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News in Brief: Pregnancy, infant loss remembrance set for Oct. 15 

The Huntington Herald-Dispatch - 2 hours, 31 minutes ago
ASHLAND -- Pregnancy & Infant Loss Remembrance Day Remembrance Ceremony is scheduled for 6 p.m. Sunday, Oct. 15, at Ashland's Central Park by the fountain at 22nd Street and Lexington Avenue.

Three Complementary Infertility Treatments Boost Pregnancy Rates, Research Shows 
[Press Release] PR Newswire via Yahoo! Finance - Oct 09 2:13 AM
Infertility specialists are reporting higher pregnancy rates when they add physical therapy, acupuncture, or mind-body techniques to their recommended care, according to recently published studies.

Scientists Reveal Eating Junk Food During Pregnancy Could Up Obesity Risk 
Medical News Today - Oct 08 12:11 AM
Recent research by the Royal Veterinary College (RVC), London, indicates that mothers who eat junk food during pregnancy may raise the chance of having obese offspring that are at risk of developing diabetes. [click link for full article]

SW Missouri mom imprisoned for meth use in pregnancy 
Jefferson City News Tribune - Oct 07 11:24 PM
SPRINGFIELD, Mo. (AP) - A Marshfield woman was sentenced to five years in prison for using methamphetamine and marijuana during pregnancy, the third such case in four years in Webster County, prosecutors said Friday.




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A pregnant woman near the end of her term

Pregnancy is the carrying of one or pregancy more embryos pregnency or fetuses by female mammals, including humans, inside their bodies. In pragnancy a pregnancy, there can be multiple gestations (for example, in the case of twins, or triplets). Human pregnancy is the most studied pregnany of all mammalian pregnancies.

Human pregnancy lasts approximately 9 months between the pegnancy time of the last menstrual cycle prgenancy and childbirth (38 weeks from fertilisation). The medical term for a pregnant woman is genetalian, just as the medical term pregnacny for the potential baby is embryo (early weeks) pergnancy and then fetus (until birth). A woman who is pregnant for the first time is known as prgnancy a primigravida or gravida 1: a woman who pregnncy has never been pregnant is known as a gravida 0; similarly, the terms para 0, para 1 and pregnanc so on are used for the number of times a pregnanct woman has given birth.

In many societies' medical and legal definitions, human pregnancy is somewhat arbitrarily bregnancy divided into three trimester periods, as a means to simplify reference to oregnancy the different stages of fetal development. The first trimester period carries the highest risk of miscarriage (natural death regnancy of embryo or fetus). During the second trimester the development of the fetus can start to be pregnancy monitored and diagnosed. The third trimester marks the beginning of pregnancy symptoms viability, or the ability of the fetus to survive, with or without signs of pregnancy medical help, outside of the mother's womb.

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  • 1 Determining the beginning of pregnancy early signs of pregnancy and predicting date of birth
  • 2 Timeline of a typical pregnancy
    • 2.1 First trimester
      • 2.1.1 Implantation
    • 2.2 Second symptoms of pregnancy early pregnancy symptoms trimester
    • 2.3 Third trimester
  • 3 Medical aspects of pregnancy
  • 4 Birth
  • 5 Postnatal pregnancy calculator period
  • 6 Terms teenage pregnancy and definitions
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Determining the beginning of pregnancy and early pregnancy signs predicting date of birth

Before pregnancy begins, a female oocyte (egg) must join, by male stages of pregnancy spermatozoon in a process referred to in medicine as "fertilisation", or commonly (though perhaps inaccurately) as "conception." In most cases, this pregnancy tests occurs through the act of sexual intercourse, in which a man ejaculates pregnancy stages inside a woman, thus releasing pregnancy photos his sperm. Though pregnancy begins at implantation, it is often convenient to date from the first day of a woman's last menstrual period. This first signs of pregnancy is used to calculate the Estimated Date of Delivery (EDD).

Traditionally (according online pregnancy test to Naegele's rule, which is used to calculate the estimated date of delivery, early pregnancy or EDD), a human pregnancy is considered to last pregnancy due date approximately 40 weeks (280 days) from the last menstrual period (LMP), or 37 weeks (259 days) from very early symptoms of pregnancy the date of fertilization. However, a pregnancy calender pregnancy is considered to have reached term between 37 and 43 weeks from the beginning of the last pregnancy due date calculator menstruation. Babies born before the 37 week chinese pregnancy calendar mark are considered premature, while babies born after the 43 week mark are considered postmature.

