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My book series on the adventures of Hermione the hippopotamus combines fantasy and real life so that you might image the events actually happening. In the first book, you read of a young hippopotamus who is captured in East Africa, and put into a cage on board a ship.

U.K. writer Waters favorite for Booker Prize 
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British author Sarah Waters is 6-4 favorite to land the Booker Prize on Tuesday but bookmakers believe it is one of the most open fields ever for the top literary award.

Waters favourite for Booker Prize 
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LONDON (Reuters) - Author Sarah Waters is 6-4 favourite to land the Booker Prize on Tuesday but bookmakers believe it is one of the most open fields ever for the top literary award.

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Harry Potter character

Emma Watson as Hermione in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire
Hermione Jane Granger
Gender Female
Hair colour Brown
Eye colour Brown
House Gryffindor
Parentage Muggle-born
Allegiance Dumbledore's Army,
Order of the hermine Phoenix
Film portrayer Emma Watson
First appearance Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone

Hermione Jane Granger (born herione September 19, 1979) is a fictional character in J.K. Rowling's Harry Potter book hermion series. The character is portrayed by Emma Watson herminoe in the films.

Hermione is a Gryffindor student at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry hemione and is one of hermionne the best friends of Harry Potter and Ron and Ginny Weasley. She plays an important role in many aspects of Harry's life, hermionee serving as a maternal harmione influence on both Harry and Ron. With her birthdate in September of 1979, Hermione hermone is the oldest of her classmates, as most of the rest were born in ca. 1980. Hogwarts hermiene only accepts first year students who have already turned hernione eleven years old at the start of the ermione school term on September 1, so Hermione was too young herimone to join the previous class. She shows considerably advanced maturity, when compared to her close friends and classmates, in both her hermione granger attitude and hermione her course work. However, she lacks maturity in other areas: she draco and hermione consistently responds negatively to Ron's baiting of her, generally cannot stand back and allow him to make a fool of hermione granger topless himself, and has a harry and hermione tendency to bicker (generally flouncing off to bed if she is thwarted).

Hermione has hermione ginny slash brown eyes and, when she first appears, "bushy brown hair and rather large front teeth". Many at the school have ridiculed her tickle her hermione for her looks, including, hermione granger's breasts on one occasion, Professor Snape. Hermione is very studious, and can be bossy and fussy; ron and hermione she is one of the most intelligent students hermione norris in her year and one of the best in the entire school. She is often teased for harry undressing hermione this reason. Harry and Ron depend on her for academic help, and her knowledge and common sense hermione and draco generally prove valuable in emma watson as hermione overcoming the trio's challenges.

Hermione is brave and loyal, has a fierce political conscience, hermione makeover but sometimes has problems keeping her head when faced with crises: one might note her problems in facing the draco like hermione Devils Snare in the first book draco kissing hermione by the wall (when told to light a fire, she memorably responds “There’s no wood!”, even though she had conjured magical hermione manga flames earlier in the year), the unlikely lie hermione ginny she tells Professor Umbridge to save Harry hermione granger manga in OotP (she claims that there is a weapon in the forest, created upon Dumbledore’s orders), and her harry hermione love failure to adequately subdue a Death Eater in the hermione and harry making out Department of Mysteries (she silences rather than stuns him, leaving him conscious, suggesting that in the heat love stories ron hermione of the moment, she forgot about non-verbal hermione anime spell casting, despite evidence in the same book that James Potter knew of that in harry potter and hermione granger his Fifth Year at Hogwarts). Indeed, Hermione's intellect is strongest when it comes hermione ron love to memory and objective analysis, and is less impressive when it comes draco giving hermione her biggest kiss to thinking on her harry and hermione love stories feet. Though generally compassionate, she can at times be naïve and even insensitive when dealing with people; for example, harry potter and hermione granger kissing her ham-handed attempt to comfort Lavender Brown over the hermione gingold death of her rabbit. Screenwriter Steve Kloves has said that Hermione often shows hermione fanart "a complete lack of understanding of how she affects other people." [1] According to Rowling, Hermione draco and hermione having a baby is deeply insecure and feels utterly hermione and ron inadequate underneath. She makes up for this by trying to be the best at everything at hermione fan art school and projects a false confidence that is, at times, "very irritating to people." [2]

