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My computer made me sick 

South Bend Tribune - Sep 15 4:08 AM
A malady called Morgellons seems to have spread via the Internet, but it's not a computer virus. It infects people -- plaguing them with symptoms similar to scabia and lice.




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Morgellons or Morgellons disease is a controversial name for an alleged polysymptomatic syndrome characterized by patients finding fibers on their skin, which they believe morgellans are related to other morgellon symptoms, including intense itching, skin lesions, as well as a wide range of other chronic symptoms. These symptoms are occasionally accompanied morgellens by mogellons the belief in an infestation by some unknown arthropod or parasite. The margellons term Morgellons is not in accepted use by the medical community and the syndrome is widely held by the medical community to be morgollons a type of delusional parasitosis. morellons There is no agreed-upon physical cause, etiology, diagnostic criteria or proven treatment. morgellins Pressure from patients, including doctors and nurses who claim morgelons to have a host of difficult symptoms, resulted in a June 2006 statement morgellons desease from the federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention that morgellons it had begun organizing a committee for the purpose of investigating Morgellons to determine whether it exists.


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Origin of name

The name morgellons email spam Morgellons was coined in 2002 by Mary Leitao of McMurray, Pennsylvania, while investigating her son's unexplained rash. [1] She disease morgellons patient named the condition Morgellons (with a hard g), after morgellons research foundation a condition from the monograph A Letter to a Friend by morgellons skin disease Sir Thomas Browne, in 1690, wherein he describes several medical conditions in his experience, including lesions on skin of morgellons that endemial distemper of children in Languedoc, called the morgellons, wherein morgellons disease pictures they critically break out with harsh hairs on their backs. [2] A 1935 paper by British doctor C.E. Kellett identifies the name morgellons with the Provençal morgellons fibers term masclous, or "little flies". [3] It is doubtful that treatment for morgellons disease the 17th-century disease has anything to do with modern morgellon syndrome day Morgellons; however, the similarities were such that morgellons cure Leitao elected to use the name as a consistent label when addressing politicians, physicians and health departments.

Morgellons Research Foundation

Leitao, who has a Bachelor morgellons lesions of Science degree in Biology from the University of Massachusetts at Boston [4] and has worked as a chemist, formed the Morgellons Research Foundation morgellon mycobacterium (MRF) in 2002. The Morgellons Research Foundation website states: "This non-profit morgellons canada support group research foundation is dedicated to finding the cause of an emerging infectious disease, which morgellons disease celiac mimics scabies and lice." The foundation attempts to raise public what to bathe in if you have morgellons disease awareness of Morgellons via web and press campaigns. They are conducting limited research into the cause of what to use to draw out morgellons parasites the symptoms. They also conduct letter writing campaigns to the U.S. Congress, urging worldwide information on morgellons that Morgellons be taken seriously. [5]

In May greg smith of gainesville, morgellons 2006 the Morgellons Research Foundation was featured in a number of local TV news segments coordinated hydra + morgellons disease by the MRF's director of communications. [6] This resulted in morgellons and veterinarians a significant rise in morgellons breakthrough the public awareness of the term Morgellons. Earlier, in February morgellons delusion 2005, a report on a local Fox affiliate in Duval County, Florida, morgellons disease cure prompted the Duval County Health Department (DCHD) to investigate. Their report concludes:

[…] it was determined after morgellons disesce extensive reviewing of these articles that Morgellons Disease is synonymous with delusional parasitosis (CDC, morgellons is fake 1999).
DCHD Epidemiology consulted a pediatric dermatologist within the morgellons latest health department for his professional opinion. It was concluded that this natural cures for morgellons is a psychological condition that has been mentioned in literature noel morgellons for hundreds of years. [7]

The DCHD report notes that there was a significant pictures of morgellons spike in reported cases after the news report possible causes of morgellons and that "this is attributed to the airing of Fox News’ coverage of the illness and is not a the centers for disease control and prevention + morgellon true cluster of disease." [8]

