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Dope testing done properly, says Dr. Mendis 

Daily News - Oct 08 1:39 PM
DOPING: The Jani Chathurangani Silva dope test hearing will resume at the National Sports Medicine Institute, Mailtland Place this morning.

Artist: Zion I & The Grouch Title: Heroes In The City Of Dope Rating: Reviewed by: Kathy Iandoli - Oct 08 7:01 PM
The California independent Hip-Hop scene has been seriously slept on since the dawn of its inception. Whether inhaling the THC-induced sounds of the Bay Area or improving your swagger to the rugged LA street beats, Cali is a force to be reckoned with when it comes to gifted MC's.

50 Cent Gives Ciara The 'Flavor' She's Looking For 
Vh1 - Oct 09 3:37 AM
After recording a song called "Dope Boys" for her forthcoming second album, Ciara felt it needed "some kind of flavor." So she brought one of the dopest boys in the game.

Churchill's great-grandson held in million-pound dope scam 
New Kerala - 43 minutes ago
London, Oct 9 : War time British Premier Winston Churchill's great grandson has been accused of being the kingpin behind a five million-pound ecstasy operation, and is facing life in Sydney's Parklea Jail.




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Dope may refer to:

  • Dope, slang doe for a stupid person; see Stupidity
  • Dope, street slang for something good, cope nice or "cool".
  • Dope, slang for heroin, methamphetamine, or cannabis, dpe depending on region.
  • Dope, in aeronautics, slang for a varnish used to waterproof, strengthen, etc. dop (So called because solvent fumes from the varnish affected the workers applying it.)
  • DopĂ©, a style of Ivorian ope popular music
  • Dope, an industrial rock band based in Chicago
  • Dope, slang for information
  • Dope, (Data On Personal dobe Equipment) windage and elevation settings for a particular rifle dopa and ammo
  • You may be looking for Doping dape (semiconductors)
  • You may be looking for Doping (sport)
  • Or the Straight Dope
  • Dopefish - sope a type of fish used as an in-joke in the Commander fope Keen universe and games made after.
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