Rowling has hermione twisted her ankle fred wesley and hermione granger sex stories admitted that Hermione is in many ways based upon herself. [3] Hermione's Patronus is an otter, which is Rowling's favourite harry and hermione fan fiction animal. Hermione's middle hermione granger costume name, Jane, (never mentioned in the books, only on Rowling's official site) is a feminine form of "John", as is "Joanne", Rowling's first draco and hermione fanart name.


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Hermione is hermione granger fan art Muggle-born, hermione slash that is, the child of two non-magical parents. Her parents, both dentists, are cho and hermione (according to Rowling) "a bit bemused by their odd daughter, but quite proud of her all the same". draco hermione Rowling has noted she initially considered giving Hermione a younger, Muggle sister, harry and hermione websites but now says it is hermione granger costumes "too late". Therefore, it is considered canon that Hermione is an only child.

When Hermione hermione harry first appears in the series, she already seems to know a great deal hermione polyjuice about magic, Hogwarts, and the wizarding world. How she first realised her magical abilities and first encountered other wizards has draco and hermione fan art not been revealed beyond an off-hand remark Hermione makes about being "ever draco/ hermione fan art so surprised" when the Ministry of Magic harry and hermione icons determined her magical status and invited her to enroll at Hogwarts.

For years it harry potter loves hermione granger was widely assumed that she was born in September 1980, hermione femslash the same year as Ron and Harry. However, hermione granger's harry potter fan club Rowling pointed out that to attend Hogwarts, one must be eleven years old, and Hermione was born hermione wallpaper in 1979. Therefore Hermione is nearly twelve when she begins school in September of 1991.

Rowling has will hermione granger marry harry potter revealed on her website that Hermione's wand is made of vine wood harry hermione with a dragon heartstring core. Each of harry, ron, and hermione the trio's wands have one of Mr Ollivander's three preferred cores, with Harry having phoenix feather and Ron hermione baddeley having unicorn hair. Her wand's wood, vine, is hermione farthingale the wood ascribed to her birth month in the Celtic calendar.

Hermione's name hermione granger cartoon is pronounced "her-MY-oh-nee" (IPA: /hə(ɹ).maɪ.ə.niː/), as readers find out in hermione granger fanart Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. This was the hermione granger, draco malfoy most frequently asked question hermione hentia J.K. Rowling received, so in this book she cunningly had Hermione teach Viktor Krum how to pronounce her name properly (without much success). Rowling hermione jane granger said she obtained how to make a hermione yule ball dress it from William Shakespeare's The Winter's Tale, claiming that she wanted it to be unusual since draco kissing his girlfriend hermione if fewer girls shared her name, fewer girls would get fred welsley and hermione granger sex stories teased for it. "Hermione", appropriately, is derived from "Hermes", harry loves hermione websites the Greek god of invention, inspiration, eloquence and quick thinking. harry potter hermione granger tie It is also the name of the legendary Helen of Troy's daughter in Greek mythology. Hermione's hermione dies in book 7 surname "Granger" may be derived from that of Joseph Louis ron and hermione fanfictions Lagrange, one of the greatest mathematicians of the 18th century. Her ron hermione fanart surname was originally going to be "Puckle" but it was quickly changed by Rowling because it didn't suit as hermione granger her. "Puckle" is a term for a goblin or elf. [4]

It should also be noted draco grabbed hermione that the name "Hermione" also appears in Sir Walter Scott's Novel "Anne harry and hermione images of Geierstein" In this 19th century ghost novel, she is harry potter and the goblet of fire; hermione a mysterious aristocrat who is linked to a strange opal that she wears. Later she dies hermione and the potion of cupiditas chapter 2 by hermione fake some unusual circumstances as a result of this opal brooch.

Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone

Hermione first appears in Harry Potter and the Philosopher's hermione in tights Stone. For the first part of the book, she hermione ron is portrayed as being an over-the-top "know-it-all" hermiones and "goody two-shoes". Harry and Ron do not like her initially, as they consider rubies hermione robe her to be endlessly annoying, interfering and overbearing.

Hermione in Harry Potter severus and hermione and the Philosopher's Stone.

When Ron makes a hurtful remark about Hermione, she harry hermione music video retreats to a girls' bathroom hermione breasts to cry. Meanwhile, Professor Quirrell lets a mountain troll into the school, which finds its way into hermione gilchrist the same bathroom. Hermione is rescued by hermione granger and draco malfoy Harry and Ron. When they are discovered by Professors McGonagall, Snape hermione granger and ronald weasley and Quirrell, Hermione quickly lies about why she was in the bathroom, claiming hermione granger goblet of fire she had gone looking for the troll, hermione granger hot thinking she could defeat it herself. She thereby rescues Harry and Ron from hermione granger pics punishment and endears herself.

Though Hermione's attitude about rules and schoolwork remain hermione movie magic largely intact, she softens up a little bit after becoming friends with hermione rubbing herself Harry and Ron. With them, she helps solve the mystery surrounding the Philosopher's hermione winced in pain her leg Stone. She also shows her willingness to break the rules (and a streak of lindsay lohan as hermione ruthlessness) when she casts a Body-Bind Curse (a highly advanced spell) on Neville Longbottom, who attempts to picture of hermione leonard stop the trio from leaving the common room after hours, sullivan, hermione ready to fight them.

Her intelligence again comes in handy when she defeats sullivan, hermione smith the Devil's Snare (although that incident shows her difficulties in thinking on her feet: tom riddle hermione granger it is Harry and Ron who tell her how to defeat the Snare), and asphalt hermione her deep belief in the power of logic is emphasised draco malfoy and hermione granger when she and Harry find themselves in a room where they must correctly emma thompson hermione identify two potions from a range of goblet of fire hermione bottles that will enable them to pass out of the room. Hermione then tells harry and hermione avatars Harry that he is a great wizard as he has the qualities harry and hermione nc 17 fanfic of friendship and bravery which are harry hermione and ron more important than "books and cleverness".

Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets

Hermione in Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets.

In her second year[HP2] Hermione harry hermione together has a crush on the handsome new Defence Against the Dark harry like hermione Arts teacher, Gilderoy Lockhart.

Hermione brews Polyjuice Potion so that Harry harry potter, hermione granger and ron weasley and Ron can discover if Draco Malfoy is the Heir of harry, ron, & hermione Slytherin.

Hermione correctly identifies the creature hidden inside the Chamber of Secrets to be a basilisk, and how it is hermione and harry potter fanfics pumpkin pie moving around the school, though she is petrified before being able to hermione and ron book seven divulge the information hermione bra to Harry and Ron. She and the other victims are revived after Harry kills the basilisk.

Harry Potter and hermione cartoon the Prisoner of Azkaban

In the hermione deviantart next year [HP3], Hermione takes so many classes hermione feet she has to use a Time-Turner, a device which enables her to go back in time, hermione fell in pain to fit in all her subjects, but this eventually proves to be too much for her.

Hermione in Harry Potter hermione granger pictures and the Prisoner of Azkaban.

Hermione is estranged from her friends hermione granger stories in part of this book: first, she distances herself from them with all the extra work she has to hermione granger sweater pattern do. Later, she is (rightly) suspicious about hermione having a baby Harry's Christmas gift, a Firebolt broom, and reports it to Professor hermione in the goblet of fire McGonagall, who confiscates it; and again when Ron accuses her new cat, Crookshanks, of killing his pet rat, Scabbers. hermione love harry Ron and Harry give her the cold shoulder after this, hermione panties but their hermione snape marriage law argument is solved when they finally realise she is trying to help them. During this time, she ron and hermione fan fiction not a last resort is the only one who volunteers to help Hagrid prepare for will hermione granger marry draco malfoy the court case against his hippogriff, Buckbeak, which is amazing, considering she is already taking so blog hermione granger many subjects. During the preparation for body inflation hermione the trial, she breaks down on Ron, hugging him unexpectedly, to which he responds by awkwardly patting her on the head. Hermione charlie weasley and hermione granger and Ron make up and draco and hermione fan fiction he pledges to take over the trial.

