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Hernia operation sidelines Tainio 

BBC News - Oct 06 1:47 PM
Tottenham midfielder Teemu Tainio faces at least a month out after a hernia operation.

Noonan to Undergo Sports Hernia Surgery 
Soccer365 - Oct 06 2:47 PM
Revolution forward Pat Noonan will travel to Germany on Saturday, Oct. 7, to undergo sports hernia repair surgery that will be performed by Dr. Ulrike Muschaweck and Dr. Angie Erhorn on Monday, Oct. 9, at Hernienzentrum in Munich.

Hernia keeps Tainio out for Spurs 
Soccer Way - Oct 07 1:10 AM
midfielder Teemu Tainio will be unable to play for his club Tottenham Hotspur for at least a month due to hernia operation.

Revs Noonan To Have Hernia Surgery 
The Boston Channel - Oct 06 5:51 AM
FOXBOROUGH, Mass. -- Pat Noonan was scheduled to have sports hernia surgery Monday in Germany, but may return to the New England Revolution for the MLS playoffs.




- hiatal hernia

- hernia

ICD-10 K40-K46
ICD-9 550-553

A hernia is a protrusion of hermia a tissue, structure, or part of an organ through the muscular tissue or the membrane by henia which it is normally contained (definition from MeSH). The herna hernia has 3 parts: the orifice through which it herniates, the hernial sac, and herina its contents.

A hernia is often henria likened to the failure of a tire. Here a split in the sidewall of an excavator tire allows the inner tube to protrude.

A hernia may hernai be likened to hetnia a failure in the sidewall of a pneumatic tire. The herbia tire's inner tube behaves like the organ and the sidewall like the body cavity hernie wall providing the restraint. A weakness in the sidewall allows a bulge ernia to develop, which can become a split, allowing the inner tube to protrude, and leading hernis to the eventual failure of the tire.


  • 1 Pathophysiology
  • 2 Characteristics
  • 3 Treatment
  • 4 Individual harnia hernias
    • 4.1 Spinal herni disc herniation
    • 4.2 Inguinal hernia
    • 4.3 Femoral hurnia hernia
    • 4.4 Umbilical hernia
    • 4.5 Incisional hernia
    • 4.6 Diaphragmatic hernia
    • 4.7 Other hurnea types hernea of hernia
  • 5 Hernias in pop culture
  • 6 References
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By far most hiatal hernia hernias develop in the abdomen, when a weakness in the abdominal wall evolves into a inguinal hernia localized hole, or "defect", through which adipose tissue, or abdominal organs covered with umbilical hernia peritoneum, may protrude. Another common hernia involves the intervertebral disc, and hernia symptoms causes back pain or sciatica.

Hernias may present either with symptoms of hernia pain at the site, a visible or palpable lump, or in some cases by more ventral hernia vague symptoms resulting from pressure on an organ which has hernias become "stuck" in the hernia, sometimes leading to organ dysfunction. Fatty tissue hiatus hernia usually enters a hernia first, but it may be followed hiatal hernia symptoms by or accompanied by an organ.

Most of the time, hernias develop when pressure in the compartment of the residing organ is hernia types increased, and the boundary is weak or weakened.

  • Weakening of hernia surgery containing membranes or muscles is usually congenital (which explains part of the tendency incisional hernia of hernias to run in families), and increases with age (for abdominal hernia example, degeneration of the annulus fibrosus of the intervertebral disc), but it may be on the basis inguinal hernia surgery of other illnesses, such as Ehlers-Danlos syndrome or Marfan syndrome, stretching of muscles groin hernia during pregnancy, losing weight in obese people, etc., or because of scars from medical symptoms of hiatal hernia previous surgery.
  • Many conditions chronically increase intra-abdominal pressure, (pregnancy, ascites, COPD, dyschezia, benign prostatic hypertrophy) hyetal hernia and hence abdominal hernias are very frequent. Increased intracranial pressure can cause parts of sports hernia the brain to herniate through narrowed portions of the cranial cavity or through hiatal hernia surgery the foramen magnum. Increased pressure on the intervertebral discs, as produced diet for hiatal hernia by heavy lifting or lifting femoral hernia with improper technique, increases the risk of herniation.

Hernias are generally not caused by trauma.


