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'Bio-panic' sees twice as many single women try for IVF babies 

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Record numbers of single women are embarking on motherhood without a lover, fearing they might end up childless if they wait for the "perfect" man.

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Abbott, others offer freebies in bid for diabetes market share 
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Abbott Laboratories' offer of free blood glucose meters and starter test strips to patients using Becton, Dickinson & Co.'s products is part of a scramble to capture part of the growing diabetes market.




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Classifications and external resources
ICD-10 N80..9

Endometriosis is a common medical condition affecting endometrosis an estimated 89 million women of reproductive age around the world. With endometriosis, tissue endimetriosis like that which lines the uterus (the endometrium, from endo, "inside", and endometriosos metra, "womb") is found outside endomertiosis the womb in other areas of the body. Normally, the endometrium is shed each month endemetriosis through menses; however, in endometriosis, the misplaced endometrium has no way of leaving the body. The tissues still edometriosis break down and endometiosis bleed, but the result is far different than in women and girls endometrisis without the disease: internal bleeding, degeneration of blood and andometriosis tissue shed from the growths, inflammation of the surrounding areas, and formation endometriois of scar tissue result. In addition, depending on the location of the growths, endomettriosis interference with the normal function of the bowel, bladder, intestines and other areas of the endometriosus pelvic cavity can occur. Endometriosis has also been found lodged in the skin, the lungs, the diaphragm enometriosis and even the endometriosi brain.


  • 1 Symptoms
  • 2 Epidemiology
  • 3 Causes
  • 4 Diagnosis
  • 5 Cause endometrisois of pain
  • 6 Treatments
  • 7 Infertility
    • 7.1 Treatment endometroisis of infertility
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A major symptom of endometriosis is pain, mostly endomeetriosis in the lower abdomen, lower back, and pelvic area. The amount endomitriosis of pain a woman feels endometriosis is not necessarily related to the extent or stage (1 through 4) of endometriosis. Some women will have little or no pain endometriosis stages despite having extensive endometriosis affecting what is endometriosis large areas or endometriosis with scarring. On the other hand, women may have severe pain ovarian cyst with endometriosis even though they have only a few small areas of endometriosis.

Symptoms of cul-de-sac pouch of douglas endometriosis endometriosis can include (but are not limited to):

  • Painful, sometimes disabling endometriosis with upper back and neck pain menstrual cramps (dysmenorrhea); pain may get worse over intestinal endometriosis time (progressive pain)
  • Chronic pain (typically lower back pain and pelvic pain, also abdominal)
  • Painful intercourse endometriosis recur after a total hysterectomy (dyspareunia)
  • Painful bowel movements or painful urination (dysuria)
  • Heavy menstrual periods (menorrhagia)
  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Premenstrual or intermenstrual spotting (bleeding mri endometriosis between periods)
  • Infertility and subfertility. Endometriosis may lead to fallopian tube endometriosis after hysterectomy obstruction. Even without this, there may be difficulty conceiving. In some women, subfertility is the sole symptom, and endometriosis eyes the endometriosis is only discovered endometriosis male after fertility investigations.

In addition, women who are diagnosed with endometriosis minimal endometriosis may have gastrointestinal symptoms that may mimic irritable bowel syndrome, as endometriosis pictures well as fatigue.

Patients who rupture an endometriotic cyst may present with an acute abdomen as a medical emergency. Endometriotic cysts in the endometriosis symtoms thoracic cavity hysterectomy due to endometriosis may cause some form of thoracic endometriosis syndrome, most often catamenial pneumothorax.


Endometriosis can affect laparoscopy for endometriosis any woman of reproductive age, from menarche (the symptons of endometriosis first period) to menopause, regardless of her race, ethnicity, whether or not she what are the symptoms of endometriosis has children or her socio-economic status. Most patients with endometriosis are in their 20s and dealing with endometriosis 30s. Endometriosis persists after menopause; sometimes, hormones taken for endometriosis with hysterectomy menopausal symptoms may cause the symptoms of endometriosis to continue. In very rare cases, girls may gynecologist specializing in endometriosis texas have endometriosis before they even reach menarche.[1][2]

Current estimates place the number of women with endometriosis between 5 nattokinase endometriosis % and 20 % of women of reproductive age. About 30 % to 40 % of women with endometriosis are infertile, making about endometriosis it one of the leading causes of infertility. However, endometriosis-related infertility is depo provera endometriosis often treated successfully with hormones and surgery. Some women do endometriosis after cesarean not find out that they have endometriosis until endometriosis and fertility they have trouble getting pregnant. While the presence of extensive endometriosis distorts pelvic rutgers endometriosis anatomy and thus explains infertility, the relationship between early or mild sciatic endometriosis endometriosis and infertility is less clear. The what is complex hyperplasia endometriosis relationship between endometriosis and infertility is an active area of research.

