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Road Rash
Developer(s) Electronic Arts
Publisher(s) Electronic Arts
Release date(s)
Genre(s) Arcade Racing
Mode(s) Single player, Two Player Multiplayer
Platform(s) Sega Mega Drive, Atari ST, road rash game Commodore Amiga, Sega Master System, GameBoy, GameGear, road rash download 3DO, Sega Mega-CD, Sega Saturn, PlayStation, Nintendo 64, Game Boy Advance
Media Cartridge, Optical CD
Input Game controller
Screenshot of Road Rash for the Sega Mega Drive/Genesis
For the common road rash 3 cheats abrasion injury caused by high-speed contact with rough pavement, the treatment of road rash see road rash.

Road Rash is the free full game downloads road rash name of a motorcycle-racing video game series by Electronic Arts, in which the player participates in violent illegal street play road rash races. The game was originally written for the Sega Megadrive/Genesis, but was ported road rash gam to several other systems. Six versions of the game were released from 1991 road rash jpeg to 1999, although a 2004 licensed port for the Game Boy Advance exists. road rash torrent Road Rash was the first road rash cover racing game to allow actual combat between racers.


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  • 2 Game road rash for pc play
  • 3 Differences
  • 4 Trivia
  • 5 Sound
  • 6 Releases
  • 7 Difficulty
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Presented in road rash 3 download a third-person view similar to Hang-On, the player competes in road races, and must road rash 3 roms finish in the top 3 road rash biker bash pictures places in every race in order to proceed to the next level. As levels progress, road rash game download the opponents ride faster, fight harder and the tracks are longer and more dangerous. Placing cheats road rash in each race gives a certain healing road rash amount of money which increases considerably subsequently as levels progressed. This money allows the player to buy pc road rash faster bikes which are needed to stay competitive. The game is over if the player can't rash road pay for the repairs when road rash 2 download their motorcycle is wrecked, or can't pay the fine for being arrested.

Game play

Road Rash was road rash 3 downloads highly innovative in the fact that it introduced a smoothly-rendered vertical element to road road rash 3d download racing. In most traditional older racing games, the road rash 64 videogamesb00001x5bu player's vehicle remained on the same horizontal plane, negotiating turns essentially road rash codes by going right or left (see Pole Position). In Road road rash demo version Rash, players had to contend with grade changes, road rash full and the physics, though rudimentary compared to today's games, reflected the act of going up or down a hill, as well as turning road rash game download free while climbing, etc. This resulted in the ability to launch one's motorcycle road rash rom great distances, rom road rash resulting in often amusing crash animations. Road Rash also introduced an interactive race environment, with street signs, trees and poles, as well as 2005 road rash biker bash animals (livestock for example) which could interact demo download free rash road with your vehicle. This was also one of the earlier games to download free road rash fuul game feature active traffic, which created download road rash 3 a more immersive and realistic environment, as the player had to contend with slow download road rash free moving station wagons and the like while racing against other bikers. Aside motorcycle rash road from high speed, big-air and spectacular crashes, what separated Road Rash from other racing games was its combat element. road rash 3 The player could road rash cod fight other bikers with a variety of hand weapons. The player would initially start off with just his road rash cycling hands and feet, but if the gamer timed a punch right, they could grab a weapon from another road rash dem rider. The road rash for xbox weapons themselves ranged from clubs, crowbars, nunchakus, cattle prods and even road rash full version police batons. Fights between riders to knock each other off the bike would often go road rash ii cheats on at high speeds through traffic, pedestrians and roadside obstacles, with the victor gaining place and the road rash jailbreak loser sustaining bike damage and losing time.

The motorcycle police officers have dual antagonistic road rash mag roles. They fight the player as another opponent, and road rash online they also serve as game play enforcers road rash sega by policing the back of the pack and culling players who fall too far behind or road rash sega rom choose to explore the world rather than race in it. The stakes are higher for losing road rash treatment a fight with a police officer than for losing to another player: treating road rash Losing a fight with an officer would 3 code rash road cause the player to be fined and "busted" bicycle road rash and the race would end. You could also be "busted" by getting caught by an officer while download road rash off your motorcycle.