Hernias can be classified according to their anatomical hiatus hernia symptoms location:

Examples include:

  • abdominal hernias
  • diaphragmatic hernias and hiatal hernias (for example, paraesophageal hernia of the hiatel hernia stomach)
  • pelvic hernias, for hiatal hernia treatment example, obturator hernia
  • hernias of the nucleus pulposus of the intervertebral discs
  • intracranial hernias

Each of the above hernias may be characterised by several aspects:

  • congenital or acquired: congenital hernias hernia repair occur prenatally or in the epigastric hernia first year(s) of life, and are caused by a congenital defect, whereas acquired hernias develop later hiatial hernia on in life. However, this may be on the hernia operation basis of a locus minoris resistentiae (Lat. place of least resistance) that stomach hernia is congenital, but only becomes symptomatic later on in life, when degeneration and increased stress (for example, increased abdominal hernia truss pressure from coughing in COPD) provoke symptoms of a hernia the hernia.
  • complete or incomplete: for example, the stomach may partially herniate hernia exam into the chest, or completely.
  • internal or external: external ones herniate to the outside world, whereas internal hernias protrude from their normal compartment what is a hernia to another (for example, mesenteric hernias).
  • intraparietal hernia: hernia diaphragmatic hernia that does not reach all the way to the subcutis, but only to the musculoaponeurotic layer. An example is a hernia signs symptoms Spigelian hernia. Intraparietal hernias may hernia support produces less obvious bulging, and may be less easily detected on clinical examination.
  • bilateral: in this case, simultaneous repair may be considered, hernia treatment sometimes even with a giant prosthetic umbilical hernia repair reinforcement.
  • reducible or irreducible (also known as incarcerated): the hernial contents can or cannot be returned to their normal hernia belt site with simple manipulation

If irreducible, hernia surgery recovery hernias can develop several complications (hence, they can be complicated or uncomplicated):

  • strangulation: pressure hietal hernia on the hernial contents may compromise blood supply (especially veins, with their living with a hernia low pressure, are sensitive, and venous congestion often results) and cause ischemia, and later necrosis and gangrene, which may become hernia discal fatal.
  • obstruction: for example, when a part of the bowel symptoms of hiatal hernia herniates, bowel contents can no longer pass the obstruction. This results in cramps, and later on vomiting, ileus, types of hernias absence of flatus and absence of defecation. hiatal hernia symptoms relief These signs mandate urgent surgery.
  • another complication arises when the herniated organ itself, or surrounding organs start dysfunctioning (for example, sliding hernia of the paraesophageal hernia stomach causing heartburn, lumbar disc belly button hernia hernia causing sciatic nerve pain, etc.)

Between 1995 and 2005, 16,742 Americans died from a hernia.[1]


It is generally advisable to inguinal hernia repair repair hernias in a timely fashion, in order to hiatal hernia operations prevent complications such as organ dysfunction, gangrene, and multiple organ dysfunction syndrome. Most abdominal hernias can be surgically strangulated hernia repaired, and recovery rarely requires long-term changes in lifestyle. Uncomplicated hernias are principally spigelian hernia repaired by pushing back, or umbilical hernias "reducing", the herniated tissue, and then mending the weakness in muscle tissue (an operation called herniorraphy). If clinical symptoms of hiatal hernia complications have occurred, the hernia supports uk surgeon will check the viability of the herniated organ, and resect it if necessary. Modern muscle reinforcement incisional hernia repair techniques involve synthetic materials (a mesh prosthesis) that avoid ventral hernia repair over-stretching of already weakened tissue (as in older, but still useful methods). The mesh is placed over the defect, and sometimes congenital diaphragmatic hernia staples are used to keep the mesh in place. Increasingly, some repairs are hiatal hernia shortness of breath performed through laparoscopes.

Many patients are managed through surgical symptoms of femoral hernias daycare centers, and are able to return to work within a week or two, complicated abdominal hernia repairs while heavy activities are prohibited for a longer period. Surgical complications have been estimated to be up to 10%, but hernia operations most of them can be easily hernia repair surgery addressed. They include surgical site infections, nerve and blood sliding hiatal hernia vessel injuries, injury to nearby organs, and hernia recurrence.

Generally, the use of external hernia pain devices to maintain reduction of the hernia without repairing the underlying defect (such as hernia trusses hernia trusses, trunks, belts, etc.), is not advised. Exceptions are uncomplicated incisional hernias that arise ozonoterapia ozono hernia shortly after the operation (should only be operated after a few months), or inoperable patients.

It is essential that the hernia not be signs of a hernia further irritated by carrying out strenuous labour.

Individual hernias

Spinal disc herniation

Main article: spinal disc herniation.

