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Children wait for prosthetics 

Kansas City Star - Oct 06 12:17 AM
MUZAFFARABAD, Pakistan | Ten-year-old Saima Khursheed sobbed in a dusty office full of prosthetic limbs, upset about needing a plastic replacement for her leg.

Pak quake survivors still carry scars 
IBN live - Oct 07 6:00 AM
Many of the 2,000 children who lost limbs, fingers or toes in the earthquake are still waiting for prosthetics.

San Jose Mercury News - Oct 08 3:15 AM
The rat-a-tat-tat was so familiar. Stephen Edwards dropped to one knee and took cover behind a door. ``BRAVO TEAM,'' he yelled to his 10-year-old daughter, Lauren, and her perplexed friends. ``On my six, 300 meters, MOVE!''

The Aftershocks Of Pakistan's Quake 
CBS News - Oct 07 6:33 PM
One year after the devastating 7.6 magnitude earthquake rocked northern Pakistan, survivors are upset at the delays in rebuilding and Indian officials are uneasy with so-called Pakistani terrorist groups providing aid.




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A United States Army soldier plays foosball with two prosthetic arms
Jon Comer, professional skateboarder with a prosthetic leg.

In medicine, a prosthesis is an artificial extension that replaces prostetics a prothetics missing body part. Prostheses are typically used to replace parts lost by injury (traumatic) or missing from birth (congenital) or prostherics to supplement defective body parts.

Within science fiction, and, prosthetics more recently, within the scientific community, there has been consideration given to using advanced prostheses to replace healthy body parts latex prosthetics with artificial mechanisms and systems to improve latex prosthetic function. Although no such "enhancement prosthetics" have yet been created and demonstrated to work for healthy prosthetic individuals, the morality and desirability of such technologies is debated.


Some types of prosthetics include:

  • Artificial limbs
  • Breast prosthesis (after mastectomy)
  • Cochlear implants
  • Corrective lenses
  • Hair prosthesis
  • Facial prosthetics
  • Maxillofacial prosthetics
  • Neuroprosthetics
  • Ocular prosthetics
  • Replacement joints (such as hips)
  • Somato prosthetics
  • Surgical prosthetics
  • Transtibial prosthesis

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