Players could choose between 3 categories of motorcycles free downloads road rash in each price level: Sport/GT bikes, Race replicas and Cruisers. The Sport/GT bikes were designed after European free road rash 3d download Grand Touring bikes- pc road rash download they handled well, were of moderate weight and had moderate power. Race Replicas were the Japanese style super bikes- Very road rash 3d demo quick, very light. The cruisers are American style- a little heavy, don't turn road rash 64 cheats too good but lots of straight line power. The 32-bit versions introduced a 4th road rash downloa type called a Rat bike which was road rash for xp a stripped down Frankenstein-style bike which was nimble and had a lot of durability. Select bikes at road rash games the higher levels had N2O boosts.

In addition, Road Rash was the first road rash hash video game road rash nes to include music tracks from artists in gameplay. Soundgarden was one artist included.


In the road rash patch initial versions each race locale consisted of a single road. As the player progressed through the levels the road rash review finish line would be placed road rash series farther down the road. When the technology moved to a single interlocked road network the race road rash videogamesb00004w4wl routes were pieced together from branching road segments. The four corners cycling road rash of the world had distinctly different geographic features. Once ea road rash past the first level the races would be between or emulator road rash through different locales.

The initial 3 versions of the game were based upon individual racers against individual AI free full road rash opponents. The concept of gangs in the 4th and later versions full version road rash free download introduced alliances amongst the AI. Depending upon each gangs tolerance rash road ro the opponents in the same gang would only have moderate aggressiveness towards the player whereas an opposing gang member review article of motorcycle injury road rash would have a high road rash 2 rom degree of aggressiveness. Regardless of which gang, attacking an AI road rash 3d n64 rom opponent increases their aggressiveness towards the player and each character had different tolerances and decay rates of road rash 64 download rom aggression. As the series evolved combat became a more integral part of road rash demo the game. It was possible to win a race without landing a blow in road rash free download the early versions but the AI's persistence road rash game to download now and latent aggressiveness in the later versions made this impossible. In most road rash magazine versions of the game, if knocked off the bike, road rash nocd it was possible for the player to run to the finish line and complete (or even sega road rash 2 win) the race.

The 32-bit versions of the game featured cut scenes professionally filmed in San Francisco and Los treat road rash Altos Hills that were notable for trilha sonora do road rash a wry sense of humour. For example, if the www road rash player was arrested, then the game would show a brief movie clip of a motorcyclist being handcuffed to a police officer's xbox road rash motorcycle (which would then start moving), or a clip of the arrestee being placed 64 cheat nintendo rash road in the trunk of a police cruiser. The actors were both demo road rash professional stuntmen and the games designers and featured the company download road rash game as free bike- a red Ducati which is still on display free emulators megadrive road rash at EA headquarters. The 16-bit versions featured animations as cut scenes. The possible game triggers free game downloading site for pc games road rash for cut scenes in all the versions are: race win, free road rash race lose, level progression, game win, wreck and busted.


The game's free road rash 64 rom title is based on the slang term healing rash road for the severe friction burns that can occur in a motorcycling fall where skin comes md road rash into contact with the ground at high speed.

Even though attacking and knocking other racers and police officers from their muzyka z gry road rash jailbreak bikes is encouraged within the game, Road Rash received little patch road rash attention in play road rash online the video game controversy of the 1990s. The game consistently garnered a "Teen" rating from the road rash 3d game download Entertainment Software Rating Board, with a warning of road rash 3d soundtrack animated violence.


The original Mega Drive/Genesis version featured a Rob Hubbard soundtrack, however later versions released on CD road rash 64 download gratis formats featured music tracks from bands such as The Tea Party, Soundgarden, Swervedriver, and Therapy?. Months road rash 64 gameshark cheats before Road Rash was even road rash bass tabs released for the 3DO it received 3DO's 1994 "Soundtrack of the Year" award. The road rash chea last version featured garage and unsigned bands road rash cheat who got a chance to be in the game by sending in their tapes.


Road Rash road rash crack debuted on the 16-bit Sega Mega Drive/Genesis. When Road Rash debuted on the 32-bit home game consoles they road rash demo download were initially ported from the 3DO version road rash downloads free of the game. All of these road rash g games were called Road Rash despite being 4th in the series. Derivative works road rash ii were reengineered up for Microsoft Windows and Nintendo 64 platforms or reengineered down to Sega Mega-CD and the handheld consoles.

