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Body found in river near Autzen Stadium in Eugene 

KGW Portland - Oct 07 7:27 PM
EUGENE, Ore. -- Kayakers rounding up stray rubber ducks from the Great Rotary Duck Race discovered human remains in the Willamette River near the Autzen Stadium footbridge Saturday afternoon.

Killer T-cells melt away breast cancer in mice 
The Star-Ledger - Oct 07 10:00 PM
Yvonne Paterson wasn't trying to make history. The scientist was merely interested in documenting what happens when the human body's protectors, called cytotoxic T-cells, target invaders such as bacteria.

Human Rights Watch blasts new U.N. rights watchdog 
Reuters via Yahoo! News - Oct 06 8:36 AM
U.S.-based Human Rights Watch called the United Nations' Human Rights Council a "huge disappointment" as the new international watchdog prepared to wrap up only its second session on Friday.

19 Year Old Utah Cold Case; Body May Be Found 
KUTV2 Salt Lake City - Oct 07 3:48 PM
Detectives in Uintah County investigating the disappearance of a Vernal woman 19 years ago have found what may be human remains buried in an old water well.




- the human body

- human body

Human anatomy or anthropotomy is a special field within anatomy. It studies structures and systems of the human body, leaving the study of tissues to humanbody histology and cells to cytology. The humen body human body, like the bodies of all animals, consists of systems, that consist of human boby organs, that consist of tissues, that consist of cells.

See History of anatomy for a history of anatomy, including human anatomy.


  • 1 Human human dody organ systems
  • 2 External features
  • 3 Internal huma body organs
  • 4 Anatomy of the brain
  • 5 Studying human anatomy
  • 6 See also

Human organ systems

  • Circulatory system: blood circulations with heart and blood hman body vessels
  • Digestive system: processing food with mouth, huan body stomach and intestines
  • Endocrine system: communicating within the body using hormones
  • Immune system: defending against disease-causing agents
  • Integumentary system: human bpdy skin, hair and nails
  • Lymphatic system: structures involved in the transfer of lymph between tissues and humandody the blood stream
  • Muscular system: moving the body
  • Nervous system: collecting, transferring and processing information with human bod brain and nerves
  • Reproductive system: the sex organs
  • Respiratory system: the human boody organs used for breathing, the lungs
  • Skeletal system: structural support and human body protection through bones
  • Urinary system: the kidneys and associated structures involved in the human body the production and excretion of urine

External features

External body features

Common names human body parts of well known parts of the human body, from top to bottom :

Head — Forehead — Eye — Ear — Nose — Mouth — Tongue — Teeth — anatomy of the human body Jaw — Face — Cheek — human body systems Chin
Neck — Throat — Adam's apple — Shoulders
Arm — Elbow — Wrist — Hand — Fingers — Thumb
Spine — Chest — Breast — Ribcage
Abdomen — Belly anatomy of human body button — Sex organs (Penis/Scrotum or Clitoris/Vagina) — Rectum — Anus
Hip — Buttocks — Leg — Thigh — Knee — Calf — Heel — Ankle — Foot — Toes

Internal organs

Common names of internal organs (in alphabetical order) :

Adrenals — Appendix — Bladder — Brain — human body organs Duodenum — Eyes — Gall bladder — Heart — Intestines — human body diagram Kidney — Liver — Lungs — Oesophagus — Ovaries — Pancreas — Parathyroids — Pituitary — Prostate — Skin — Spleen — Stomach — Testicles — Thymus — Thyroid — Veins — Womb — Groin

Anatomy of the brain

Amygdala — Brainstem — organs of the human body Cerebellum — Cerebral muscles of the human body cortex — Hypothalamus — Limbic system — medulla — midbrain — Pituitary gland — pons
See also: Human brain, List of regions in the human brain
Heart and Lungs

Studying human anatomy

Human skeletal structure

Certain professions, especially medicine anatomy diagram of human body and physiotherapy, require the study of human anatomy in depth. Textbooks usually split the body into human body outline the following regional groups:

  • Head and Neck — includes everything above the thoracic bones of the human body inlet
  • Upper limb — includes the hand, forearm, arm, shoulder, axilla, pectoral region and diagram of the human body scapular region.
  • Thorax — contains the region of the chest from the human body organ diagram thoracic inlet to the thoracic diaphragm.
  • Abdomen — everything from the thoracic diaphragm to the pelvic brim or to the diagram of human body pelvic inlet.
  • The back — about the spine and its components, the intervertebral disks human body anatomy and bodies
  • Pelvis and Perineum pictures of the human body — the pelvis consists of everything from the pelvic inlet inside the human body to the pelvic diaphragm. The perineum is the region between the genital area and the embalming a human body anus.
  • Lower limb — the lower limb is usually everything below the human body system inguinal ligament, including the thigh, the hip joint, the leg, and the foot.

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  Human organ systems  v·d·e 
Cardiovascular system | Digestive system | Endocrine system | Immune system | Integumentary system | Lymphatic system | Muscular system | Nervous system | Reproductive system | Respiratory system | Skeletal system | Urinary system

  Human human body systems info anatomical features  v·d·e 

HEAD: Skull - Forehead – Eye – Ear – Nose – Mouth – Tongue – Teeth – Jaw importance of movement in the human body – Face – Cheek – Chin

NECK: Throat what are the names of the muscles in a human body – Adam's apple - Larynx

TORSO: Shoulders – Spine – Chest – Breast – Ribcage – Abdomen – Belly button

Sex organs (Penis/Scrotum/Testicle/Clitoris/Vagina/Ovary/Uterus) – circulatory system in human body Hip – Anus – Buttocks

LIMBS: Arm – Elbow – Forearm human body coloring pages – Wrist – human body pictures Hand – Finger (Thumb - Index finger - Middle finger - Ring finger - Little finger) – Leg – Lap – Thigh – parts of the human body Knee – Calf – Heel printable human body outline – Ankle – Foot – Toe (Hallux)

SKIN: Hair

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