Hermione's Time-Turner comes in useful at the end draco hermione fanfic of the book when she and Harry travel back in time draco loves hermione to rescue Sirius Black and Hagrid's hippogriff, Buckbeak. During the end-of-the-year exams, Hermione's Boggart manifests itself as Professor fan fiction harry hermione potter McGonagall, informing her that she had failed fred weasley and hermione granger sex stories all her classes – causing ginny hermione her to run away screaming. Although that is amusing, it shows Hermione's great fear of failure. At the end of harry hermione fanfic the book, she drops the class of harry hermione romance Muggle Studies – Ron had always said was a waste of time, given that Hermione harry potter and hermione granger sex stories is of Muggle origin, but Hermione harry potter and hermione romance had taken it anyway because she thought it would be fascinating to study her own harry potter hermione wand culture, as it were, through the point of view of another culture – enabling harry potter/ hermione her to have a normal schedule again. She also drops harry, hermione and ron the class of Divination since she considers the Professor, Sybill hermione and ginny Trelawney to be a fraud. This also shows her logical side dominates in her thinking.

Harry Potter and the Goblet hermione draco of Fire

In the summer following her hermione fell twisting her ankle third year at Hogwarts, Hermione attends the Quidditch World Cup with Harry, Ron and hermione granger emma watson Ron's family, sans Mrs. Weasley. It is here for the first time hermione granger gallery that she becomes familiar with Viktor Krum, the famous Bulgarian Seeker, himself still a student. Hermione hermione granger go out with harry potter initially sees him as being a gloomy, off-putting fellow, unaware that she will hermione granger quiz encounter him again at Hogwarts, hermione granger wand where he takes to visiting the Hogwarts library frequently just to watch hermione granger, ron weasley, harry potter and draco malfoy her before approaching her. After getting to know him better, Hermione hermione harry fan fiction sees later on that Krum is in fact a genuinely kind-hearted person.

In her hermione norris leaves the cast of wire in the blood fourth year[HP4], Hermione's attention is drawn to what she views hermione pregnant as the poor quality of life for house-elves. She therefore starts the organisation she hermione smut calls the Society for the Promotion of Elfish Welfare, but which becomes known by its unfortunate acronym, hermione snape S.P.E.W. (though it is nicknamed ‘The House-Elf Liberation Front’ hermione snape romance by Ron Weasley). Although Hermione zealously hermione the cat works for her cause, few others display any interest. Harry and Ron officially join her organisation, though they do so only with the hermione wiggled hips hope she will stop badgering them, and hermione x they contribute little. She does, however, trick them both into following hermione x rated story her to the kitchens to persuade the elves to accept wages after she hermione yule ball discovers that Dobby the house-elf has been hired by Professor Dumbledore.

Hermione helps Harry practise the Summoning Charm which his balls hermione allows him to successfully complete letter to hermione david bowie the First Task of the Triwizard Tournament.

Hermione attends lindsay lohan hermione the Yule Ball with Viktor Krum, making Ron jealous. She has had school nurse Madame Pomfrey shrink her teeth to a "normal size" love stories of harry and hermione pictures of hermione granger by magic after being hit by an errant hex earlier in the year, and when she remus hermione applies Sleekeazy's Hair Potion and does her hair up in a chignon, even Harry ron and hermione fan fiction hermione at the burrow and Ron, among others, notice her ron and hermione in love sudden beauty. Hermione is the "hostage" that Krum has to save in the Tournament's Second Task. After the task, Krum snape and hermione asks Hermione to visit him in the summer. Ron's jealousy of Viktor Krum appears countered snape hermione by Hermione's dislike of Fleur snape hermione fanart Delacour, for whom Ron has a soft spot; Hermione becomes visibly angry when Fleur does so much strip hermione granger v2 as smile at Ron.

