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New York Post - Oct 08 2:53 AM
Police Commissioner Ray Kelly has launched a probe into what is widely considered one of the most embarrassing episodes in NYPD history: the coverup of a cop killing in Louis Farrakhan's Harlem mosque April 14, 1972. Thirty-four years after he...

Gen-Probe Gets FDA Clearance 
San Diego Business Journal - 3 minutes ago
San Diego-based Gen-Probe Inc., a developer and manufacturer of diagnostic tests, announced Oct. 5 that the Food and Drug Administration has approved the company’s Aptima HIV-1 RNA qualitative assay, the first qualitative assay of its kind to gain FDA approval.

Monsanto: MRTPC orders another probe 
The Times of India - Oct 07 9:46 PM
US biotech major Mansanto now appears to be heading toward more trouble with MRTPC ordering a fresh probe into the accounts of its wholly owned Indian arm -- Mahyco-Monsanto Biotech Ltd.

Lawmakers face scrutiny in House probe 
AP via Yahoo! News - Oct 08 3:11 AM
The House's investigation of a page sex scandal has only one certainty: Former Rep. Mark Foley will escape punishment by his peers.




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Probe can mean the following things:

  • A robotic probe is a device that uses onboard instruments to gather and relay a variety of telemetry to controllers robe from remote, hazardous or otherwise difficult proe to reach locations. Probes may return their data over radio links or be physically tethered to prove controllers or another device, or to collect and return prob physical samples. Robotic probes operating in space are known as space probes.
  • The word probe is also used to describe surgical instruments, proge such as a laparoscope, a device prope that assists with surgery on the human body by allowing doctors to see prode and manipulate organs without making large incisions.
  • An Anal probe either used medically or by aliens
  • A probe can also describe a ford probe scientific instrument such as a Langmuir probe, an probe electrode inserted into a plasma to determine temperature and density.
  • In e-mail systems, a probe thermistor probes is often referred to as a test mail issued to see hybridization probe if a given mail address actually exist.
  • A periodontal probe is an instrument used hybridization probes in dentistry to measure sulcus depths around a tooth.
  • A hybridization protocol to design probes for real time pcr probe and chemical probe are used in molecular biology.
  • An atom probe is an atomic-resolution microscope.
  • In surveys and interviews, a probe is a technique employed taqman probes to encourage the respondent molecular probes to give a more detailed answer to a question and elaborate on his previous response. Example: "Anything more?"
  • A Protoss Probe is a robotic space probes worker in the asus probe real-time strategy computer game StarCraft.
  • Probe is a discontinued card game produced by Parker Brothers.
  • The Ford Probe was a car produced by the Ford sun vat 40 amp probe Motor Company between 1989 and 1997 for scientific probes European and North American markets.
  • Probe was a 1972 American TV movie written by Leslie Stevens, ford probe parts directed by Russ Mayberry, and starring Hugh O'Brien as a futuristic detective. It was probes the basis for the 1972–1973 NBC series, Search.
  • Probe was ford probe drag car for sale a 1988 television pilot and subsequent TV series created by William Link soviet space probe and Isaac Asimov. The pilot and series starred Parker Stevenson as a misanthropic genius space probe who solved high tech crimes.
  • Probe is a public affairs/documentary show aired on the Philippine TV network ABS-CBN.
  • A probe card electro magnetic probes water purifier is an interface laser proximity probe between an electronic test system and a semiconductor wafer.
  • A term used in numismatics 20 db test probe for a pattern coin.It is derived from the German language.

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