In 2000 road rash ii videogamesb000035xk9 due to road rash jon a restructuring at EA the key design, technical and artistic forces behind the Road Rash series left EA. road rash kody At the time of its demise, Road Rash was EA's second most profitable road rash lyrics franchise as it didn't have significant 3rd party royalty or road rash manual licensing fees. EA attempted to resurrect the series with a PlayStation 2 version but was road rash pc game unable to complete it.

In August 2006, GameSpot reported that road rash roms Electronic Arts would be porting Road Rash I, II and III to road rash sega screenshots the PlayStation Portable as part of a 14-game compilation, EA Replay. It is road rash soundtrack slated for release in the United States roms road rash 3d on November 7, 2006. Also, Road Rash II will feature wireless multiplayer. [1]

Version History

  • Road Rash 16-bit
    • All Races took place in California locales sega road rash rom download on progressively longer sega roms road rash 2 lane roads.
  • Road Rash II 16-bit
    • All Races took place in U.S. states (including Alaska and Hawaii).
  • Road Rash III 16-bit
    • All Races wound care road rash took place in 5 of 7 countries: Brazil, bicycling and road rash Germany, Kenya, UK, Italy, Japan and Australia (country selection varied per cheats for road rash sega mega drive level.) 15 bikes, bike upgrades, night racing (in cheats of road rash Japan), 7 Weapons including mace, taser.
  • Road Rash 32-bit
    • All Races took place in California locales (The City, crack road rash The Peninsula, Pacific Coast Highway, Sierra Nevada, and Napa download free demo road rash 3d Valley) on multi-lane roads with brief divided road sections.
  • Road Rash 3D 32-bit
    • All Races download free game road rash took place on routes laid out through a single interconnected road system- hence the title 3D.
  • Road Rash: Jail download free rash road Break 32-bit
    • An interconnected road system download free road rash game and 2 player cooperative play- with a sidecar.

Titles and release dates

  • Road Rash
    • V.1
      • Mega Drive/Genesis, 1991 original
      • Atari ST, 1992 (Peakstar Software)
      • Commodore Amiga, download full version of road rash 1992 (Peakstar Software)
      • Sega Master System, 1994 (ported by Probe, published download game road rash by US Gold)
    • V.2
      • Game Boy, 1994 (The Code Monkeys, Ocean of America)
      • Game Gear, download road rash 3d 1994 (US Gold Ltd.)
      • Internet- AOL Games Channel, download road rash game 2001
    • V.4
      • 3DO, original 1994
      • Sega Mega-CD, 1994
      • PlayStation, 1996
      • Sega Saturn, 1996
      • Microsoft Windows PC, 1996 (Papyrus Design Group)
      • Game Boy Color, 2000 (3d6 downloading road rash Games)
  • Road Rash II
    • V.2
      • Sega Mega dreamcast road rash Drive/Genesis, 1992 original

Interesting Notes/Glitches/Etc:

  • When you win a race you will receive a message free road rash download from one of the other computer controlled players. If you wait about 20 minutes, free road rash game download this message will suddenly switch to a different message index rash road from a different player.
  • When you purchase a bike with the EXACT amount needed (ie. if you jeux road rash have exactly $4,500 and purchase the panda 500 for jogo de playstation 1 road rash jailbreak dicas $4,500), your money will become $0, and the game will mistakenly assume the motorcycle road rash video accident game has just started and reset everything. It can pc game road rash be a very serious programming error in later levels.
  • When you wreck your bike, the game will zoom out a little bit before playstation road rash gameshark codes changing to the cut scene. However, very very rarely, the cut ps 1 road rash scene doesn't kick in, and the game keeps zooming out forever, forcing psx cheats for road rash 3d you to reset the game.
  • When you beat rash road treating the entire game, you find yourself racing against all of road rash 1 ps1 the police officers. However whenever you cross the finish line, the game freezes. One road rash 3 sega rom wonders how this 'secret' second game was intended to progress by the creators.
  • It is road rash 64 codes possible, though extremely rare for the game road rash 64 roms to be won through player error, for example very close to the finish line if another player attacks road rash demo games and kicks the human player off the bike, road rash full version free download then it is possible to be be hurled with great speed past the finish line. Road Rash does not differentiate road rash game downloads between road rash gameshark codes a legitimate finish and an accidental one. In fact if the player lands very close to the finish road rash jailoreah line and there are no cops around, the player road rash jejbreak psx kody can win by running past the finish line.
  • Rarely, about once per entire game road rash magazine zoe of five levels, a car that seems to be moving about 500 miles per hour toward the road rash music player appears. If the road rash photo player is hit a bizarre long crash usually ensues where the player flies backward, as opposed to forward, and road rash ps1 usually snags on just about every obstacle in the way multiple road rash rom for n64 emulator times before continuing. These backward crashes occur at other times, especially on later levels, and road rash screenshots seem to be glitches.
  • Natasha seems road rash sportbike to play an important role in the game road rash to download and is the only character that has two pictures (one for when she is upset with you, and one for road rash xp when she is friendly). It seems possible that the 3d download rash road game creators made it so that if you upset natasha, especially amiga road rash in later levels, by attacking her, the whole game cheat for road rash 2 seems be more difficult (more frequent oncoming cars, etc). Often when you attack her, she becomes an expert driver cheats for road rash gradually gaining on you, and if she passes you when angry she is usually impossible code rash road to catch. Natasha and Ikira controlls for road rash 64 on computer also seem to have the ability of 'pushing' everybody ahead of them when in front of you, thus not allowing demo rash road you to pass anyone at all for long periods of time.
  • With ultra dicas de road rash jailbreak light bikes especially, download free road rash full versiuon it is possible and fairly easy to do a kick powerful enough to knock the other player completely off download road rash 1 their bike. The best method is to start on the opposite side download road rash full of the road from the opponent, wait for a turn download road rash jailbreak demo that turns toward the free demo road rash opponent, then use the turn as 'extra space' to make your kick longer and free download road rash 3 faster.
  • At the title screen, hold A + C + up simultaneously, then push free online road rash games start. You will get the 'Wild Thing', the fastest, best handling bike free road rash bike racing with infinite nitros.
  • As with some other genesis games, the music will speed up significantly at key times, such as free road rash full version game downloadable right before some cut scenes.
  • Your bike will never be further free road rash game than a certain fixed distance game road rash from you. For this reason, it is possible to run away from a cop that is ahead, thus 'dragging' your bike with you, gixxie road rash so that kody road rash jajbrek you can continue without being arrested.
  • Chains are arguably the best weapon (and bats are arguably play online road rash game now a hindrance, because they decrease attack rate. They fall into a classic polyester road rash category of unwanted supposed 'powerups' in videogames race mania nfs 2 road rash nascar road racing superbikes (such as getting too many speed boosts in many shooter games, thus making your ship too difficult to navigate). rash road texas After you steal a chain from an road rash 2 downloads opponent for the first time, you can steal it again and again from that same opponent with much greater road rash 2 gen ease throughout the remainder of the 5 tracks road rash 3 genesissongs in that level. Often just one punch will steal the chain after you road rash 3 pc stole it in a previous track.
  • Road Rash 3: Tour De Force
    • V.3
      • Sega Mega Drive/Genesis, 1995 original
  • Road Rash road rash 3d crack 3D
    • V.5
      • PlayStation, 1998 original
  • Road Rash road rash 3d picture 64
    • V.5
      • Nintendo 64, 1999 (THQ)
  • Road Rash: Jailbreak
    • V.6
      • PlayStation, 1999 original
      • Game Boy Advance, 2004 (Destination Software, Inc)


The game's difficulty level increases as the road rash 64 para download player road rash abandonware progresses through the game, and naturally the requirement for the minimum specification of road rash august photos motorcycle to be competitive also increases. Bikes competitive in one scenario might not be in others. The road rash biker bash ringgold Perro is a sports bike that is naturally competitive in congested tracks like the City and Peninsula road rash burns treatment where its great handling is a natural road rash cheats asset and its lower top speed is not noticed.

On the other hand road rash com the Kamikaze and Corsair superbikes are better attuned for relatively quiet tracks like the Sierra Nevada road rash download free and Napa Valley as their higher top speed is highlighted in these road rash downloadable games tracks. The Diablo is a road rash downloads rare superbike that has a fabulous top speed and an equally impressive handling, making it the road rash dpwnload undisputed best bike of the game, ideally suited for all scenarios.

Perro: Sports bike
Kamikaze: Super bike
Corsair: Super bike
Diablo: Super bike

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