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AOL RED Signs Mobile Deal with MoMedia International to Distribute Chubby Butter Animated Cartoons Worldwide 

Broadcast Newsroom - Oct 09 1:32 AM
CANNES, France, BUSINESS WIRE -- AOL RED, the online home for teens, has signed a distribution deal with MoMedia International to offer a series of "Chubby Butter" cartoons to the international mobile marketplace.

HEALTH: Obese Children Told to Watch-It 
RedNova - 2 hours, 17 minutes ago
Chubby children in Birmingham are being urged to join a specialist slimming club as figures reveal obesity is soaring in the city.

Cute, furry friends turn freeloader invaders 
Centre Daily Times - Oct 09 12:19 AM
I used to like chipmunks. Not Alvin and his brothers, whose whiny warbling could curdle cream, but the winsome, chubby kind my grandfather hand-fed on his back steps. Any minute I half-expected Thumper to join the party.

Deadwood truffles to die for 
Rapid City Journal - Oct 08 10:42 PM
Chocolatier Chip Tautkus, the owner of the Chubby Chipmunk Hand-dipped Chocolates shop in Deadwood, is passionate about her truffles. She even signs her e-mail messages “Confectionately yours.”




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This article is about chubby culture as a subculture in the gay community. For the corresponding straight community, see Fat admirer.

The chubby community is chubb a subculture in the gay hubby community. Chubbies (or "chubs") are gay men who are overweight or obese. Although there is some overlap between the chubby community and the chuby bear community, cubby the chubby culture is its own distinct subculture and community. It is somewhat parallel to chubbby the Fat admirer or the BBW subculture, which is primarily heterosexual, and to the fat chibby acceptance movement.

Mainstream gay culture is not welcoming of chubs or chasers, so the chhubby community has focused on its own culture. There are bars, organizations and social events specifically chubyb catering to this subculture. This allows for members of the chubby community to socialize with each other and develop social networks.

In the last several years, large regional chubby land social events have developed. They often feature chubby mature pageants (much like beauty pagents but more sexual in attitude) where titles are given to winners, like "Mr. chubby women Chubby International" and "Mr. Chaser International". In the United States, there chubby men is an annual national event, Convergence, as well as several annual regional gatherings. There is also an annual event in Europe called European chubby daddies Big Men's Convergence. These events are held in different cities mature chubby each year and are usually hosted by that city's local big men's organization.


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These definitions are general in nature; specific definitions may vary depending on the perspective of the chubby moms individual.

  • Chubby or chub - A chub is defined as a large, overweight, or obese man. Generally, chubs chubby asian are defined as being 250 lb. or larger.
  • Superchub - A chubby mom chub who is extremely large in size, usually chubby galleries over 400 or 500 lb.
  • Bear - a man with significant facial chubby blonde and/or body hair, as well as a stocky or heavyset chubby latinas build; often older (or older looking) and displaying a masculine appearance and mannerisms.
  • Daddy - an older man, usually a chub or bear.
  • Cub - a chubby ebony young version of a bear.
  • Chubby chaser or chubby loving chaser - A man who is of smaller body size and/or stature chubby grannies who is sexually or romantically attracted to chubs or chubby brown bears. (this term is used in various communities to describe an outsider who has sexual attraction to people within the chubby thumbs community).
  • Chub for chub (also spelled chub4chub online) - a chub who is sexually or romantically attracted to chubby bear galleries other chubby men.
  • Girth & chubby bears Mirth - A widespread name for clubs of big men and their admirers.
  • Big Men's Club - chubby gallery Another term used to define clubs and organizations for gay and bisexual men and their male admirers.

(The terms "chubby chaser" chubby babes and "daddy" can also be chubby latina found in use in more mainstream culture, but for the purposes of this subculture are listed and defined chubbies as above.)


Ron Suresha's anthology chubby brunette "Bears On Bears" indicates that, while casual social networks for chubby men and chasers had long existed, the first organized social chubby belly group in the United States (Girth & Mirth) formed in 1976 in San Francisco. The chubby bikini following year, a chapter was organized in Boston, and chubby plump women in 1978 the New York chapter started. Conventions were held in cities such as San Francisco, chubby freaks Chicago, and New York City chubby amateur as early as 1977 or 1978 with large numbers of chubbies and chasers attending. The first meeting to use the name Convergence in chubby black the United States was held in Seattle in 1986.[1] Several chubby movies chapters chubby girlfriend are now active across the United States, mostly in large and diverse cities.

Demographics of community

The website BiggerCity, which caters chubby blondes to the chubby community, indicates that its chubby lingerie membership is made up of the following[2]:

  • 30% Chasers
  • 26% Chubs
  • 19% Bears
  • 10% Chubs for chubs
  • 15% (other)

External links

  • UK Size acceptance
  • Affiliated Big Men's chubby hairy Clubs: National ebony chubby organization for Girth & Mirth and Big Men's Clubs in the USA.
  • Girth & Mirth Chicago: The Girth & Mirth Club chubby granny in Chicago, IL.
  • INSIDE Bear Magazine
  • BiggerCity: A web community for Chubs and Chasers.
  • BiggerWorld: The chubby men gallery biggest Girth & Mirth club cute chubby in Europe and organizers of EBMC.
  • BearCity: Website dedicated to Chubbies, Bears and Chasers.
  • MyChub : The Malaysian Portal for Chub amateur chubby & Chasers in Asia.
  • ChubSg : The Singaporean Chubby & Chasers Community.
  • Chubnet: One of the first sites for the Chub and Chaser community.
  • ChubLinks: links chubby amateurs to gay chub chubby asians culture online: Website with free links for gay chubby men & their admirers

See also

  • Bear community
  • Fat fetishism
  • Gaining
  • Samson (magazine)


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  2. ^ BiggerCity Site chubby woman Demographics
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