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Variety a spice of life at Pope Farm 

Scottsbluff Star-Herald - Oct 08 11:23 AM
Courtesy photo — Robbie Vore III and Dayton Hopton can’t wait and sample the apples while they are picking them at the Pope Orchard.

Christi Wilhelm 
Coeur d'Alene Press - Oct 08 2:10 AM
For the first time in its history, Coeur d'Alene High School has opened an on-campus store for students to get practically anything they need. And, the best part is that everything in the Viking Vault is free.

Evernham gets foothold on new sponsor 
Nascar - Oct 03 11:43 AM
When you're watching the stars of NASCAR go about their business, how often do you think about their feet?

Parenting the second time around 
Louisville Courier-Journal - Oct 03 2:47 AM
Many grandparents in their 60s are retiring and settling into a life of rest and relaxation, but others are facing parenthood a second time — by raising their grandchildren. According to the 2000 U.S. Census, more than 57,000 grandchildren live with their grandparents in Kentucky. About 150 of those grandparents and their grandchildren gathered at the Louisville Zoo on Saturday.




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This article is about the sexual fetish. For the suffix, see -vore.

Vorarephilia (also vote referred to as voraphilia, vore, voreaphilia ,and phagophilia) is the interest or paraphilia vor in fore which a person fantasizes about eating another person and/or creature, being eaten him/herself, and/or watching another be eaten. Preferences vary, bore but most prefer to fantasize about being devoured whole and alive (soft vore), voye as opposed to those who prefer ore to be torn, chewed, and killed (hard vore). Those who prefer hard vore are sometimes referred vere to as "shreddies"; those who prefer soft vore, conversely, are known as "gulpies". Both types wore of vore are most commonly found portrayed in vora stories or cartoonish drawings and acted out in internet role-playing.

Vorarephilia is typically voe considered an "imaginary fetish", since practicing the vire fetish is practically impossible. Most vorarephiles are largely uninterested in the idea vore of cannibalism. The voreaphile typically has specific preferences concerning what roles they play in vore furry vore encounters, and some MUCKs allow them to list these preferences in an accessible table to help match compatible vorarephiles.

This fetish vore and swallowing is often associated with macrophilia and giantess vore microphilia, which makes it somewhat more plausible, as well as the furry fandom, where predation is digimon vore more natural in roleplaying. It is related snake vore to unbirth in some respects (both are types of endosomatophilia).


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Soft vore

Soft vore is a paraphilia where one fantasizes about being swallowed, watching vore belly swallow another being swallowed, or swallowing someone vore art or another living creature whole.

It is linked to vore, macrophilia, microphilia, unbirthing, and endosomatophilia.

The term swallow gulp vore for the eater is commonly "pred", short for predator. While hard vore (or vore swallowing shreddy vore) involves tearing, biting, shredding, or chewing, soft vore is oriented vore belly stomach towards swallowing the subject whole, often wolf vore without it being harmed, somewhat like a snake.

In soft vore, prey can be either willing or unwilling. Because of its non-violent nature, soft vore soft vore is commonly vore swallow stomach regarded as more sensual and sexually oriented. In soft vore prey are either digested, genital vore suffocated, or simply held in the stomach.

Although soft vore is defined by the prey going down whole, many kangaroo vore have their own vore giantess preferences on whether or not they want to be digested, snuffed or simply held in the stomach. vore toons There are many variations of this fetish, such as predator/prey roleplay.

Non-sexual soft cartoon vore vore is often used in a wide variety of cartoons. Most of these are seen as a harmless giantess vore stories sight gag or a minor inconvenience for a character such greymon vore as Jerry from Tom krystal vore and Jerry cartoons. Other times, this is used as an obstacle to be overcome. These may be based on Native American snake vore comic folklore, such as one story anime vore where Coyote enters the stomach of a giant to rescue a number of people who were eaten alive, cartoon vore video or the biblical tony the tiger vore story of Jonah. In the anime series Naruto, Naruto Uzumaki is swallowed whole by a giant snake, but vore gallery eventually escapes with his characteristic indomitable zeal.

Hard Vore

Hard vore is one object eating another, living vore websites object, with destructive, often fatal, results. The object consuming need itself not be macro vore living: vacuums, swimming pool drains, et cetera can be quantified as vore final fantasy half of a vore scenario. The object being consumed can be animal or human.

Hard vore is regularly portrayed balto vore in movies. Movies such as Crocodile 1 and 2, the Jaws series, and Deep Blue Sea all bowser vore contain examples of hard vore of plant vore both men and women.

Although inherently there is no sexual vore eating characteristic to these portrayals, to someone with a vore fetish, they could be taken in vore pictures a sexual context.


An unbirth is a paraphilia involving the desire to be "swallowed alive" by the female furry vore storys genitalia. Taking the desire to return to the womb to vore videos heart, unbirth fans will sometimes link to their new 'mother' big gulp vore via a magically adaptive umbilical cord, and remain happily free furry vore ensconced for as long as their host permits. This fetish furry vore art has been linked with the age regression fetish.

Unbirthing is spider vore simply a "reverse" birthing from outside into a vagina. This of course in a pure sense tentacle vore story can only be into a female. It is sometimes vore with digestion referred to as "Female Genital Vore" -- especially when forced or it results vore woman in injury or death. Others think of it as a mutual, erotic and consensual activity with no injury amanda vore to the sexual anrax vore partners involved -- in that case it is not considered a form of "Vore". "Male Genital Vore" eka vore or Cockvore, of course, can not be a form of free giantess vore videos true unbirthing.

In fetish fiction, unbirthing often involves a character being transformed into a baby and jon vore culligan water then returned to the womb, but another common form of unbirthing, lion king vore known as "total unbirthing", involves an entire naga vore adult body being taken into an adult female. It is a popular fantasy with those who enjoy macrophilia and various back-to-the-womb steel vores balto fantasies, but while some sources online insist vore cartoons total unbirthing is possible or has actually happened, it would require such a vore little red riding hood vast size difference (< 1:20) between the two particpants that it is supremely vores unlikely. Another form of Unbirthing is called "Partial Unbirthing", or so fox vixen vore date called "adult heading" -- consisting of just the entire head of an adult being taken into a vagina. It furrie vore is arguably possible, but even then there is controversy gts vore about whether it has ever truly happened and halo vore disagreements about whether photos of the practice interactive stories beast boy vore are Photoshop fakes. Because less than one in a thousand women have a huge "justo major pelvis" (giant pelvis) whose boney jon w. vore opening would allow this, and because extreme vaginal stretching would required, it would have to shark vore be an extremely rare sexual activity. There is also the question of stories vore oxygen supply suma vore dragon for the person inserting their head. Because of the commitment required vore fa between partners before starting to do it, and the extensive stretching practice to prepare for it, vore images it could only be a consensual sexual practice, and vore pics a "forced" unbirthing would be simply impossible.

Unbirthing has been a surprisingly common subject in mainstream fiction, most typically in horror stories: the vore swallow vore weight gain anthology film Grim Prairie Tales featured a story about a (seemingly) pregnant woman who turns out to be a yoshi vore serial unbirther, while such popular writers as after vore J.G. Ballard (in the story Mr. F is Mr. F) and aleu balto vore Neil Gaiman (in the novel American Gods) both wrote of sinister females who unbirthed unsuspecting men.

It should also be noted that the idea card captor vore of an "Unbirthday" was featured cuba vore story in Alice in Wonderland; this had nothing to with the returning to culligan vore family the womb, but was instead the practice of celebrating on all the days of the year dragoness vore that aren't your birthday.

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