According to twin pregnancy the Merck Medical Manual, the norm for human pregnancy very early signs of pregnancy is approximately 266 days from the date of fertilization. This is 38 weeks, or approximately 8 Gregorian months ept pregnancy test and 22.5 days, or 9.0 lunar months). Counting from the beginning of the woman's last menstrual cycle, pregnancy pictures the norm is 40 weeks (the basis for pregnancy diet Naegele's rule). Also, less than 10% of births occur on molar pregnancy the due date, 50% of births are within a week of the due date, and almost 90% within two weeks. But pregnancy birth it is not clear male pregnancy whether this refers to the due date calculated from an early sonograph or from the last menstruation (see further down).

Though these are the averages, early symptoms of pregnancy the pregnancy information actual length pregnancy depends on various factors. For example, the first pregnancy tends to last longer than subsequent pregnancies.

An accurate date of early pregnancy test fertilization is important, because it is used in calculating the results of various prenatal pregnancy art tests (for example, in the triple test). A decision pregnancy questions may be made to induce labour if a baby is perceived to be pregnancy forums overdue. Due dates are only a rough estimate, tubal pregnancy and the process of accurately dating a pregnancy is complicated by the best pregnancy tests fact that not all women have 28 day menstrual cycles, or ovulate on the 14th day following spotting during pregnancy their last menstrual period. Approximately 3.6% of all women deliver on the due date predicted by LMP, and bleeding during pregnancy 4.7% give birth on the pregnancy announcements day predicted by ultrasound.

The beginning of pregnancy may be detected in a number of ways, including various pregnancy pregnancy photography tests which detect hormones generated by the newly-formed placenta. Clinical blood and earliest possible signs of pregnancy urine tests can detect pregnancy soon after implantation, which is as early as 6-8 days after fertilization. Home pregnancy pregnancy websites tests are personal urine tests, which normally cannot detect a pregnancy weekly pregnancy until at least 12-15 days after fertilization. Both pregnancy after miscarriage clinical and home tests can only detect the state of pregnancy, and cannot detect its chemical pregnancy age.

In the post-implantation phase, the blastocyst secretes a hormone named human chance of pregnancy during menopause chorionic gonadotropin which in turn, stimulates the corpus luteum in the woman's ovary to continue producing progesterone. This acts pregnancy development to maintain the lining of pregnancy size by week the uterus so that the embryo will continue to be nourished. The glands in the lining of the uterus pregnancy ultrasound will swell in response to the blastocyst, and capillaries will pilates videos for pregnancy be stimulated to grow in that region. This allows the blastocyst to receive pregnancy exercising videos vital nutrients from the woman. Pregnancy tests detect the presence of human chorionic gonadotropin.

An early ultrasound can determine the age of very early pregnancy signs the pregnancy fairly accurately.

In practice, doctors pregnancy health older women typically express the age of a pregnancy (i.e. an "age" for an embryo) in terms of "menstrual date" based top pregnancy tests on the first day of a woman's last menstrual period, as pregnancy aerobic videos the woman reports it. Unless a woman's recent sexual activity has been limited, the exact pregnancy trimesters date discharge a sign of early pregnancy of fertilization is unknown. Absent symptoms such as morning sickness, often the only visible sign of a pregnancy is earliest signs of pregnancy an interruption of her normal monthly menstruation canine pregnancy cycle, (i.e. a "late period"). Hence, the "menstrual date" is simply a common educated estimate for the age of a fetus, which is an average of pregnancy quiz two weeks later than the first day early pregnancy tests of the woman's last menstrual period. (The margin of error is 0 to 30 days after pregnancy back pain last menstruation, hence a 14 day average.) The term "conception date" may cat pregnancy sometimes be used when that date is more certain, though even medical professionals can be imprecise with pregnancy blinkies their use pregnancy info of the two distinct terms. The due date can be calculated by using Naegele's rule.

An ultrasound pregnancy tickers of signs of early pregnancy a developing fetus.

There are likewise finer distinctions between the concepts of fertilization and the actual state of pregnancy, which hcg levels in pregnancy starts with implantation. In a normal pregnancy, the fertilization of the egg usually period during pregnancy will have occurred in the Fallopian tubes or in pregnancy weight gain the uterus. (Often, an egg may become fertilized yet fail to become implanted in the uterus.) If the pregnancy is the result of in-vitro pregnancy pics fertilization, the fertilization will have occurred in a Petri dish, after very early pregnancy symptoms cramping which pregnancy begins when one or more zygotes implant after being transferred by a physician 10 pregnancy signs in the woman's uterus.

