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Steinbrenner labels Yanks 'sad failure' 

AP via Yahoo! News - Oct 08 11:59 AM
Yankees owner George Steinbrenner said he was "deeply disappointed" at his team's elimination in the first round of the AL playoffs, calling it a "sad failure."

Yankees a `Sad Failure' for Losing to Tigers, Steinbrenner Says - Oct 08 12:46 PM
Oct. 8 (Bloomberg) -- New York Yankees owner George Steinbrenner said losing in the first round of baseball's playoffs was a ``sad failure'' and suggested he would make changes to help the club win another world championship.

Steinbrenner Labels Yanks 'Sad Failure' 
ABC News - Oct 08 12:26 PM
'Deeply Disappointed' George Steinbrenner Labels Yankees 'Sad Failure' in Playoffs Loss

Steinbrenner labels Yankees 'sad failure' 
Fox Sports - Oct 08 12:00 PM
Yankees owner George Steinbrenner said he was "deeply disappointed" at his team's elimination in the first round of the AL playoffs, calling it a "sad failure." New York was heavily favored in its series against the Detroit Tigers and won Tuesday's opener 8-4. The Tigers then won 4-3 at Yankee Stadium on Thursday, and swept two games in Detroit, 6-0 Friday and 8-3 Saturday.




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Seasonal affective disorder, or SAD, also known as winter depression is an affective, or mood disorder. Most SAD sufferers experience normal mental health dad throughout most of the year, but experience depressive sas symptoms in the winter or summer. SAD is rare, if existent at all, in the tropics, but asd is measurably present at latitudes of ad 30°N (or S) and higher.


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Seasonal mood variations are believed to be related mostly to daylight, not ssd temperature. For this reason, SAD is prevalent even in sda mid-latitude places with mild winters, such as Seattle and Vancouver. People who live saf in the Arctic region are especially susceptible due to sab the effects of polar nights. Prolonged periods of overcast weather can also exacerbate SAD. SAD saad is a serious disorder, sometimes triggering dysthymia sadd or clinical depression. It may require hospitalization.

Norman Rosenthal, MD, pioneer in SAD research, has estimated that the prevalence sbd of SAD in the adult US population is between aad 1.4 percent (in Florida) and 9.7 percent (in New Hampshire).

Various etiologies have ssad been suggested.[1] One possibility is that SAD is related szd to a lack of serotonin and that exposure to full-spectrum artificial light may improve the sad condition by stimulating serotonin production, although this has been disputed.[2],[3] Another theory is sad songs that melatonin produced in the pineal gland is the primary sad poems cause,[4],[5] since there are direct connections between the retina and the pineal sad face gland. sad love quotes Some studies show that melatonin levels do not appear to differ between those love and sad poems with and without SAD. However, mice incapable of synthesizing melatonin appear to express "depression-like" behaviors[6],[7] and melatonin receptor sad music ligands produce antidepressant-like effect in mice[8]. Light therapy appears to be effective in treating SAD, but the exact mechanism of sad love poems the effect is still unknown.

Although Dr. sad anime Rosenthal first called this disorder "winter blues", this term is more often used to describe something felt sad quotes by a greater number during the winter. This blue feeling can usually be dampened or sad faces extinguished sad angel by exercise and increased outdoor activity, particularly on sunny days, resulting in sad love songs increased solar exposure. (Most people get less outdoor exercise during the winter.) Connections between human mood, as well as energy levels, sad statue and the seasons are well-documented, even in healthy sad song individuals. Particularly in high latitudes (50°N or S) sad eyes it is common for people to experience lower energy levels during the winter.


A number of treatments exist for SAD. sad poetry These include light therapies, medication, sad puppy ionized-air reception and cognitive therapy.

Treatments using light are the most common, and of these sad people bright-light therapies tend to be the treatment of choicecitation needed]. The use of a bright light-box is the most effective, sad song lyrics leading to around 85% success rates [9]. A sad fairy specially designed light, many times brighter sad pictures than normal office lighting, is placed near the sufferer. It hindi sad diamonds should provide a dose of 10,000 lux, and be used for 30-60 minutes sad clown daily. The sufferer should remain within sight of the light-box, with their eyes open sad piano and unshielded, but not directly staring at the lights. The best time to administer light system of a down sad statue therapy is still a matter of debate, though use in sad light therapy the morning has been suggested to mimic the effects of normal dawn on the patient. sad love story In fact, some studies have shown dawn simulation to be as effective as breaking up sad love quotes bright lights in treating SAD. [10] Light therapy may take several weeks sad songs list to take full effect though some sad stories improvement should be noted within a week. It should be continued best sad songs until natural daily light exposure becomes sufficient, usually during springcitation needed].

If light therapy has little or no sad dog effect, medication can used as an additional treatment when prescribed. Selective sad man serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs) have proven effective in treating SAD. Examples of these antidepressants are fluoxetine (Prozac), sad icons sertraline (Zoloft, sad death songs Lustral), or paroxetine (Paxil). [11] Bupropion (Wellbutrin XL), an antidepressant of the aminoketone sad woman class, is also effective. [12] Fluoxetine does not another sad love song appear to be any more effective than light therapy in direct head-to-head trials.[13]

Studies by Michael Terman show the benefit top sad songs of negative air ionization, sad angels where people passively receive charged particles from an electronic device. [14]. In addition, recent studies of University of Vermont sad violin psychologist Kelly Rohan showed that cognitive therapy can relieve the symptoms of SAD. naruto sad [15]


Winter depression (or winter blues) is a common slump in the mood of Scandinavians. Doctors estimate sad cartoons that about 20% of all sad person Swedes are affected, and it seems to be hereditary. sad fairies It was first described by the 6th century Goth scholar Jordanes in his Getica where sad country songs he described the inhabitants of Scandza (Scandinavia).citation needed]

In the sad songs album USA the diagnosis of seasonal affective disorder was first proposed by Norman E. Rosenthal, anime sad MD sad art in 1984. Rosenthal wondered why he became muggish during the winter after moving from sunny South Africa to New gangster sad love poems York. He started experimenting increasing exposure to artificial top sad song light, and found this made a difference.

SAD and Bipolar i want to hear you sad Disorder

Most people with SAD experience unipolar depression, but as many as 20% may have or go on to develop a oasis sad song bipolar or manic-depressive disorder. [1]

Famous sufferers

Famous sufferers of SAD sad backgrounds include Miriam Taffel, renowned for her work in the fields of psychology and intelligent sad friendship quotes systems.

Jillian Barberie of Good Day sad tango L.A. has mentioned during the program that she suffered from SAD when she sad poem lived in Ontario, Canada.

Johnny Briggs, who played Mike Baldwin in Coronation Street, also suffers from sad classical music SAD.

Musician Rick Strom has credited his most creative sad girls periods to SAD.

Norman E. Rosenthal, MD, first sad lights researcher into the effect of light upon mood.

Natalie Imbruglia, famous australian singer, suffered from sad break up love quotes SAD during a longer stay in London, England.[16]

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