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Scientists Cast Misery of Migraine in a New Light 

New York Times - Oct 08 9:12 PM
Everything you thought you knew about migraine headaches may be wrong.

mindless self indulgence
Mindless Self Indulgence: profanity, speed 
The Daily Gamecock - Oct 01 9:23 PM
Mindless Self Indulgence is a chaos-inducing quartet from New York City. Formed in 1997 Mindless Self Indulgence originally consisted of vocalist James Euringer, aka Little Jimmy Urine, guitarist Steve, Righ?(sic), bassist Vanessa Y.T. and drummer Kitty. Mindless Self Indulgence's sound is a mixture of rave-techno and keyboard-juiced punk, and the addition of the mosquito-voiced Euringer creates

mitral valve prolapse
'98 percent success rate' was key 
Daily Record - Oct 01 2:10 AM
George Moran of Long Valley turned to the Internet to help him choose a hospital and doctor to go to for open heart surgery last month. Moran, 39, knew since he was 13 that he eventually would need surgery to fix a faulty heart valve, or mitral valve prolapse.

My computer made me sick 
South Bend Tribune - Sep 15 4:08 AM
A malady called Morgellons seems to have spread via the Internet, but it's not a computer virus. It infects people -- plaguing them with symptoms similar to scabia and lice.

multiple myeloma
Grateful grandpa 
Villages Daily Sun - Oct 09 6:36 AM
THE VILLAGES — It’s all about giving back. Village of Polo Ridge residents Mary Ann and Rich Waisbrot are appreciative of the support they received from the American Cancer Society during Rich’s battle with multiple myeloma, a form of cancer in which the plasma cells multiply uncontrollably.

multiple sclerosis
Multiple Sclerosis Society receives donation from APW 
KGET 17 Bakersfield - Oct 06 2:52 PM
The American Petroleum Wives Club of Bakersfield will give back to charity. The women held several fundraisers and raised more than $26,000 for the Multiple Sclerosis Society, and honored them with the check at the Seven Oaks Country Club.

muscular system
Defeating a silent killer 
Whittier Daily news - Oct 09 1:30 AM
By Alessandra Djurklou. Staff Writer Every year, events are held to raise awareness and funds for cancer, AIDS, muscular dystrophy and many other diseases. And exotic ailments, such as bird flu, always grab headlines.

narcissistic personality disorder
Celebrities think: We're so fabulous 
Orlando Sentinel - Oct 09 3:56 AM
Radio's Dr. Drew Pinsky studies what moves Hollywood's ego entourage. Let's say there's a famous movie star who thinks he owns Malibu or a big-name actor who considers himself an expert on psychiatry on national television. Or maybe there's a famous actress who frequently calls in sick to the movie set, costing producers thousands of dollars, because she is tired (or hung over). Aren't these

'Jackass' is so funny it hurts 
Boston Globe - Oct 05 5:24 AM
Any episode of "Jackass" or its two movies, the second of which opens today, kicks off with a disclaimer. Don't try this at home, it pleads. That's always sobering advice, though I'm fairly certain that an evening of sticking my hand in a bear trap is not in the cards. Neither is an afternoon spent impaling my cheek with a ...

Water wars: a matter of trust and fairness 
Tallahassee Democrat - Oct 07 11:11 PM
Ten years of contentious negotiations in our water wars with Atlanta, plus four years of a confusing series of legal motions and appeals in a series of federal courts. If all that leaves you numb and confused, join the crowd.

Depomed Completes Enrollment in Phase II Clinical Trial in Diabetic Peripheral Neuropathy With Gabapentin GR 
RedNova - Oct 05 7:08 AM
Depomed, Inc. (NASDAQ:DEPO) today announced that it has completed enrollment in a Phase II clinical trial to evaluate its Gabapentin GR compound for the treatment of patients with painful diabetic peripheral neuropathy (DPN).

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- menstration after tubal ligation

Here is an article on - menstration problems.

- menstration


A blood fetish (also known as vampire fetish, hematolagnia and haematophilia) is a sexual fetish for blood. Blood fetishists are most often mensuration aroused by blood on nude mensration or semi-nude individuals (or indeed their sexual partner). Other blood fetishists are aroused simply by the sight mentration of blood. witnessing accidental or intentional manstration cuts or blood donating are good examples. Only extreme cases are turned mentsration on while viewing an extremely gruesome scene. blood fetishism is often accompanied menstartion by some licking or drinking blood through bloodletting. This is sometimes done by biting (referred to as menstraion "love-bites" though they are technically not) however this is not the menstraation norm due to the potential for damage from bruising or mestration infection. Most often a razor blade is used. As well as being a sexual menstration fetish, it is often considered an expression of intimacy or bonding.

There is menstration after tubal ligation a substantial community centered around the fetish, however it is mostly "underground" due to its controversial nature. It menstration cycle is partly linked with menstration problems the vampire subculture, however most blood fetishists do not consider themselves "vampires", though some may have a vampire fetish - blood alternative menstration products fetishism has a history of being referred to as "vampirism" in psychiatric healthy menstration literature and articles.

Bloodsports or bloodplay are general terms natural menstration used for any sexual or BDSM play involving blood. It is regulate menstration considered edgeplay due to its nature of being able to easily spread leg cramps + menstration blood borne diseases. It is also possible, although rare, menstration and weight loss for the uncareful to cut the person too deeply and cause them to bleed excessively.

There is long menstration also menstrual fetish, which focuses on menstration and dieting menstruating women, either having their periods without blocking the flow of blood, or even focusing on used tampons. Some enjoy large menstration clots performing cunnilingus on their menstruating partners. The same can be said for the female; menopause years menstration the genital area is often more menstration and hormone replacement therapy arousable during menstration and orgasms can be more menstration pictures intense.

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  • Blue Blood (gothic fashion glamour photography)

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  • The Bloodplay dog menstration Awareness Campaign (archived, Feb 2002. Site currently empty for restructuring.)
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- menstration cycle

Scientists Cast Misery of Migraine in a New Light 

New York Times - Oct 08 9:12 PM
Everything you thought you knew about migraine headaches may be wrong.

Reasons to be cheerful... 
Daily Telegraph - 1 hour, 32 minutes ago
Not even the arrival of a hurricane can dissipate Bermuda's joie de vivre, discovers John Graham-Hart.

Personal Health | News and Notes - Oct 09 12:15 AM
Those who love themselves a lot are more likely to share their wonderfulness with others. New research out of the University of Florida found that narcissists tend to stay away from people seeking a commitment and to stray in relationships.

Q&A: Local Muslim seeks to share understanding of his faith 
The Journal Times - Oct 09 12:11 AM
RACINE - Islam is the world's second-largest and fastest growing religion and many Americans know little or nothing about it.