In response to the May 2006 TV coverage, antibiotics morgellons the Los Angeles County Department of Health services issued a statement biltricide morgellons that

No credible medical or public health collembolan morgellons association has verified the existence or diagnosis of "Morgellons Disease." The current description cured of morgellons of the disease is vague and covers many conditions. Until there is a credible, national morgellons desease standard for the diagnosis of this condition, morgellons disease centers for disease control there is no basis for making it a reportable disease. [9]

MRF troubled by controversy

Three of the eight board morgellons disease photos members of the organization resigned in August 2006 over disagreements with Leitao morgellons disease. over the treatment of charitable contributions to the organization, including former morgellons history of chairman Charles Holman, physician Greg morgellons pictures of skin Smith, and researcher Randy Wymore. [10]

Smith, a pediatrician from Gainesville, Georgia, had morgellons signs & symptoms recently posted a donations-soliciting letter for the MRF. He has since posted morgellons syndrome disease a retraction and stated: "I cannot in good faith ask anyone to contribute to the foundation."[11]

Wymore, an Oklahoma State University assistant professor of pharmacology and MRF's director of research, schwartz morgellons treatment has also resigned and distanced himself from the organization. He has artemisinin morgellons stated that "The research I'm doing is not chemtrails morgellons affected by this." [1]


The symptoms are frequently characterized as rashes or non-healing skin lesions, cnn morgellons associated with unusual structures on or dr swartz morgellons under the skin that look like granules and filaments, and in particular a dr. harvey morgellons candida burning or itching sensation as if small parasites are crawling on or under the skin.

According to help with morgellons disease need cure the Morgellons Research Foundation, most sufferers test positive for Lyme disease if not morgellons true diagnosis (borreliosis).

Some sufferers complain of seeing insects flying in and out of their list doctors treating morgellons skin (considered by morgellon alternative medicine some to be a possible secondary infection in existing lesions of unknown cause), while others morgellon chat line say they have filaments or fibers growing out of their skin. Some of morgellon chat room these fibers are microscopic, while others are so large that they can be morgellons + cdc seen growing with the naked eye. The fibers range in color, some being white, morgellons and salt/c blue, black or red, and are often dismissed by doctors as morgellons cdc lint. It is also noted that widespread reports of skin fibers only date back to morgellons cleaner the time they were described at a Morgellons website. [1]

Sufferers often complain of fatigue, morgellons diesease depression, and cognitive difficulty that may impair work performance.

The Morgellons Research Foundation states that the "troubling sensations morgellons disease black sweat photos and accompanying physical structures" are the most consistent symptoms.

Differential diagnoses

The symptoms of patients presenting with Morgellons are varied, and morgellons disease new may match several other medical conditions. Frequently these symptoms may then be diagnosed as any of a number morgellons disease research of conditions including:

  • Scabies - an infestation of the mite Sarcoptes scabei.
  • Lice - an morgellons ivermectin infestation of parasitic insects.
  • Atopic Dermatitis or Eczema morgellons methamphetamine - a common skin condition with various causes including stress.
  • Neurodermatitis - Eczema or other morgellons oklahoma state university skin condition exacerbated by scratching
  • Tinea - A fungal infection of the skin or morgellons photos hair.
  • Folliculitis - An infection of the morgellons stobbe hair follicles.
  • Cellulitis - A skin infection.
  • Seborrhea - A condition due to over-active sebaceous glands
  • Impetigo - A rash caused by bacterial infection
  • Compulsive skin morgellons treatment picking morgellons update - Obsessive picking at ones own skin.
  • Drug side effects - from use, overuse, or withdrawal.

If a specific complaint nanotechnology morgellons is not identified, the doctor could diagnose a medically unexplained physical symptoms (MUPS) piperonyl butoxide and morgellons disease syndrome, such as fibromyalgia or prime time medical mysteries morgellons disease chronic fatigue syndrome. Diagnosis of MUPS is seldom a satisfactory situation for the patient, as many what is morgellons disease patients feel this implies it is "all in their head." This can lead to an adversarial doctor-patient relationship, [12] which can develop into an iatrogenic neurosis, thus complicating the situation.