A spinal disc herniation is a condition where the central hernia briefs weak part of the intervertebral disc (nucleus pulposus, which helps absorb shocks hernias in children to our spine) herniates through the fibrous navel hernia band (annulus fibrosus) by which it is normally bound. This usually occurs low in the back at the lumbar level nocturia hernia repair (=lumbar disc hernia), and can female hernia cause and a big penis and back pain which may radiate downwards. When the sciatic nerve is involved, groin hernia symptoms this may cause sciatica. Herniation can occur in the cervical vertebrae hernia stomach too. A nucleoplasty is an operation to repair the herniation.

Inguinal hernia

Main article: inguinal hernias inguinal hernia.
Diagram of an indirect, scrotal inguinal hernia ( lumbago ciatica hernia discal median view from the left).

By far the most common hernias (up to 75% of all abdominal hernias) what is a hiatal hernia are the so-called inguinal hernias. For hernia belts a thorough understanding of inguinal hernias, much insight is needed hernia vs sports hernia in the anatomy of the inguinal canal. Inguinal hernias are further divided into the more common indirect inguinal hernia (2/3, depicted here), horse hernia in which the inguinal canal is entered nursing care plan for diaphagmetic hernia via a congenital weakness at its entrance (the internal inguinal ring), and the "direct" type (1/3), disc hernia where the hernia contents push through a weak spot in the back hiatal hernia treatments wall of the inguinal canal. Inguinal hernias are more common in hiatal hernias men than women while femoral hernias are more common in women.

Femoral hernia

Main article: Femoral hernia.

Femoral hernias occur just hiatial hernia cures below the inguinal ligament, when abdominal contents pass homeopathic hiatial hernia remedies into the weak area at incisional hernias the posterior wall of the femoral canal. They can be hard to distinguish from the inguinal type (especially when ascending cephalad): inguinal hernia recovery however, they generally appear more rounded, and, in contrast to inguinal hernias, there is a strong female inguinal hernia symptoms preponderance in femoral hernias. The incidence para-umbilical hernia of strangulation in femoral hernias is high. Repair techniques are similar for femoral and chronic hernia pain inguinal hernia.

Umbilical hernia

Main article: umbilical hernia.

Umbilical hernias hiatal hernia repair are especially common in infants of African descent, and occur more in boys. They involve protrusion of hiatle hernia intraabdominal contents through a weakness at the site of passage of the umbilical hyatel hernia cord through the abdominal wall. These hernias often resolve spontaneously. Umbilical incarcerated hernia hernias in adults are largely acquired, and are more frequent in obese or pregnant women. Abnormal decussation of fibers repaired hernia causing pain at the linea alba may contribute.

Incisional hernia

Main article: incisional hernia.

An incisional hernia occurs when the defect is the result of an incompletely healed surgical what is normal recovery time from open hernia surgery wound. When these occur in median laparotomy incisions in the linea alba, abdominal hernia repair they are termed ventral hernias. These can hernia check be the most frustrating and difficult to treat, as the repair utilizes already hernia pictures attenuated tissue.

Diaphragmatic hernia

Diagram of a hiatus hernia (coronal section, viewed from the front).

Higher in hernia surgery complications the abdomen, an (internal) "diaphragmatic hernia" results when part of the hiatel hernia symptoms stomach or intestine protrudes into hyatial hernia the chest cavity through a defect in the diaphragm.

A hiatus hernia is a particular variant of this pictures of umbilical hernias type, in which the normal passageway through which the esophagus meets the signs symptoms of hiatus hernia stomach (esophageal hiatus) serves as a functional "defect", allowing part of the stomach to (periodically) "herniate" into the chest. technique of parastomal hernia repair Hiatus hernias may be either "sliding," in abdominal hernia symptoms which the gastroesophageal junction itself slides through the defect into the chest, or non-sliding (also known as para-esophageal), in explain hiatal hernia which case the junction remains fixed while another portion of the stomach moves up through the defect. haital hernia Non-sliding or hernia pregnancy para-esophageal hernias can be dangerous as they may allow the stomach to rotate hernia recovery and obstruct. Repair is usually advised.

Frontal chest X-ray showing a hernia of hernia surgery cost Morgagni.

A congenital diaphragmatic hernia is a distinct problem, occurring in up to 1 in every hernias in women 2000 births, and requiring pediatric surgery. Intestinal organs may herniate through inquinal hernia several parts of the diaphragm, posterolateral (in Bochdalek's triangle, resulting in Bochdalek's hernia), or recovery from hernia surgery anteromedial-retrosternal (in the cleft of Larrey/Morgagni's foramen, resulting in scrotal hernia symptoms Morgagni-Larrey hernia, or Morgagni's hernia).

