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Non-invasive Beauty Treatments 

Southern Illinoisan - 2 hours, 55 minutes ago
With fall in full swing, many of us are seeking ways to fix the damage we've done to our skin over the course of a long, hot summer. We've spent many a day baking our skin in the sun's harmful rays and swimming in skin-drying, chemically treated pools.

Local News 
Halifax Today - 2 hours, 29 minutes ago
PEOPLE with learning and physical disabilities from Calderdale had the chance to sit back and relax as they sampled complementary therapies.

People in Business 
The Daily Times - Oct 09 1:44 AM
SALISBURY -- Thomas M. Becker, vice president of Becker Morgan Group, recently attended two conferences as part of the 2006 Executive Education Program at Harvard University Graduate School this past summer in Cambridge, Mass. Both conferences focused on upward trends of the hospitality industry.

Massage therapy can work wonders on a body 
Worcester Telegram & Gazette - Oct 09 1:39 AM
Massage is a time-honored way to pamper oneself and to relieve stress, increase circulation and work out the cricks and muscle pains that result from an active lifestyle. There's a massage or treatment for every taste, from no frills, deep-tissue massage to uber-relaxing scalp massage. Here are just a few of what awaits you at your local day spa.




- reflexology chart

- reflexology

This is an example of a reflexology chart, correlating areas of the feet with portions of reflexoligy the body. (Larger version with colour key)

Reflexology, or zone therapy, is the practice relexology of stimulating points on the feet and hands, in the belief it will have a beneficial reflexolagy effect on some reflexlogy other parts of the body, or will improve general health. Scientists and medical professionals consider reflexology to be a pseudoscience[1] , offering no more benefits than ordinary massage.

The most common form is foot reflexology. Practitioners refleology believe the foot to be divided into a number of reflex zones reflexolgoy corresponding to all parts of the body, and reflexologu that applying pressure to tight or "gritty" reflexolgy areas of a person's foot will stimulate the corresponding body part and cause it to begin healing itself.


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  • 2 Theory
  • 3 Reported refloxology refexology reactions
  • 4 Alleged long-term effects
  • 5 Current practice
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This picture may show ancient Egyptian reflexologists[1], or possibly a Manicure/Pedicure

Eunice Ingham reflexology chart developed Reflexology in the 1930s, based on earlier theory by Dr. William Fitzgerald known free foot reflexology charts as "Zone Therapy". In 1913, Dr. Fitzgerald noted that specific parts of the body could foot reflexology have an anesthetic effect on another area. Developing this theory, he divided the reflexology charts body into reflexology foot map ten equal vertical zones, ending in the fingers and toes. He concluded that pressure on reflexology class one part of the zone could affect everything else within that printable reflexology chart zone.


In reflexology, it is believed that there is a "vital energy" that is circulating reflexology foot chart between organs of the human body, that penetrates into every living cell. Whenever this energy hand reflexology is blocked, the zone of blockage will be affected, and the reflex zones can indicate the blockage reflexology foot diagram of energy in different organs. Therefore, if someone has a reflexology chart of foot problem in a particular organ, a reflexologist will press on the corresponding reflex zone or zones, and the reflexology techniques person will experience foot reflexology chart pain. This pain is claimed to originate from the deposition of crystals in the reflex zone and, with massage, these crystalline structures free download reflexology charts can be pressure points in reflexology broken down and the pain relieved. Simultaneously, the pressure applied to the reflex zones by the reflexologist is claimed reflexology and feet to pass through the nerves to dissipate energy blocks.

According to John Campbell, World reflexology program+colorado famous in Reflexology, "Reflexology is a powerful natural health science that studies the relationship of reflexology points the reflex areas in the feet, hands and the reflexology map ears to the rest of the body so that these areas can be worked on with the ear reflexology chart fingers and thumbs in a manner that will reflexology course in houston texas lead to improved health and the maintenance of good health."

Reported reactions

Case studies, reflexology foot chart in color not statistical conclusions, demonstrate that people treated by experts in reflexology report a lot ear reflexology of reactions, including the following: citation needed]

During treatment

  • Feelings of reflexology socks relaxation, comfort, or well-being
  • Nausea or reflexology with color discomfort due to emotional reactions
  • Client may feel like laughing or crying
  • Client may feet reflexology chart sigh, yawn, or fall asleep
  • Temperature change either hot or cold
  • A tingling sensation in the feet penang reflexology or through the body
  • Pin-stick type feelings in the feet over congested areas

After treatment

  • Cold-like symptoms reflexology course such as a running nose as sinus congestion is cleared
  • A cough, as mucus is cleared reflexology schools from the lungs and respiratory passages
  • More frequent urination, bowel movements, or flatulence
  • Headaches, increased sweating, skin rash, or ontario college of reflexology thirst
  • Yawning and tiredness or "Energizable"