Doctors do not offer a diagnosis of Morgellons. While sufferers often initially present with a self-diagnosis, they also continue to self-diagnose after conventional treatments for the medical diagnosis seem not to be working, or after they refuse to accept the diagnosis. At this point the patient is sometimes diagnosed with delusional parasitosis.

Delusional parasitosis

Presentations of Morgellons are frequently diagnosed as delusional parasitosis. The symptoms of delusional parasitosis are very similar to those presented by a Morgellons sufferer who rejects conventional diagnosis of their symptoms, or who presents a belief in the existence of an organism that cannot be observed except by the patient. There is no agreed upon differential diagnosis since Morgellons is not an accepted medical condition.

In her article Delusory Parasitosis, Nancy C. Hinkle [13] outlines thirteen indications attributed to delusional parasitosis, many of which are shared by patients claiming to have Morgellons. These indications include:

  • The presentation of physical evidence such as skin scrapings and debris
  • Obsessive cleaning and use of disinfectants and insecticides
  • Rejection of the possibility of psychological or other explanations
  • Emotional trauma, desperation, social isolation
  • Having seen numerous physicians, to no avail

The belief that fibers are emerging from their skin is still present in these patients. This belief is generally regarded by doctors as either delusional or a result of simply mistaking fibers from clothing (lint) as fibers emerging from the body. [14] One doctor, declining to be named for a news article, indicated that he treats patients simply by placing a cast over the affected area of skin, protecting it from the patient's scratching, which results in healing in a matter of weeks. [1] This lends weight to the theory that perceived skin abnormalities interpreted as the manifestation of Morgellons are a side-effect of habitual scratching.

Morgellons theories and research

No clinical studies have yet been done into Morgellons. Only one paper mentioning Morgellons has been published in a medical journal; the paper was co-authored by the founder of the Morgellons Research Foundation and other MRF members. [15]

William Harvey of Houston, Texas, chairman of the MRF, champions the disease as real, probably related to Lyme disease, and claims success in treating it with antibiotics.citation needed]

George Schwartz of Santa Fe, New Mexico initially believed the cause may be the bacterium Stenotrophomonas maltophilia, and has claimed success in treating patients with antibiotics that target this waterborne bacterium. [1] . He now believes it is a parasitic infection. In his booklet "Lisa's Disease, A Fiber Disease", he describes four stages to this condition. Stage four places body organs in jeopardy. Schwartz also treated patients with anti-worm medication and diatomaceous earth. [16]. He says it is "a modern day plague which silently grows within the host and after weeks may explode into cavernous, thread- bearing skin lesions, and can extrude eggs and larvae" and is "a highly contagious, world-wide epidemic which will soon reach a critical mass". He has developed a treatment plan for the early stages [17]. In August, 2006 he published a new book describing this disease and treatment plans.[18]

Randy S. Wymore of the Oklahoma State University Center for Health Sciences in Tulsa, Oklahoma is conducting research into Morgellons. He has examined the fibers, scabs and other samples from Morgellons patients. To date, Wymore's preliminary research has no conclusive results.

Wymore believes citation needed] that in 2006 formal studies with Morgellons patients will begin. The Morgellons Research Foundation has recently published a Case Definition for physicians.

A station KENS 5 Eyewitness News report published on the web on July 25, 2006citation needed] cites an anecdotal report that certain 'fibers' extracted from under a patient's skin moved and 'intertwined' of their own volition.

New CDC investigation

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention are launching a study of Morgellons disease: [19] "We're going into this with an open mind," said Dan Rutz, spokesman for the CDC Morgellons task force that first met in June 2006.

"The 12-person CDC task force includes two pathologists, a toxicologist, an ethicist, a mental health expert and specialists in infectious, parasitic, environmental and chronic disease. The group is developing a case definition of Morgellons." [20]

See also

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