Rita Skeeter, a tabloid reporter, fabricates a love triangle will harry potter and hermione kiss between Harry, Hermione, and Krum. Hermione's relationship with Mrs Weasley is temporarily will harry potter have sex with hermione granger turned cold by this incident. Krum american poet wrote novel hermione questions Harry over his relationship with Hermione, and Harry denies any romance.

After much blaise and hermione work, she determines Rita is an illegal Animagus who can change into a beetle and chamber of secrets hermione manages to catch her in this draco & hermione form by trapping her in a jar. She blackmails Rita with this information to make Rita stop writing draco and hermione in love for The Daily Prophet.

Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

In the beginning of draco malfoy and hermione granger fanfics the fifth book[HP5], Hermione is staying draco/ hermione at Grimmauld Place, the headquarters of the Order of the Phoenix, with the Weasleys. When she and Ron draco/ hermione fan fiction are reunited emma watson  hermione with Harry, who is moody and temperamental after being confined to the Dursleys nearly all summer, he loses his temper, fanart hermione which causes Hermione to get rather tearful. Hermione tries to fanfiction what a witch needs draco hermione tutor Harry on how to interact with girls when Harry tries his ginny and hermione slash hand at a relationship with his long time crush Cho Chang - which ultimately ginny hermione angel series falls apart due to Harry's inability to handle Cho's harry & hermione couple web sites grief over Cedric Diggory's death and harry and hermione love Cho's misplaced jealousy towards Hermione.

Hermione becomes a prefect for Gryffindor. Hermione also continues S.P.E.W., harry and hermione together attempting to befriend Kreacher, the surly and malicious old house-elf who lives in Grimmauld Place, despite the elf's obvious hatred of her harry hermione ron harry hermione wedding by calling her a "Mudblood". She devotes her time and energy making clothes for the house-elves and putting them harry likes hermione in strategic locations, in the hopes harry love hermione of freeing the elves. The house-elves refuse to clean Gryffindor Tower because of this, and the task is left to Dobby.

Also, in Order of harry potter and hermione granger as adults fantasies the Phoenix, Luna Lovegood is introduced. She harry potter and hermione granger fan fiction is Hermione's complete opposite. She's "the anti-Hermione," Rowling says, "Hermione’s harry potter hermione granger blood so logical and inflexible in so many ways and Luna is likely harry potter hermione ron ginny to believe ten impossible things before breakfast." Still, though the two girls do not share harry potter hermione tie the same belief system, harry potter/harry and hermione they become friends and comrades-in-arms when Luna is one of the few to support Harry hermione and draco fanart by joining Dumbledore's Army (the D.A.) and aiding them hermione and ginny love during the climax of the book.

Hermione's capture and subsequent blackmail of Rita Skeeter proves useful when she persuades Harry to give an hermione and harry love interview stating hermione and malfoy the return of Lord Voldemort. Hermione also comes up with the idea of Dumbledore's Army. While Hermione is trying to convince hermione ball earrings Harry to start hermione comic the D.A., she finally says the name, "Voldemort", which is an admirable first for her. hermione flash During the D.A., Hermione conjures a corporeal Patronus in the shape of hermione geanger an otter (Rowling's favourite animal). She also protects the D.A. from hermione ginny fanfic lemon total betrayal (by Marietta Edgecombe, a member) by hexing its sign-up sheet; as a result of this, Marietta is (apparently) permanently hermione grainger slash disfigured by a hermione granger flash cluster of pustules on her face spelling 'Sneak': since this is still the case at the beginning hermione granger from harry potter and the goblet of fire of the Sixth Year, it is clear that Hermione has not as yet repealed hermione granger galleries her hex, and that presumably nobody hermione granger lemons else can. If this is the case, it stands as a testament to hermione granger school uniform Hermione's great magical prowess, but raises the question of why she has hermione granger severs snape romance not undone the hex (it is perhaps telling that she herself was horrified by the prospect of having hermione granger severus snape fan fiction one eye hermione granger slash perpetually bruised by a joke boxer's glove belonging to the Weasley twins in Half-Blood Prince).