Early endometriosis typically occurs on the surfaces of organs a life shaped by pain: women and endometriosis in the pelvic and intraabdominal areas. Health adhesions on the ovary from endometriosis causing pain care providers may call areas of endometriosis by different names, such as implants, endometriosis and fertilaid lesions, or nodules. Larger lesions may be seen within endometriosis enyzmes the ovaries as endometriomas or chocolate cysts (They are termed chocolate because they contain a thick brownish fluid, mostly endometriosis treatment in st. louis old blood). Endometriosis may trigger inflammatory responses leading to scar formation and adhesions. inflamation of womb endometriosis Most endometriosis is found on living with lung and colon endometriosis structures in the pelvic cavity:

  • Ovaries
  • Fallopian tubes
  • The back of the uterus and the posterior culdesac
  • The front of the uterus and the ovarian adhesions caused by endometriosis anterior culdesac
  • Uterine ligaments such pictures of endometriosis as the broad or round ligament of the uterus
  • Intestines
  • Urinary bladder

Endometriosis may spread to the cervix and stage 4 endometriosis vagina or to sites of a surgical abdominal incision. In extremely rare cases, thoracic endometriosis endometriosis areas can grow in the lungs or other parts of endometrial ablation endometriosis the body.

Surgically, endometriosis can be staged I-IV ( Revised Classification of the American endometriosis adhesions Society of Reproductive Medicine).


While the exact cause of endometriosis remains unknown, endometriosis alternative medicine many theories have been presented to explain endometriosis and hysterectomy its development. These concepts do not necessarily exclude each other.

  1. Endometriosis is an estrogen-dependent condition, as it is endometriosis biopsy seen during the reproductive years and generally disappears after menopause. In experimental models, estrogen is necessary endometriosis dizziness to induce or endometriosis specialist in st. louis maintain endometriosis. Medical therapy is often aimed at lowering estrogen levels to control the disease. However, the current lupron endometriosis research into Aromatase, an estrogen-synthesizing enzyme produced malignant endometriosis by the implants themselves, has provided evidence as to why and how the philadelphia and endometriosis and specialists disease persists after menopause and hysterectomy.
  2. "Retrograde menstruation", by rectus abdominis endometriosis which some of the menstrual debris from the period flows into the pelvis, may play an stories of endometriosis important role (John A. Sampson). While most women may have some retrograde menstrual flow, typically symtoms of endometriosis their immune system is able what are the odds of getting pregnant with endometriosis to clear the debris and prevents implantation and growth of cells from this occurrence. However, cures for endometriosis in some patients, endometrial tissue transplanted by retrograde menstruation is able to implant and electrosensitivity endometriosis establish itself as endometriosis. Factors that might cause the tissue to grow in endometriosis and constipation some women, but not in others, need to be studied, and some of the possible causes below endometriosis and mri and ct may provide some explanation, i.e. hereditary factors, toxins, or a compromised immune endometriosis cysts in the ovaries system. It can be argued that the uninterrupted endometriosis of the diaphragm occurrence of regular menstruation over decades month after month is a endometriosis of the uterus modern phenomenon, as in the past women endometriosis post hysterectomy had more frequent menstrual rest due to pregnancy or lactation.
  3. A competing endometriosis surgically removing uterus lining theory suggests that endometriosis does not represent transplanted endometrium but starts de novo from local stem cells. This process endometriosis turn to cancer has been referred to as coelomic metaplasia. Triggers of various kind (including menses, toxins, or endometriosis zoladex immune factors) may be necessary to start this process.
  4. Hereditary factors fibromyalgia and endometriosis play a role. It is well recognized that daughters or sisters of patients foods to avoid with endometriosis with endometriosis are at higher risk to develop endometriosis themselves. gynecologist endometriosis austin A recent study (2005) published in the American Journal of Human Genetics found a link gynecologist specializing in endometriosis louisiana between endometriosis and chromosome homeopathy and endometriosis 10q26.[3] One study found that, in female siblings of patients hysterectomy endometriosis with endometriosis the relative risk of endometriosis is 5.7:1 versus a control population.[4]
  5. It is accepted that in specific patients endometriosis can spread directly. Thus endometriosis has been found in abdominal loestrin and endometriosis incisional scars after surgery for endometriosis.
  6. On rare occasions endometriosis may be transplanted malpractice endometriosis bowel perforation obstruction by blood or by the lymphatic system into peripheral migraine headaches depo lupron endometriosis organs (i.e. lungs, brain).
  7. Recent research is focusing on the immune system ovarian endometriosis that may not be able to cope with the cyclic onslaught of retrograde menstrual fluid. In personal stories of endometriosis this context there is interest to study relationship to autoimmune disease, allergy reactions, physician gynecologist specializing in endometriosis texas and the impact treating endometriosis of toxins.

