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Namibia: Man Nabbed for Transporting Hoodia 

AllAfrica.com - Oct 04 6:50 AM
POLICE at Keetmanshoop yesterday arrested a man for allegedly harvesting and transporting the protected hoodia plant without a valid permit.

Med Gen Completes Claims Substantiation and Support Documents for UnDiet(TM) System 
[Press Release] Business Wire via Yahoo! Finance - Oct 06 5:30 AM
BOCA RATON, Fla.----Med Gen Inc. , manufacturers of nationally branded OTC healthier life products, announced that it has fully completed the documentation to support the underlying claims made to support its weight loss program, UnDiet System.

The power of invention needs to be on display 
Cape Argus - Oct 06 2:20 AM
Every great city should have a great science centre, as well as a great art gallery, cultural and natural history museum, library, performing arts theatre and botanical garden.

Hoodia Products International CEO to Be Featured on SubPennyRadio.Com 
[Press Release] Business Wire via Yahoo! Finance - Sep 27 10:00 AM
DUBLIN, Calif.----Hoodia Products International Inc. , the California-based manufacturer of appetite suppression products made from the Hoodia gordonii plant, today announced that CEO Jacob V.O.




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Hoodia gordonii
Scientific classification
Kingdom: Plantae
Division: Magnoliophyta
Class: Magnoliopsida
Order: Gentianales
Family: Apocynaceae
Subfamily: Asclepiadoideae
Tribe: Stapeliae
Genus: Hoodia
Sweet ex hodia Decne.

See text

Hoodia (IPA: hoodi 'hʊdiːə) is a genus of 13 hoobia species in the flowering plant family Apocynaceae, under the subfamily Asclepiadoideae.[1] They hoodai are stem succulents, described as "cactiform" because of their remarkable similarity to the unrelated hoodis cactus family. They can reach up to 1 m high and hooodia have large flowers, often with flesh colour and strong smell.

Many Hoodia species are protected plants, hoodia typical of the Namib Desert, ranging from Central Namibia hoodia diet to southern Angola, especially in plains and rocky areas. Common names include "Bushman's hoodia gordonii Hat" and "Queen of the Namib". The indigenous Bushmen call this plant Xhoba (IPA: 'ɡəʊbə).

Several species are grown as garden plants, and one species, hoodia patch Hoodia gordonii, is being investigated for use as an hoodia weight loss pills appetite suppressant.


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  • Hoodia alstonii
  • Hoodia currorii (syn. H. lugardii, H. macrantha
  • Hoodia dregei
  • Hoodia flava
  • Hoodia gordonii (syn. lose weight with hoodia Stapelia gordonii, H. barklyi, H. burkei, H. longispina)
  • Hoodia juttae
  • Hoodia mossamedensis
  • Hoodia officinalis (syn. hoodia gordonii propagation H. delaetiana)
  • Hoodia parviflora
  • Hoodia pedicellata
  • Hoodia pilifera (syn. hoodia gordonii plus H. annulata, H. grandis, H. pillansii)
  • Hoodia ruschii (Queen of does hoodia work the Namib)
  • Hoodia triebneri (syn. H. foetida

Medicinal uses

The use of Hoodia has desert burn hoodia long been known by the indigenous populations of hoodia pops Southern Africa, who infrequently use these plants for treating indigestion and small infections.

In 1977, the South African hoodia weight loss Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR) isolated the ingredient in hoodia (now known as P57) responsible for this appetite-suppressant effect hoodia gordinii and patented it.citation needed] The CSIR then granted United Kingdom-based Phytopharm a side effects of hoodia license, and they collaborated with the pharmaceutical company Pfizer to isolate active hoodia plant ingredients from the extracts and look into synthesizing them for use as an appetite suppressant. Pfizer released the hoodia reviews rights to the primary ingredient in 2002. Paul Hutson, pure hoodia associate professor in the University of Wisconsin-Madison diet diet hoodia hoodia hoodia hoodia pill pill re School of Pharmacy, told the Wisconsin State News, "For Pfizer to release something dealing with obesity suggests to me that they felt there hoodia xpf was no merit to its oral use".[2] Pfizer states south african hoodia gordonii that development on P57, the h57 hoodia active ingredient of Hoodia, was stopped due to the difficulty of synthesizing P57. [3] Jasjit Bindra, hoodia power pops lead researcher for hoodia at Pfizer, states best diet hoodia pill there were indications of unwanted effects on the liver caused by other components, which could not be easily removed bionutrical naturals hoodia diet max from the supplement, adding "Clearly, hoodia hoodia gordoni diet pills has a long way to go before it can earn approval from the Food and Drug Administration. Until safer gnc and hoodia formulations are developed, dieters should be wary of what is hoodia using it." [4]