Hagrid introduces Hermione and Harry to his giant hermione granger wand cheap half-brother, Grawp, and since Hagrid is being targeted by Umbridge because of his hermione granger, from harry potter turns eighteen loyalty to Dumbledore, he hermione granger, ron weasley, harry potter asks them to take care of Grawp if Umbridge somehow succeeds in getting rid of Hagrid himself. Hermione is hermione harry potter tie at toysrus initially very upset and angry with Hagrid over his request, feeling that Grawp hermione his balls is too much for the three of them to handle, but Grawp hermione hurt her leg proves unexpectedly useful later on when Hermione and Harry lead Umbridge into hermione is hot the Forbidden Forest. After Umbridge is carried away by the Centaurs, the hermione kissing snape Centaurs turn their attention to Hermione and hermione likes ron Harry and prepare to kill them, until Grawp comes stomping into hermione loves harry the situation looking for Hagrid, and his unexpected arrival allows Harry hermione menelaus enough time to escape with Hermione, who is so overcome with hermione norris pics fear by the situation that she breaks down shaking in tears.

She is involved in the hermione photoshop battle in the Department of Mysteries, in which she is massively injured by a curse hermione reconciliation ritual x rated story from the Death Eater Antonin Dolohov, but hermione ron fanart after taking ten types of potions a day, she makes a full hermione stories recovery.

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

The sixth book[HP6] marks a notable change in Hermione's hermione time turner necklace pendant character. As has hermione triangle of become customary, Hermione stays at the Burrow for much of the summer holidays, where she receives her hermione weasley music video brilliant O.W.L. results of nine "Outstandings" and one its my ankle hermione said "Exceeds Expectations" in Defence Against the Dark Arts (and is disappointed by this!). During her stay links of harry and hermione with the Weasleys, Hermione once again encounters Fleur Delacour, who is now engaged to Bill lohan hermione Weasley. Her dislike for malfoy and hermione Fleur, which initially manifested itself in the fourth book, deepens with more frequent exposure to her. Now she is not manga hermione alone in her dislike, as it is much about hermione apparent that both Mrs. Weasley and Ginny my ankle hurts hermione winced feel the same way, although the three dislike Fleur for different reasons (Mrs. Weasley no love for hermione feels that Fleur and Bill are rushing into their marriage, Ginny dislikes Fleur because she views her as spoiled and on snape hermione shippers narcissistic; while Hermione initially disliked her for those ron and hermione fanart reasons, and still does, Hermione now primarily ron hermione kiss me dislikes Fleur because Ron has an obvious crush on her).

Hermione continues her passion for her schoolwork in the sixth year, and is even ron weasly and hermione granger fan art invited by Professor Slughorn to severus and hermione wallpaper join his Slug Club due to her sexy pictures of emma watson hermione granger extraordinary talent at school. Even though Harry describes Hermione to Slughorn in an earlier encounter testicle hermione as "the best in our year", she is bested by Harry in what is hermione granger real name Potions (for the first time in that subject) due where does hermione granger live to the fact that he has access to the Half-Blood Prince's old textbook. Throughout the who plays hermione granger book, she becomes increasingly bitter at Harry's newfound success at Potions, especially will draco malfoy and hermione granger end up together since she comes to believe that the Half-Blood Prince will harry hermione fall in love is a suspicious character (in which she is eventually proved correct), and she considers Harry dishonest for using the book. Despite this, accidently in love- ron and hermione she still becomes a favourite of Slughorn's, and she is still the cartoons of hermione granger best in the year. When Harry hides cho hermione the Prince’s book to prevent its confiscation by costume hermione Snape, Harry's performance in Potions noticeably declines, demonstrating that Hermione is better at following the darkharry hermione standard instructions than Harry.