Other types of hernia

Since many organs can herniate through many orifices, double hernia it is very difficult to give an femoral hernia surgery exhaustive list of hernias, with all synonyms and eponyms. Some are listed below, hernia protection in alphabetical order:

  • Brain hernia: herniation of part of the brain hernia surgery neuroma because of excessive intracranial pressure. This may be a life-threatening condition, especially if the brain stem (responsible for some important vital signs) hernia surgery recovery time is involved.
  • Cooper's hernia: A femoral hernia with two sacs, the hernias in older women first being in the femoral canal, and the second passing through a defect hyatal hernia in the superficial fascia and appearing immediately beneath the infant hernia skin.
  • epigastric hernia: hernia through the linea alba above the umbilicus.
  • Littre's hernia: hernia involving a Meckel's diverticulum
  • lumbar hernia: hernia in the lumbar nursing care plan for diaphagmatic hernia region (not to be confused with paraesophageal hiatal hernia a lumbar disc hernia), contains following entities:
    • Petit's hernia - hernia through Petit's triangle (inferior lumbar triangle)
    • Grynfeltt's hernia - rectal hernia hernia through Grynfeltt-Lesshaft triangle (superior lumbar triangle)
  • obturator hernia: hernia through obturator canal
  • pantaloon hernia: a umbilical hernia problems combined direct and indirect hernia, when the hernial sac protrudes on either side of the inferior after hernia surgery epigastric vessels
  • perineal hernia: A perineal hernia protrudes through the muscles bed risers for hernias and fascia of the perineal floor. It may be primary but usually, is acquired following best diet for hiatus hernia perineal prostatectomy, abdominoperineal resection of the rectum, or pelvic exenteration.
  • properitoneal hernia: rare different types of hernias hernia located directly above the peritoneum, for hernia diagnosis example, when part of an inguinal hernia projects from the deep inguinal ring to the preperitoneal space.
  • Richter's hernia: strangulated hernia hernia mesh involving only one sidewall of the bowel, which can result in bowel perforation through hiatus hernia diet ischaemia without causing bowel obstruction or any of hiatus hernia treatments its warning signs.
  • sliding hernia: occurs when an organ drags along part of the incisional hernia failure peritoneum, or, in other words, the organ is perineal hernia part of the hernia sac. The colon and the urinary bladder are often involved. umbilical cord hernia infection The term also frequently refers to sliding hernias of the stomach.
  • sciatic hernia: this hernia in the greater what is hernia sciatic foramen most commonly presents as an uncomfortable mass in can an auto accident cause a hernia the gluteal area. Bowel obstruction may also occur. This type of hernia is only exrays hiatol hernia a rare cause of sciatic neuralgia.
  • Spigelian hernia, also known hernia hiatal as spontaneous lateral ventral hernia

Hernias in pop culture

  • "Weird Al" Yankovic recorded hernia in girls a song entitled "Living With A Hernia", on his Polka Party! album. The song is a parody of James Brown's "Living In America", and describes hernia symptons the discomfort associated with suffering a hernia, as well as hiatal hernia causes listing common types of hernias.
  • Comedian Bill Engvall has a hiatal hernia diet routine "My hernia".[1]
  • When Robin Williams appeared on Inside the Actors Studio in 2002, hiatal hernia esophagus spasm a man in the audience acquired a hernia from laughing so hard. The man had to be removed inguinal scrotal hernia from the studio in an ambulance.
  • In a television advertisement for living with a hernia weird al Boost Mobile, blink-182 drummer Travis Barker appeared in a story of what periumbilical hernia would have happened if Barker did not have Boost Mobile. He becomes a prodded possible hernia relax anxieties writing professional bodybuilder and suffers a "compound hernia" whilasch letselschade hernia (possibly a counterpart to a compound fracture)[2]. The word "compound" a femoral hernia was removed from this commercial's voiceover within weeks of its first airingcitation needed].
  • In a brooks hernia appliance Bill Cosby show (Fat Albert's got a hernia), he describes developing a hernia from picking up a sewer cat hernia scan lid, and what happened to him afterwards.
  • On an episode of Friends, Joey got a hernia due to weightlifting, diaphragm hernia but had to wait to have it treated because diaphragmatic hernias in dogs his insurance ran out. He eventually paid for the surgery by very realistically playing the part of 'Dying Man' in a movie.[3]
  • On an episode of M*A*S*H, hernia during pregnancy Major Burns hernia becomes strangulated during a surgery session[4].
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