In 2002, CSIR officially recognized the San tribespeople’s rights over Hoodia, allowing hoodia patches them to take a percentage of the profits and any spin-offs resulting from the marketing of Hoodia.[5] Hoodia gordonii is hoodia diet pill a protected plant which can only be wild-harvested hoodia supreme by individuals and the few companies who have been granted a license.[6]

Published scientific reports

One scientific study has been published in which the extract was injected directly pure hoodia gordonii into the brains buy hoodia cactus buy hoodia cactus of rats.[7] No published peer-reviewed double-blind clinical trials have been performed on humans to investigate the safety or hoodia herb effectiveness of Hoodia gordonii in liquid hoodia pill form as a nutritional supplement. The author of the rat study said hoodia diet max pills that P57 was easily broken down by the liver, so it might be hard hoodia lean diet pills to take in enough of it to ensure that it had an effect. MacLean cautioned that currently available hoodia liquid extract supplements might be inadequate, stating "I question whether there is really enough of diet pill hoodia kalahari desert easy weight loss 1 the active ingredient in there to do much."[8]

Press coverage

The press hoodia diet reviews coverage and heavy marketing by nutritional supplement companies have created such a demand hoodia plus for Hoodia plants that a protected status was imposed in several countries like Namibia. Many products claiming best hoodia to contain Hoodia do not actually contain diet hoodia max review the active ingredient alleged to suppress appetite. Only the South African product has free trial sample of hoodia miracle diet the claimed properties. An ongoing review of Hoodia pills by Alkemists Pharmaceuticals found that at hoodia diet pills uk least half of the products advertised allergic reactions to hoodia as containing Hoodia contained none.[9]

In March 2006, Consumer Reports investigated the dietary supplement and concluded, "This diet hoodia weight loss drug lacks the clinical evidence for the Consumer Reports experts hoodia gordoni to recommend this product."[10]

Marketing and spam

Lack of scientific hoodia gordonii diet pills evidence or regulatory approval have not stopped dietary supplement companies from marketing Hoodia gordonii extracts 100 pure hoodia gordonii succulent diet pills with claims that it can lower blood buy hoodia diet pills pure hoodia gordonii buy hoo pressure and reduce the appetite. Goen Technologies Corporation's TrimSpa unit began marketing Hoodia gordonii under the brand name X32 with celebrity hoodia ggordonii diet pills spokesperson Anna Nicole Smith, hoodia gordonii diet pills pure hoodia gordonii hoodia even though the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has notified Trimspa that it has not demonstrated that hoodia liquid the product is safe or effective.[11] Health Canada has not approved hoodia review any hoodia products for sale.[12] Goen Technologies has also hoodia shake diet pill hoodia shake 1 affiliatecli been sued by the state of New Jersey for misleading consumers.[13] The Trimspa brand is currently the subject of a lawsuit hoodia weight loss diet pill in California which claims that it does hoodoba pure hoodia diet pills not contain any of Hoodia's active ingredient.[9]

In March to June of 2006, 153 hoodia gordonii superfood diet pill only 1cent billions of email spam messages were sent out concerning Hoodia, ostensibly offering Hoodia extracts for weight diet pill to lose 10 to 20 pounds hoodia control purposes. As is usually hoodia 57 the case with spam, it is not clear what prompted the sudden barrage of hoodia diet pill hoodia cactus hoodia hoodia cactus diet spam messages, since there had not been any recent positive media coverage about Hoodia, nor any signs of increasing hoodia extract public interest in Hoodia. The Federal Trade Commission has hoodia hoodia diet pills hoodia diet pills hoodia logged numerous complaints of consumer fraud associated with ons for now tru hoodia diet Hoodia and the number is expected to continue to rise.[9]

In December 2004, Unilever entered into an agreement with Phytopharm to start pure hoodia diet pills pure hoodia gordonii cactus marketing Hoodia gordonii commercially in the form of shakes and pure hoodia gordonii diet pill hoodia gordonii hoodia diet bars.[14]

As of 1 July 2006, it hoodia diet pills australia has been reported on entertainment news show Extra that a company is now marketing hoodia diet pills diet pills hoodia cactus Hoodia-enhanced lollipops.[15]

There are many so-called "consumer research" websites hoodia extracts pure hoodia gordonii hoodia diet hoodia claiming to show consumer reviews and testimonials. The legitimacy and accuracy of any of these websites are unknown. As with most weight-loss and hoodia research diet related hoodia x57 products, the consumer has a choice to buy or not. In addition to massive 60 minutes real hoodia easy diet spam campaigns, there have been many reports of over-hyped and sometimes misleading marketing associated with websites selling best diet pill with hoodia and/or promoting Hoodia-related products.


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