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Avoid using violent language and stay in control 

Independent Online - 1 hour, 31 minutes ago
One of the principles of self-mastery is regaining control over our own minds. And one of the ways - or paths - toward that goal is the careful choice of word or phrase, writes Tessa Silberbauer.

The World Beyond Dieting Week To Focus On Often-ignored Real Reasons Underlying Eating, Overweight And Self-image Crises 
Medical News Today - Oct 07 5:11 PM
A campaigning weight-control charity has declared the inaugural World Beyond Dieting Week to focus attention on what it says are the often-ignored real reasons underlying eating, overweight and self-image crises. [click link for full article]

Mythology: Voting third party is wasting your vote! 
Pravda - 1 hour, 30 minutes ago
As long as we continue buying into this self-perpetuating myth, it will be true. Who do you think has the most to gain from promoting it?... Yep, those same Democrats and Republicans that want to make darn sure they stay in control.

A return to local control? Remarkable progress in McDowell schools 
Bluefield Daily Telegraph - Oct 08 2:11 AM
The prediction of a possible return to local control for the school system of McDowell County is an exciting if not perhaps overly optimistic assessment.




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Self control is the exertion of one's own will on their personal self - self control mp3 their behaviors, actions, thought processes. Much of this infernal self control comes from the perception of self and the ability to set up boundaries for that self.

Self-control can be expanded laura branigan self control into several different areas, ranging from respect to willpower. control my self Self-control has variable effects on people. self control and motivation for christians It can be affected because of illness and past experiences and control internal self it can be improved through the course of life. It is a personal and development of the mind's creation and personality, thus laura branigan - self control the spiritual self control self-control of one's own mind will be varied from person to the next.

Many religions have infernal - self control teachings about self control. In Galatians 5:22, Paul describes it as one of the fruits of the Spirit. self control laura branigan Dhammapada 80 and 145 say, self control laura "Irrigators lead the waters. Fletchers bend the shafts. Carpenters bend wood. The virtuous control themselves."

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