Alleged long-term effects

  • Reduced stress and induced relaxation
Many people try online reflexology charts reflexology as their first foray into the reflexology + courses + victoria + british + columbia world of massage, finding the treatment more relaxing than a general body reflexology clinic massage. During the treatment, clients are only required to relax and expose their feet to the reflexologist. Treatment components also include soft pictures of reflexology music, essence oil and soft lighting, which combine college ontario reflexology to create a drowsy effect. Clients often fall asleep and describe colorado springs academy of reflexology the experience as the most relaxing hours of their day. electro reflexology After the treatment, they describe themselves as feeling "refreshed".
Approximately 75% of all illnesses are said to be related to stress. Stress can lead to health animal alternative medicine reflexology headaches, neck international institute of reflexology and shoulder stiffness, as well as contracting the common cold and the more serious influenza. "An ounce of prevention is worth reflexology home study courses a pound of cure", it is said, and so it is not surprising to see reflexology massage the growing popularity of reflexology my reflexology store as a means of relieving stress.
  • Feeling of increased energy
It is claimed that reflexology opens pathways to reflexology pressure points renew ourselves and boost our energy level, immediately after treatment and for several days afterwards. It could keep free reflexology charts us free from the feeling of lacking motivation, tiredness, and inability to free reflexology instruction concentrate. Reflexology advocates say that reflexology not only relieves symptoms, but also acts on improvements of maine reflexology our body as a whole.
  • Other alleged reflexology 'jane munro' 'kings heath' effects
    • Acute and chronic conditions
    • Stress related conditions
    • Sleep disorders
    • Sports injuries
    • Preventative therapy
    • Improvement of mental alertness
    • Stimulation of creativity and productivity
    • Helping to improve inter-relationships between body reflexology college of ontario systems

Current practice

Reflexologists apply pressure reflexology foot on "reflex zones" found on the feet and hands which are said to correspond to reflexology foot pressure the different parts of the body. Application reflexology free chart is done through thumb, finger and hand technique. Reflex areas, like hand and foot, composed of 7200 nerve endings are stimulated by reflexology health record form pressure applied. An improved instruction to every reflexology machines gland, single part and organ of the body could be achieved by such a reflexology pressure points in the head health science. The body is then believed reflexology school to pursue a biologically correct, strengthened and reinforced state.

The reflex zones are organized in a way that represents the whole body.

First of all, reflexology shoes there should be a preliminary talk with the practitioner before treatment. The reflexology show foot diagram reflexologist then begins to work on the client's feet, or hands if reflexology tools necessary, noting problem areas. There may be discomfort in some places, but it self reflexology is fleeting, and also an indication of congestion or imbalance in a corresponding part of the body. For the history of reflexology the most part, the sensation is pleasant and soothing. Reflexology can ayurvedic reflexology help relax the client home reflexology study and is believed to stimulate the body's own healing mechanisms. Usually a immune system and reflexology treatment session lasts for about one hour. For some cases, a treatment can last nearly two hours. A course of treatment varies in length depending low back pain treatment with reflexology on the need of the client body. The reflexologist will discuss this lowering blood sugars reflexology with the patient at the first session.

Reflexology is reflexology & christianity a widespread practice in Asia, where foot reflexology reflexology classes (also known as foot massage) is quite popular. Although many people are skeptical about the concepts underlying this practice, its use is spreading, perhaps reflexology diagram because it is being reflexology massage foot feet leg taken simply as a relaxing massage therapy. Reflexologists do not use school reflexology tucson foot reflexology only, but a combination of foot and hand reflexology to obtain a much better result.

Sales of foot what is reflexology reflexology equipment, such as rollers, eugene oregon reflexology are increasing rapidly. In addition, many new instruments using the same principle are being marketed, such as whole example reflexology consultation form body vacuum cans. Socks printed with reflex zone footmaps were developed based on reflexology. By wearing the socks, people can easily face reflexology locate appropriate areas to apply pressure to. Though not generally foot reflexology and infertility used by professionals, good printable chart on reflexology these "reflexology socks" have gained popularity in Taiwan and China. Inexpensive how-to books enabling people to perform the exercises by themselves are also available indianapolis reflexology for self-help practice. is foot reflexology safe during pregnancy Reflexologists advise caution in applying the techniques to oneself, and recommend people learn reflexology to consult an expert before using them if they are pregnant or have a chronic disease.

Advocates claim ogunquit reflexology reflexology is just as effective when used on children as on adults. Some advocates go further and claim reflexology correspondence course it is more effective. Advocates have also reflexology for chronic lower back pain suggested that reflexology can also help children create an awareness of reflexology home study self. citation needed]

Scientific view

Western scientists and medical professionals consider reflexology to be a pseudoscience[1] and claim there are no reliable scientific reflexology lawson mo studies proving its effectiveness as reflexology mat benefits a medical treatment, or that there is any form of link between specific areas of the feet and the various organs of reflexology pennsylvania the body. Furthermore, the 'crystalline structures' rationale reflexology powerpoint presentations is unsustained by current understanding of physiology. There is no scientific evidence that healing can be achieved by reflexology schools in colorado it or that the claimed "energies" and their chinese medicine and reflexology ppt supposed pathways through the body even exist. However, research shows the relaxing and course home reflexology study pleasurable nature of massage has many medical benefits.

Prominent skeptic Stephen Barrett, M.D., contends there is example reflexology treatment form no scientific support for any of the theories of Reflexology, and refers to several foot reflexology fertility scientific studies that have shown Reflexology is no better than random foot reflexology map chance detecting medical problems.

In a paper titled "Reflexology: A Closer Look", Dr. Barrett free foot reflexology chart concludes: "Reflexology is based on an absurd theory... Claims that reflexology is effective for free printable reflexology chart diagnosing or treating disease should be ignored. Such claims could lead to delay of necessary medical care..." [2]

William T. Jarvis, Ph.D. says: "Reflexology has almost no jobs in reflexology potential for direct harm, but its ability to mislead well-meaning people lavender house of reflexology into believing that it can be used for screening menopause reflexology for health problems, or that it has real therapeutic value could lead to serious problems..." [3]

On the TV paw reflexology chart for dogs program Bullshit!, Penn reflexology alexandria va Jillette compared reflexology to hitting the tires of your car in order to change the sparkplugs.


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