given five times daily for 7 to 10 shingles pain days. what do shingles look like Immunocompromised patients may respond best to intravenous aciclovir. In patients who are at iko roof shingles high risk for recurrences, an oral dose of aciclovir, taken twice daily, is vaccine for shingles usually effective. Use of acylovir is most effective in moderating the progress of the symptoms if taken as early as how to install roof shingles possible, so medical care should internal shingles be obtained as soon as the condition is recognized.

The long shingle term complication postherpetic neuralgia may cause persistent pain that lasts for tamko shingles years. Pain management is difficult as conventional analgesics may be ineffective. Alternative picture of shingles virus agents are often used, including tricyclic antidepressants (particularly amitriptyline), anticonvulsants (e.g. gabapentin), and/or topical capscaicin.

Zostavax is roof shingles for sale a vaccine developed by Merck & Co. which has proven successful in preventing half the cases of herpes solar roof shingles zoster in a study of 38,000 people who received bp shingles the vaccine.[3] The vaccine also reduced by two-thirds the number of copper roof shingles cases of postherpetic neuralgia.[4] However, prior elk asphalt shingles to the vaccine, it has long been known that adults received natural immune boosting from contact with children infected synthetic slate shingles with varicella. This helped to tamco shingles suppress the reactivation of herpes zoster.[5] In Massachusetts, herpes zoster incidence increased 90%, from 2.77/1000 best roofing shingles to 5.25/1000 in the period of increasing varicella vaccination 1999-2003.[6] The cedar shingles wood effectiveness of the varicella vaccine itself is dependent on this exogenous roof shingle (outside) boosting mechanism. Thus, as natural cases of varicella decline, so has the effectiveness roof shingles rating of the vaccine.[7]

Often the same treatment solar panel shingles given to burn victims relieves the pain of shingles, asbestos roofing shingles including over-the-counter moist burn pads.


The rash how to put shingles on a roof and pain usually subside within 3 to 5 days. The most common chronic complication asphalt shingles prices of herpes zoster is postherpetic neuralgia. Pain that persists for longer than one to dealer shingles three months after resolution of the rash is generally accepted as the sign of postherpetic residential roofing shingles neuralgia. Sometimes serious effects including partial facial paralysis (usually temporary), ear what is shingles damage, or encephalitis may occur. Shingles on the upper half of the face eye shingles (the first branch of the trigeminal is shingles contagious nerve) may result in eye damage and require urgent ophthalmological assessment. Ocular complications occur replace roof shingles in approximately one half of patients with involvement asbestos roof shingles of the ophthalmic division of the trigeminal nerve. These complications include mucopurulent conjunctivitis, episcleritis, how to install shingles keratitis and anterior uveitis. Cranial nerve palsies of the third, fourth and sixth cranial nerves rubber roof shingles may occur, affecting extraocular motility.

Since shingles is a reactivation rubber slate shingles of a virus contracted previously—often decades earlier—it cannot be induced by exposure to another person with steel roof shingles shingles or chickenpox. Those with active blisters, however, can wooden shingles spread chickenpox to others who have never had that condition and who have not been vaccinated certainteed roof shingles against it.


  1. Back or underarm pain and small rash spots appear
  2. Rash (itchy certainteed roofing shingles for some) spreads around the body
  3. More pain develops
  4. Bubbles filled crc shingles with fluid pop up
  5. After 4-5 weeks pain is gone and bubbles turn into dark purple shingles skin and peel off
Herpes zoster blisters day 1.
Herpes zoster blisters day 2.
asphalt roof shingles
Herpes zoster blisters day 5, pain disappearing.
Herpes zoster blisters day colors shingles timberline 6, characteristic purple colour.


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