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Defeating a silent killer 

Whittier Daily news - Oct 09 1:30 AM
By Alessandra Djurklou. Staff Writer Every year, events are held to raise awareness and funds for cancer, AIDS, muscular dystrophy and many other diseases. And exotic ailments, such as bird flu, always grab headlines.

San Francisco Chronicle - Oct 09 3:51 AM
A small sedan pulled up to a run-down motel in Tijuana just before midnight, and a middle-aged Korean American woman behind the wheel ordered You Mi Kim into the backseat. It was time to "jump" over the border. Since arriving from South Korea...

'Sexy Alexei' laments demise of perfect 10 
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Alexei Nemov's final routine on the international stage sparked a chain of events at the 2004 Athens Games which led to the abolishment of the iconic 10 score.

Suzuki carries concept to production 
The Times of Northwest Indiana - Oct 08 10:36 PM
Japanese automakers have a reputation for building some of the wildest concept vehicles in the industry. However, most of those studio exercises never make it to production.

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- muscular system

The muscular system is the biological system of humans that allows them to move. The muscular system in vertebrates is controlled through the musclar system nervous system, although some muscles (such as the cardiac muscula system muscle) can be completely autonomous.


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Human Muscles

Muscle tissue is composed of a series of fibers, similar muscular sytem to neurons in shape, that operate in a coordinated manner under the supervision of the nervous system to: muscular systen (1) support and move the body, (2) assist muscular systm in maintaining body temperature (ie. shivering creates heat(ANS)), (3) aid in the digestive system in the processing of foods (ANS, smooth muscle) musular system (4) pump blood and nutrients thoughout the entire muscular systemm organism (cardiovascular system). There are three forms muscular systam of muscles in the human body: (1) Skeletal muscle, voluntary, multinucleated, striated (2) Smooth muscle, involuntary, uninucleated, non-striated (3) Cardiac muscle, involuntary, uninucleated, muscular sysem striated, intercalated disks.

Skeletal Muscle Structure

Skeletal muscle fibers are multinucleated, with muscular system the cell's nuclei located just beneath the plasma membrane. The cell is muscular system comprised of a series human muscular system of striped or striated, thread-like myofibrils. Each myofibril there are protein filament that are anchored by dark Z lines. The fiber is the muscular system one long continuous thread-like structure. The smallest cross section of skeletal muscle is free muscular system crossword puzzles called a sarcomere which is muscular system diagram the functional unit within the cell. It extends from one Z line to the diagram of the human muscular system next attached Z line. The individual sarcomere has alternating thick (myosin and diagrams of the muscular system thin actin protein filaments. Myosin forms the center or middle of each sarcomere the exact center is muscular system a picture of it designated the M line. Thinner actin filaments form a zig zag pattern along the anchor points or Z line.

Upon stimulation labeled diagram of muscular system by an action potential, skeletal functions of muscular systems muscles perform a coordinated contraction by shortening each sarcomere. The best proposed model for understanding contraction is the muscular system of a horse sliding filament model of muscle contraction. Actin and myosin fibers overlap in a contractile motion muscular systems towards each other. Myosin filaments have club-shaped heads that diagram of human muscular system project toward the actin filaments.

Larger structures along the myosin filament called myosin heads equine muscular system are used to provide attachment points on muscular system worksheets binding sites for the actin filaments. The myosin heads move in a coordinated style, they swivel toward the center of the labeled diagram of the muscular system sarcomere, detach and then reattach to the nearest active site of the actin filament. This diagram of muscular system is called a rachet type drive system. This process consumes large muscular system facts amounts of adenosine muscular system problem triphosphate (ATP).

Energy for this comes from ATP, the energy source of the cell. ATP binds to the cross bridges between myosin heads and actin filaments. muscular system puzzles The release of energy powers outline of human muscular system the swiveling of the myosin head. Muscles store little chart of human muscular system ATP and so must continiously recycle the discharged adenosine diphosphate molecule (ADP} into ATP rapidly. Muscle diseases of the muscular system tissue also contains a stored supply of a fast acting recharge chemical, creatine phosphate which can assist initially muscular system of a frog producing the rapid regeneration of ADP into ATP.

Calcium ions are required for each cycle of what is the muscular system the sarcomere. Calcium is released from the sarcoplasmic reticulum into label for muscular system the sarcomere when a muscle is stimulated to contract. This calcium uncovers the actin muscular and skeletal system binding sites. When the muscle no longer needs to muscular system labeled contract, the calcium ions are pumped from the sarcomere and back into storage in the sarcoplasmic reticulum.

Control of Muscle Contraction

Neuromuscular junctions are the focal point where muscular system organs a motor neuron attaches to a muscle. Acetylcholine, (a the muscular system of reptilian neurotransmitter used in skeletal muscle contraction) is released from the axon terminal of the nerve cell when anatomy muscular system an action potential reaches the miscoscopic junction, called a synapse. A group of chemical messengers diagram of horse's muscular system cross the synapse and stimulate the formation of electrical changes, which are produced in the muscle cell diagram of the muscular system when the acetylcholine excercises for the muscular system binds to receptors on its surface. Calcium is released from its storage area in the cell's sarcoplasmic reticulum. An impulse from a muscular system activity nerve cell causes calcium muscular system anatomy release and brings about a single, short muscle contraction called a muscle twitch. If there is muscular system and the prime mover a problem at the neuromuscular junction, a very prolonged contraction may occur, muscular system diagram anterior view tetanus. Also, a loss of function at the junction can produce muscular system diseases paralysis.

Skeletal muscles are organized into hundreds of motor units, each of which involves a motor neuron, attached by a series of muscular system pictures thin finger-like structures simple muscular system diagram called axon terminals. These attach to and control discrete bundles of muscle fibers. whitetail deer muscular system A coordinated and fine tuned response to a specific circumstance will involve controlling the precise number of motor diagram of the muscular /skeletal system units used. While individual muscle units contract as a unit, the entire muscle can contract on a diseases with the muscular system predetermined basis due to the structure fully labelled diagram of muscular system of the motor unit. Motor unit coordination and control frequently come under interesting facts on the muscular system the direction of the cerebellum of the brain. This allows for complex muscular coordination with little conscious effort, such main parts of muscular system as when one drives a car without thinking about the process.

Muscle activity in an anaerobic vs aerobic muscular system disorder and treatments environment

At rest, muscular system power point presentations the body produces small amounts of ATP in an anaerobic production model through glycolysis in the cytoplasm muscular system science activity of muscle cells. As activity increases to a sustained higher functions of the muscular system activity level such as in running, the body can shift to aerobic human muscular system - anatomical ATP production by producing increases in respiratory rate and heart race. This allows for a greater supply of oxygen to illustrate the muscular system stimulate aerobic production of ATP which occurs in the mitochondria. Once the activity levels decrease, such information on the human muscular system as occurs at the end of a race, the body will continue to maintain labeling the muscular system an shorten long term effects of exercise in the muscular system elevated respiratory and heart rate while the energy borrowed from the bone cells during the transformation to muscular skeletal system the aerobic mode is restored. This physiological process is called muscular system and diagram repayment of oxygen debt. Once all borrowed substances have been repaid to the muscle cells, the body will return to homestatic metabolism.

There are muscular system disorders approximately 980 skeletal muscles in the human body; see List of muscles muscular system of a horse diagram of the human body.


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