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Scientists Reveal Eating Junk Food During Pregnancy Could Up Obesity Risk 

Medical News Today - Oct 08 12:11 AM
Recent research by the Royal Veterinary College (RVC), London, indicates that mothers who eat junk food during pregnancy may raise the chance of having obese offspring that are at risk of developing diabetes. [click link for full article]

Saturday October 7, 2006 
The New Zealand Herald - Oct 06 6:34 PM
It is one of the most hotly debated topics in pregnancy and early motherhood. Does breast feeding boost a baby's intelligence?

Junk food during pregnancy increases offspring's obesity risk: research 
People's Daily - Oct 06 12:56 AM
A research project by British scientists shows that mothers who eat junk food during pregnancy may raise their chances of having obese offspring who would be at risk of developing diabetes.

Exercise during pregnancy offers benefits for the mother and baby 
Detroit News - Oct 05 6:42 AM
B ack in the days when pregnancy was called "confinement," that's exactly what the term implied: a woman sequestered, cosseted and discouraged from any activity until a baby appeared.

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Obstetrical hemorrhage
ICD-10 O20, O46, O67, O72

Obstetrical hemorrhage refers to heavy bleeding during pregnancy, early pregnacy labor, or the puerperium. Bleeding may be vaginal and external, or , less common but dangerous, early pregancy internal, into the abdominal cavity. early signs of pregnancy Typically bleeding is related to the pregnancy itself, but some forms of bleeding early pregnancy symptoms are caused by other events. Obstetrical hemorrhage is a major cause of maternal mortality.


  • 1 Early pregnancy bleeding
  • 2 Late early pregnancy pregnancy bleeding
  • 3 Bleeding during labor
  • 4 After delivery very early symptoms of pregnancy (Postpartum)
  • 5 Unrelated bleeding
  • 6 Management
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Early pregnancy early symptoms of pregnancy bleeding

The most early pregnancy test common bleeding event is the loss of a pregnancy, a miscarriage, medically also called an abortion. Bleeding from an early very early pregnancy signs miscarriages may be similar to that of a heavy menstruation, but later on, discharge a sign of early pregnancy a pregnancy loss may be accompanied but early pregnancy tests excessive or prolonged bleeding. A physician may propose to perform a signs of early pregnancy D&C for treatment. An ectopic pregnancy may lead to bleeding, often internally, that could be very early pregnancy symptoms cramping fatal if untreated.

Late pregnancy bleeding

The primary consideration is the presence of a placenta previa, hcg levels in early pregnancy a condition that usually needs to be resolved by delivering the baby via cesarian section. cramping in early pregnancy Also a placental abruption can lead symptoms of early pregnancy to obstetrical hemorrhage, some times concealed.

Bleeding during labor

Beside placenta previa and placental abruption, uterine rupture can occur as a very serious condition leading bleeding during early pregnancy to internal or external bleeding. Bleeding from the fetus is rare, usually cramping early signs of pregnancy not heavy, but always very serious for the baby.

After delivery (Postpartum)

Trauma from very early pregnancy symptoms the delivery may tear tissue and bleeding in early pregnancy vessels leading to significant postpartum bleeding. Uterine atony refers to spotting during early pregnancy the inability of the uterus to contract and will lead to continuous bleeding. Retained placental tissue and early stages of pregnancy infection may contribute to uterine atony.

Unrelated bleeding

Pregnant patients may have bleeding from the reproductive early pregnancy testing tract due to trauma, ept early pregnancy test including sexual assault, neoplasm, most commonly cervical cancer, and hematologic disorders.


The success of modern obstetrics is based to a spotting in early pregnancy good degree on the ability to recognize risk patients for obstetrical hemorrhage and their appropriate cramps during early pregnancy management. Key in this early pregnancy cramping are methods of examination, including obstetric ultrasonography, surgical obstetrics, blood transfusion, and pharmacological support.

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