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Pseudocyesis also known as false pregnancy, can cause many of the signs and symptoms associated with pregnancy, and can resemble the pregnancy symptom condition in every way except for fetal presence. pregnancy symtoms Other names include - spurious pregnancy, feigned pregnancy, imaginary pregnancy, hysterical pregnancy, wind in pregancy symptoms the bowels, and grossesse nerveuse. John Mason Good coined pregnancy syptoms the term pseudocyesis from the Greek words pseudes (false) and kyesis pregnancy symptons (pregnancy) in 1923. False pregnancy is common in many mammals and is a method of providing pregnacy symptoms milk for the group's offspring—most often cats, dogs, and rabbits.


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Cases of pseudocyesis have been documented since antiquity. Hippocrates gives us the first written account around 300 pegnancy symptoms B.C. when he recorded 12 different cases of women with the pregnanc symptoms disorder. Mary Tudor (1516-1558), Queen of England, was perhaps the most prgnancy symptoms famous of western historical examples, who believed on several occasions that pregnancy aymptoms she was pregnant, when she was in fact not. Some even attribute the violence pregnancy synptoms that gave her pregnancy symptoms the nickname "Bloody Mary" as a reaction to her disappointment symptoms of pregnancy on realising she was without child. Other medical historians believe that the early pregnancy symptoms queen's physicians mistook fibroid tumors in her uterus for a pregnancy.

Signs and symptoms

The symptoms of pseudocyesis are similar to very early symptoms of pregnancy the symptoms of true pregnancy and early symptoms of pregnancy are often hard to distinguish from such natural signs as amenorrhoea, morning sickness, tender breasts, and weight gain may all be very early pregnancy symptoms cramping present. Many health care first symptoms of pregnancy professionals can be deceived by the symptoms associated with pseudocyesis. Research shows earliest pregnancy symptoms that 18% of women with pseudocyesis were at one time diagnosed as pregnant first signs symptoms of pregnancy by medical professionals.

The hallmark sign of pseudocyesis that is common to all cases is that pregnancy signs and symptoms the affected patient is convinced that she is pregnant. Abdominal distension is the symptoms of early pregnancy most common physical symptom of pseudocyesis ectopic pregnancy symptoms (60– 90%). The abdomen expands in the same manner as it does during pregnancy, signs and symptoms of pregnancy so that the affected woman looks pregnant. This phenomenon is thought to be caused first pregnancy signs symptoms by buildup of gas, fat, feces, or urine. These symptoms often resolve under general anesthesia and the no symptoms of pregnancy woman's abdomen returns to its normal size.

The second most common physical sign very early pregnancy symptoms of pseudocyesis is menstrual irregularity (50–90%). Women are also reported to tubal pregnancy symptoms experience the sensation of fetal movements symptoms of ectopic pregnancy known as quickening, even though there is no fetus early symptoms of a tubal pregnancy present (50%-75%).Other common signs and symptoms include: gastrointestinal symptoms, breast changes or secretions, labor pains, uterine enlargement, and softening of the cervix. ivf pregnancy symptoms One percent of women eventually experience false labor.


There are symptoms pregnancy various explanations, none of which are universally accepted. Psychodynamic pregnancy symptoms in the first week theories attribute the false pregnancy to emotional second pregnancy symptoms conflict. It is thought that an intense desire to become pregnant, or an intense fear of becoming failed pregnancy symptoms pregnant, can create internal conflicts and changes in the endocrine uncommon pregnancy signs symptoms system, which may explain some of the symptoms of pseudocyesis. Another theory concerns wish-fulfillment. It early ectopic pregnancy symptoms holds that if a women desires pregnancy badly enough she pms pregnancy symptoms may interpret minor changes in her body as signs of pregnancy symptoms negative hpt pregnancy.

Biological mechanisms proposed include the effect of stress on the hypothalamo-pituitary-adrenal axis, constipation, symptoms of tubal pregnancy weight gain and the movement of intestinal gas.


The rate of pseudocyesis in the United States has declined significantly in what are the symptoms of pregnancy the past century. In the 1940s there was one occurrence for approximately every 250 pregnancies. This rate has early signs and symptoms of pregnancy since dropped to between one and six no pregnancy symptoms occurrences for every 22,000 births. The average age of the affected woman pregnancy symptoms and numbness tingling is 33, though cases have been reported for women as young as 6-1/2 early pregnancy signs and symptoms and as old as 79. More than two-thirds of women who experience pseudocyesis are married, spotting early symptoms of pregnancy and about one-third have been pregnant at symptoms for pregnancy least once. Women who have been victims of incest may be at greater risk for developing pseudocyesis.


Because pseudocyesis symptoms and signs of pregnancy is not known to have a direct underlying physical cause, there are no symptoms signs to detect early pregnancy general recommendations regarding treatment with medications. In some cases, symptoms of a tubal pregnancy however, the patient may be given medications for symptoms of an ectopic pregnancy such symptoms as the cessation of menstruation. Because most patients with pseudocyesis have underlying psychological problems, cat pregnancy symptoms they should be referred to a psychotherapist for the treatment of these problems. It is pregnancy symptoms suddenly stopped important at the same time, however, for the treating professional symptoms of depression during pregnancy not to minimize the reality of symptoms of diabetes in first trimester pregnancy the patient's physical symptoms.

The treatment that has had the most success is demonstrating to the patient that she is not symptoms of tubular pregnancy really pregnant by the use of ultrasound or other imaging twin pregnancy symptoms techniques.

Alternative therapies

There have early symptoms of ectopic pregnancy been reports of patients being cured of pseudocyesis by hypnosis, purgatives, massage, opioids, first month symptoms of pregnancy or after nine months of symptoms, by experiencing "hysterical childbirth," but there are few data available on the effectiveness of signs & symptoms of pregnancy these signs symptoms of pregnancy or similar procedures.

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