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Mindless Self Indulgence: profanity, speed 

The Daily Gamecock - Oct 01 9:23 PM
Mindless Self Indulgence is a chaos-inducing quartet from New York City. Formed in 1997 Mindless Self Indulgence originally consisted of vocalist James Euringer, aka Little Jimmy Urine, guitarist Steve, Righ?(sic), bassist Vanessa Y.T. and drummer Kitty. Mindless Self Indulgence's sound is a mixture of rave-techno and keyboard-juiced punk, and the addition of the mosquito-voiced Euringer creates

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Mindless Self Indulgence

Back: Kitty mindless self indulgance & Steve,Righ?
Front: Lyn-Z & Little Jimmy mindless self indugence Urine
Origin New York City, New York
Country United States
Years active 1996–present
Genres Punk
Electro hop
Labels Uppity Cracker
Metropolis Records
Members Little Jimmy Urine
Steve, Righ?

Mindless Self Indulgence (commonly mindles self indulgence referred to as MSI) is mindless selfindulgence an American techno- punk band. They describe their music as "industrial jungle pussy punk". Though considered mindless self indulgnce punk, they are heavily influenced by techno, industrial, electro, and hip-hop. Intentionally iconoclastic, lead singer James Euringer mindless self induldence (who uses the midless self indulgence stage name Little Jimmy Urine) owes sartorial influence to the New York Dolls, wearing fishnet shirts at concerts, and minless self indulgence is occasionally mindless self indulence seen in shorts or pants with the inside cut out similar to how a skirt looks, and neon stockings. Euringer's outfits mindless self ndulgence and antics are often the focal point of mindlessself indulgence live shows.

Another large influence in the band's music comes mindless self lndulgence from early 1980s culture. Frequently the music contains samples of early '80s hip-hop or rock, as well as Atari-style beeps and tones. mindless self inulgence Indeed, their mindless self idulgence first album as a band, 1999's Tight, was allegedly mixed on Atari equipment. Many of Urine's dress styles consist of juxtaposition mindless self indulgece of popular 1980s mindless elf indulgence clothing or bastardized versions thereof.

Mindless Self Indulgence is distinct from mainstream punk, however, in their incorporation of lyrics about being gay and mindless self indulgenc its related topics into several of mindlesss self indulgence their songs - even titling one of their songs as "Faggot." Also, Euringer and Steve, Righ? mindless self indulgenve possess wide vocal mindess self indulgence ranges, stretching from tenor to high falsetto. The band also has no qualms about using mindkess self indulgence words deemed offensive by some, such as nigga (Jimmy Urine argues that he doesn't say the word out mindless self indulgemce of anger, and often it is more or less mind self indulgence used in the sense that it is used in the hip hop world) and faggot, heavily in mindless self endulgence many of their songs. Many critics have used their word choice to mindless self in dismiss the band as juvenile.

The band's energetic live show has gained mindless self indulges them much recognition. The band is mindless self indulgence known to stay after the show has finished, signing whatever fans want signed until not one mindless self indulgence straight to video person is left wanting a signature. They also take all wanted mindless self indulgence lyrics photographs with all desiring fans. They have opened for mindless self indulgence bring the pain a number of popular modern bands including System of a Down, KoЯn, Sum 41, and Rammstein. They mindless self indulgence mp3 have also played many large musical festivals including Voodoo Music Experience in 2003 and mindless self indulgence you'll rebel to anything 2005, The Download Festival in 2005 mindless self indulgence clarissa as well as headlining the Mojave tent at the 2004 Coachella Festival.


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Current members

  • Vocals - Little Jimmy Urine
  • Guitar - free mindless self indulgence mp3 Steve, Righ?
  • Bass - Lyn-Z
  • Drums - Kitty

Past members

  • Bass - Vanessa Y.T.
  • 2nd Guitar - Marcus J. Euringer
  • Keyboards & Guitar (live) - mindless self indulgence i hate jimmy page Rob Kleiner (of Tub Ring)

Statements & warnings

Mindless Self Indulgence is known to have warnings on their mindless self indulgence futures album inserts advising mindless self indulgence thank god people who are discriminatory not to buy their albums, go to their shows or wear their mindless self indulgence tom sawyer t-shirts. They also advise that they don't condone violence and poor parenting is not their mindless self indulgence daddy fault. These warnings are placed in the mindless self indulgence bed of roses liner notes of both Frankenstein Girls Will Seem Strangely Sexy and You'll Rebel to mindless self indulgence download Anything.


Studio albums and EPs

Album Cover Date of US Release Title Label Chart Peak Position
1996 Mindless Self-Indulgence Unreleased
1999 Tight Uppity Cracker
2000 Frankenstein Girls straight to video - mindless self indulgence Will Seem Strangely Sexy Elektra Records
Asylum Records
2002 Alienating Our mindless self indulgence 2 hookers and an 8 ball Audience Uppity Cracker
2003 Despierta Los Niños Uppity Cracker
2005 You'll Rebel to Anything Metropolis Records The Billboard 200
Top mindless self indulgence big poppa Heatseekers
Top mindless self indulgence kill the rock Independent Albums
Top Internet Albums


Album Cover Date of Release Title Label Chart Peak Position
1997 Crappy Little mindless self indulgence - bring the pain mindless self indulgence j Demo (Cassette) Unreleased
1998 Pink Unreleased
1998 Pantyshot/Bring the Pain (Cassette) Uppity Cracker
1998 Tight/Bring the Pain (Cassette) Uppity Cracker
1999 Bring the Pain/Tornado (DJ Only mindless self indulgence shut me up video Radio Promo) Uppity Cracker
1999 Bring the Pain (CD/Vinyl) Uppity Cracker
2000 Igor's Secret futures mindless self indulgence Stash (Promo CD) Uppity Cracker
2000 Bitches/Molly (Maxi Single) Uppity Cracker
2000 Planet of mindless self indulgence bring the pain down loading the Apes (Maxi Single) Uppity Cracker
2001 Thank God mindless self indulgence videos (Promo) Uppity Cracker
2006 Straight To Video: The Remixes Metropolis Records/Uppity Cracker Hot Dance tom sawyer - mindless self indulgence Singles Sales 3
2006 Shut Me Up: The Remixes +3 Metropolis Records Hot Dance Singles Sales 1

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