In the context of day by day pregnancy political debates regarding a proper definition of first response pregnancy test life, the terminology of pregnancy can be confusing. Because precise assessment of a pregnancy as being at pregnancy pillow the "embryo" or "fetus" stage is usually undeterminable, the terms (though more clinically precise) are less commonly used than terms pregnancy pregnancy like "baby" or "child." The medically and politically neutral term which remains is pregnancy calendars simply "pregnancy," though this can be problematic as it first symptoms of pregnancy only refers indirectly to the embryo or fetus. In the context pregnancy labor of personal treatment, bedside manner generally dictates that doctors make zoloft and pregnancy sparse use of clinical language like "fetus" and "embryo," and instead simply refer to the developing child as a "baby", though this is home pregnancy tests not medically accurate.

Timeline of pregnancy spotting a typical pregnancy

It has been suggested that Trimester be merged into this article signs of ectopic pregnancy or section. (Discuss)

Pregnancy is typically broken into three periods, or trimesters, each of about three hcg levels in early pregnancy months. While there pregnancy back support are no hard and fast rules, these distinctions are useful in describing the changes that take place over time.

First trimester


In medicine, pregnancy is defined as beginning when the developing embryo becomes implanted pregnancy complications into the endometrial lining of a woman's uterus. In some pregnancy tips cases where complications may have arisen, the fertilized egg might implant itself second pregnancy in the fallopian tubes or the cervix, causing an ectopic pregnancy. Most pregnant women do not pregnancy massage have any specific signs earliest pregnancy symptoms or symptoms of implantation, although it is not uncommon to experience light bleeding at implantation. fit pregnancy Some women will also experience cramping during their first trimester. This is usually of no concern pregnancy due date calendar unless there is spotting or bleeding as well. smoking during pregnancy The outer layers of the embryo grow and form a placenta, for the purpose of receiving essential nutrients first signs symptoms of pregnancy through the uterus wall. The umbilical cord in a newborn cramping in early pregnancy child consists of the remnants of the connection to the placenta. pregnancies after tubal The developing embryo undergoes tremendous growth and changes during the process pregnancy belly pictures of embryonic and fetal development. Morning sickness afflicts about seventy percent of all pregnant women, typically only in the first trimester.

Second trimester

Months 4 pregnancy message boards through 6 of the pregnancy pregnancy signs and symptoms are called the second trimester. Most women feel more home pregnancy test energised in this period, and begin to put on weight. The first movement of the fetus, often referred to as "quickening", pregnancy belly can be felt, as it begins to form pregnancy calander into a recognizable shape. This typically happens by the fourth month. The reproductive organs can be recognized, pregnancy symptom and can distingush the fetus as male or female.

Third trimester

Final weight gain takes place, webmd pregnancy and the fetus begins to move regularly. The mother's belly button may first sign of pregnancy "pop" out due to her growing belly. This period of pregnancy symtoms her pregnancy can be uncomfortable, causing symptoms like weak bladder control and back-ache. Movement of diabetes and pregnancy the baby becomes stronger and more frequent and headaches during pregnancy the fetus prepares for viability outside the womb through improved brain, eye, and muscle function.

Medical aspects of pregnancy

Pregnant woman at 26-week gestation; her uterus and breasts abnormal values glucose screening test and pregnancy have both grown since teenage pregnancy statistics before pregnancy
Main article: Obstetrics

Diagnostic criteria are: In a woman who has regular menstrual cycles pregnancy portraits and is sexually active, a period delayed by a few days or weeks is suggestive of symptoms of early pregnancy pregnancy; elevated B-hcG to around 100,000 calculator for pregnancy due dates mIU/mL by 10 weeks of gestation.


Main article: Childbirth

Childbirth is the process in which the baby is etopic pregnancy born. It is considered by many to be the false pregnancy beginning of a person's life, where age is defined relative healthy pregnancy to this event in most cultures.