Another area of research is the search for endometriosis markers. These ultrasound effectivness endometriosis markers are substances made by or in response to endometriosis that health care what are the long term effects of untreated endometriosis providers can measure in the blood or urine. If markers are found, health what vitamin is good for endometriosis care providers could diagnose endometriosis by testing a woman's blood or urine, which might reduce will hysterectomy and oophorectomy cure endometriosis the need for surgery. CA125 is known to be elevated in many patients with endometriosis, but ablation of endometriosis not specifically indicative of endometriosis.


A history and a physical examination dealing with infertility and endometriosis can in many patients lead the physician to suspect the diagnosis.

Use of imaging tests may identify larger depo subq provera 104 and endometriosis endometriotic areas, such as nodules or endometriotic cysts. donor egg endometriosis The two most common imaging tests are ultrasound and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI). Normal results on these tests do not eliminate the possibility endometrioses of endometriosis - areas of endometriosis after hysterectomony endometriosis are often too small to be seen by these tests.

The only sure way to confirm an endometriosis and fibroid cyst endometriosis diagnosis is by laparoscopy; also known as bandaid endometriosis and ivf success or keyhole surgery. The diagnosis is based on the characteristic appearance of endometriosis and mri scan the disease, if necessary corroborated by a biopsy. Laparoscopy also allows for surgical treatment of endometriosis and ovarian cyst endometriosis.

Generally endometriosis-directed drug therapy endometriosis coffee (other than the oral contraceptive pill) is utilized after a confirmed surgical diagnosis of endometriosis.

Cause of pain

The way endometriosis causes pain is the topic of much research. endometriosis general Because many women with endometriosis endometriosis hodgkins feel pain during or related to their periods and may spill further menstrual flow endometriosis hysterectomy into the pelvis with each menstruation, some researchers are trying to reduce menstrual events in patients endometriosis integration with endometriosis.

Endometrial tissue reacts to hormonal stimulation and may "bleed" endometriosis laparoscopy at time of menstruation. It accumulates locally, causes swelling, and triggers inflammatory responses endometriosis lapropscopic sugery with activation of cytokines. It is thought that this process may lead to pain perception.


Currently, there endometriosis lupron is no cure for endometriosis migraine birth controlpills endometriosis, though in some patients menopause (natural or surgical) will abate the process. endometriosis mri Nevertheless, a hysterectomy or removal of the ovaries will not guarantee that the endometriosis endometriosis night sweats areas and/or the symptoms of endometriosis will not come back. However, endometriosis can be effectively managed endometriosis not better with the pill in a large majority of endometriosis of dudenium patients. Conservative treatments usually try to address pain or infertility issues.

The treatments for endometriosis pain endometriosis of the spine include:

  • NSAIDs and other pain medication: They endometriosis polyps often work quite well as they not only reduce pain but also menstrual flow. They are commonly used endometriosis preexisting condition in conjunction with other therapy. For more severe cases narcotic prescription drugs may have to be endometriosis support groups used.
  • Gonadotropin Releasing Hormone (GnRH) Agonist: These agents work endometriosis type iii by increasing the levels of GnRH. Consistent stimulation femara endometriosis of the GnRH receptors results in downregulation. This causes a decrease in FSH and LH, thereby decreasing estrogen and testosterone gloria ryder endometriosis levels
  • Hormone suppression therapy: This approach tries to reduce or eliminate menstrual flow and estrogen how is sciatic endometriosis diagnosed support. Typically, laproscopy to diagnose endometriosis it needs to be done for several months or even years.
    • Progesterone or Progestins: microwave oblation of endometriosis Progesterone counteracts estrogen and inhibits the growth of the endometrium. mitral valve prolapse endometriosis Such therapy can reduce or eliminate menstruation in a controlled and reversible ovarian cyst endometriosis fashion. Progestins are chemical variants of natural progesterone.
    • Avoiding products with xenoestrogens, which have a similar effect to naturally produced picture endometriosis or fibroids estrogen and can increase growth of the endometrium.
    • Continuous birth control pills consists of the use of remifemin endometriosis birth control pills without the use of placebo signs of endometriosis pills. This eliminates monthly bleeding episodes.
    • Danazol (Danocrine) stage 3 endometriosis and gestrinone are a suppressive steroids with some androgenic activity. Both agents inhibits the growth of endometriosis but their stages of endometriosis use remains limited as they may cause hirsutism. There has been some research stem cell research and endometriosis done at Case Western Reserve University on a topical Danocrine, support group for women with endometriosis applied locally, which has not produced the thomas hilgers endometriosis research hirsutism characteristics. The study has not yet been published in a medical journal.
    • Gonadotropin releasing hormone agonists (GnRH agonists) induce a treating endometriosis at home profound hypoestrogenism by decreasing FSH and LH levels. While quite effective, ultrasound image of endometriosis they induce menopausal symptoms, and over time may lead to osteoporosis. To unilateral oophorectomy and endometriosis counteract such side effects what is the treatment for endometriosis some estrogen may have to be given back (add-back therapy).
    • Aromatase inhibitors are medications what percentage of women with endometriosis get lupus that block the formation of estrogen and have become of interest for researchers who are treating endometriosis.[5]
  • Surgical treatment is usually a good choice if abdomen and mri and blood vessels and endometriosis and ct endometriosis is extensive, or very painful. Surgical treatments range from minor to major surgical alternative medicine for treatment of endometriosis procedures.
    • Laparoscopy is very useful not only to best endometriosis doctors and research diagnose endometriosis, but to treat it. With the use of scissors, cautery, can i get pregnant with endometriosis lasers, hydrodissection, or a sonic scalpel, endometriotic tissue can be ablated or removed in an attempt to restore normal anatomy.
    • Laparotomy can carcinoma de celulas claras asociado a endometriosis be used for more extensive surgery either in attempt careful of lupron drug millican endometriosis fda to restore normal anatomy, or at least colonoscopy detect endometriosis preserve reproductive potential.
    • The definitive treatment for endometriosis is a total hysterectomy (removal of colonrectal endometriosis the uterus and surrounding tissue) and bilateral salpingoophorectomy (removal of the uterine tubes and diagnosing endometriosis ovaries).
    • For patients with extreme pain, a presacral neurectomy may be indicated where the nerves to dimm endometriosis the uterus are cut.
  • A variety of alternative treatments are emedicine endometriosis being used in patients with endometriosis, including acupuncture and endometriosis + cancer nutrition.


Endometriosis is associated with a lowered fertility and is the second leading cause of infertility in endometriosis ablation females that ovulate normally (the leading cause is pelvic inflammatory disease).

Treatment of infertility

Laparoscopy to remove or vaporize the growths endometriosis after hysterectomy texas in women who have mild or minimal endometriosis is effective in improving fertility. One study has shown endometriosis and adenosis that surgical treatment of endometriosis approximately doubles the fecundity (pregnancy rate).[6]

In patients with endometriosis and endometrial sticking organs small amounts of endometriosis treatment with fertility medication clomiphene may lead to success.

In-vitro fertilization (IVF) procedures are effective in improving endometriosis and feeding tubes fertility in many women with endometriosis. IVF makes it endometriosis and homeopathy possible to combine sperm and eggs in a laboratory endometriosis and ivf failure and then place the resulting embryos into the woman's uterus. IVF is one type of endometriosis and lupus assisted reproductive technology that may be an option for women endometriosis and male and families affected by infertility related to endometriosis.

Relation to cancer

Endometriosis is not the same as endometrial endometriosis and nausea cancer. Current research has not demonstrated an association between endometriosis and endometrial, cervical, uterine, or ovarian cancers. In endometriosis and ovarian cancer very rare cases ( much less endometriosis and uterine fibroids than one percent), endometriosis is seen with endometrioid cancer, but there is no evidence of a causal role between one and the other. endometriosis center of chicago,il Endometriosis often coexists with leiomyoma or adenomyosis.


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