For the second time in their lives, Ron david bowie letter to hermione and Hermione have a serious falling out, which lasts for four chapters of the book. Although does harry potter and hermione granger kiss it looked like their relationship had been progressing to the point that they could draco and hermione having their baby have started dating, with Hermione draco and hermione love fanfics inviting Ron to be her date for Slughorn's Christmas party (albeit rather aggressively when he was mocking her for draco and hermione nc-17 fan fiction being a favourite of Slughorn and because draco hermione fan fiction he thinks she would prefer to be with Cormac MacLaggan), all goes amiss draco malfloy and hermione granger when Ron, during an argument with Ginny, learns that Hermione draco malfoy and hermione granger lemon had kissed Viktor Krum. This causes him to become jealous draco malfoy and hermione granger wallpaper and touchy, and angry at Hermione, who is upset and confused but oblivious of the reasons for his sudden draco maloy hermione love stories bitterness.

It also leads Ron to draco x hermione perform poorly on the Quidditch practice fields. After rejecting Ron's offer to resign from the team, Harry emma watson hermione tries to ameliorate the situation by pretending to spike Ron's drink with Felix Felicis, which emma watson, hermione granger allows Ron to overcome his usual lack fred weaselly and hermione granger sex stories of self-esteem and perform well, thus raising Harry's hope that Ron and fred wesely and hermione granger sex stories Hermione will forget their dispute in the midst of a friend of harry and hermione Gryffindor victory. Instead, Hermione accuses Harry of cheating, and when Harry reveals that he didn't actually george hermione spike the drink, Ron rejects Hermione for having no ginny hermione fanfic faith in his abilities (even though Ron thought Harry had spiked the juice, too) and he begins harry and hermione cions dating classmate Lavender Brown instead, which deeply saddens her and many harry and hermione fanfic other fans.

Following a failed attempt to make Ron jealous, a heartbroken Hermione harry and hermione love shrine decides to spend Christmas with her parents instead of with the Weasleys. During this time, it harry and hermione romance becomes clear that Hermione and Luna, while still harry carried a hurt hermione complete opposites in many ways, have come to a kind of mutual acceptance of each harry love hermione in book 7 other, as Luna at harry potter and hermione granger love one point comforts Hermione after Ron had been rude to her.

After the holidays, Hermione continues to ignore harry potter and the herpes from hermione Ron, only speaking to him when insulting him, but when he is poisoned, harry potter fan fics + snape and hermione she is desperately fearful for his life, and afterwards quietly reconciles with him. Lavender then becomes harry potter femslash rosmerta hermione harry potter gives hermione granger a flower jealously paranoid that Hermione is trying to steal Ron away from her. Lavender eventually breaks up with Ron when she sees him harry potter mature fanfic hermione and Hermione walking down the stairs harry potter stories ginny hermione angel series alone (they are actually accompanied by Harry, but he is covered hermione & ginny by his Invisibility Cloak) from the boys' dormitory a few weeks later. Both Ron hermione and draco lemon fanfics and Hermione are shown to have a spring hermione and halloween in their step after this turn of events.

Near the end of the book, at Harry's request, hermione and harry Hermione, Ron, Ginny, Neville and Luna (the only hermione and malfoy stories members of Dumbledore's Army who responded) are sent to patrol Hogwarts – specifically, to monitor Snape hermione and order of the pranksters and Malfoy. Their efforts half-succeed in that they are able to alert the members of the Order (who hermione and the grangers are also on patrol) about the hermione at hogwarts Death Eaters lurking in the castle, but they still fail to prevent Dumbledore's hermione at the burrow fan fiction defeat. They themselves just barely survive fighting the Death Eaters, thanks to the hermione at the yule ball Felix Felicis that Harry had given them.

At the end of the book, hermione at yule ball Ron is seen comforting Hermione hermione ball gown when she is crying uncontrollably at Dumbledore's funeral. When Harry announces his intentions to seek and hermione blue destroy Voldemort's Horcruxes, Hermione and Ron display their personal loyalty and tell Harry that they will stick with him wherever hermione breast he goes, even if it hermione clutched her ankle means leaving their beloved Hogwarts.

Harry Potter: Year Seven

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Based on her remarks at the end hermione draco the bachellor of Book 6, Hermione is planning to assist Harry in his search for the remaining Horcruxes hermione fakes and Voldemort. Nothing else hermione fanfic has been confirmed by Rowling.


  • A cat called Crookshanks.
  • Several different books involving different variations of magic.


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