A woman is considered to be in labour when she begins homemade pregnancy test experiencing regular painful uterine contractions, accompanied by changes of her cervix — primarily effacement and dilation. While childbirth is widely experienced pregnancy yeast infection as painful, some women do report painless labours. Most women are capable of having pregnancy first signs a normal birth. However, sometimes complications pregnancy magazine arise and a woman may need to undergo a caesarean smoking and pregnancy section

Postnatal period

Main article: Postnatal

For topics following on from a successful pregnancy and birth, see:

  • Breastfeeding
  • Child development

Terms and definitions


  • embryo - conceptus between time of fertilization to negative pregnancy test 10 weeks of gestation
  • FASD - Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder, a clinical term for the effects alcohol shingles and pregnancy can have on the developing fetus
  • fetus - from 10 weeks of gestation to high risk pregnancy time of birth
  • Ga Pw-x-y-z - a = number of pregnancies, w = pregnancy guide number of term births, x = number of preterm births, y = number of preparing for pregnancy miscarriages, z = number of living children; for example, G4P1-2-1-3 bleeding during early pregnancy means the woman had a total ectopic pregnancy symptoms of 4 pregnancies, of which 1 is of term, 2 are preterm, 1 miscarriage, and 3 total living children (1 term + 2 ept pregnancy test instructions preterm).
  • Gestational age - time from lexapro and pregnancy last menstrual period (LMP) up to present
  • gravidity (G) - number of times a woman has cramping early signs of pregnancy been pregnant
  • infant - time of birth to 1 year of age
  • parity (P) - first trimester pregnancy number of pregnancies with a birth beyond 20 weeks GA or an infant weighing more than 500 g
  • preterm infant - delivered pregnancy gallery between 24-37 weeks
  • previable infant - delivered prior to 24 weeks
  • term infant - delivered between pregnancy safety belt 37-42 weeks
  • first trimester - up to 14 weeks of gestation
  • second trimester - pregnancy stories 14 to 28 weeks of gestation
  • third trimester - pregnancy weeks 28th week to delivery
  • viability - minimum age for fetus pregnancy forum survival, ca. third trimester
  • zygote - from fertilization until second cell division
  • full term refers to the end of 40 weeks pregnancy chat rooms (nine months) from the first day of the unplanned pregnancy mother's last menstrual period — the end of gestation. If a woman gives birth more hair loss after pregnancy than three weeks earlier than this, it is pregnancy discrimination act classed as a premature birth.


There are a number of colloquialisms for pregnancy, usually regional. One way of referring to the action of impregnating pregnancy ovulation calendar a woman, used mainly in Canada and some pregnancy problems regions of the United States, is "knocking (her) up." The phrase "knocked up" is pregnancy yoga also a regional euphemism for "pregnant." signs and symptoms of pregnancy The words "gone" or "along" may be used to represent gestational time, e.g. "she's really far gone," or "six months first pregnancy signs symptoms along." In the southern U.S., the metaphor of a water well is occasionally used to represent male pregnancy stories pregnancy no symptoms of pregnancy (e.g. "drink out of the well," or to become pregnant), and a baby almost ready to be delivered is "on pregnancy timeline his/her road." Eastern Seaboard slang describes the woman as very early pregnancy symptoms being "in a fix" or, occasionally, "preggers"; the Southern U.S. equivalent is "in her first pregnancy the family way." An alternate term, not slang or colloquial (but slightly archaic) is "with child." "Having a bun in the oven" is nutrition during pregnancy another colloquial phrase sometimes used to indicate that a woman pregnancy first weeks is pregnant. In Australia, especially when the pregnancy is unplanned, the woman is said to be pregnancy weight gain calculator "up the duff."[1] Pregnant can also mean "having many possibilities free pregnancy calendar or implications", or "filled with" as in Thomas Gray's pregnancy facts famous quote, "some heart once pregnant with celestial fire".

The most common reference to pregnancy is "expecting", an pregnancy induced hypertension obvious term of a woman is expecting bleeding in early pregnancy a baby/child. Other colloquialisms related to pregnancy are to "drop", "pop", "blow" and "burst" not cat litter pregnancy meant as literally (e.g. "she is about to burst").

Colloquialisms and comparisons of pregnancy first trimester of pregnancy exist universally. In France and throughout Europe, phrases translating roughly to "she's full" marijuana and pregnancy means her body, the womb, is "full" with a baby inside.

In Korea, China, and Vietnam, the culture pregnancy and massage measures age starting from conception to the 10th month, thus a newborn baby is pregnancy pillows "a year old". It's not to debate eptopic pregnancy if it's a living or unborn, but it was present inside the mother before it arrived.

In Mexico and pregnancy after tubal ligation central America, the ancient Mayan calendar of 276 days was said pregnancy exercise to have originated from the human gestational cycle, or to indicate the world was created as slowly chihuahua pregnancy as a baby develops.

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  •   Mittendorf R, Williams MA, Berkey CS, Cotter PF. The length pregnancy cramps of uncomplicated human gestation. Obstet Gynecol 1990;75:929-32. PMID 2342739.

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