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Constellation Shares Sink on Outlook Cut 

AP via Yahoo! Finance - Oct 06 8:21 AM
Shares of Constellation Brands Inc. slid on Friday, after the world's biggest winemaker said profit fell 18 percent in the second-quarter and lowered its guidance.

Constellation's profit falls 
Rochester Democrat and Chronicle - Oct 06 1:54 PM
Constellation Brands Inc. said its fiscal second-quarter earnings were boosted by its branded businesses and by its acquisition of Canadian wine company Vincor.

TBC lands Constellation NewEnergy account 
BizJournals - Oct 06 3:05 PM
TBC Advertising & Public Relations said Friday that it has won eight new accounts, including Constellation NewEnergy and seafood restaurant chain Bonefish Grill.

FPL sues to allow Md. ruling on Constellation merger 
BizJournals - Oct 06 2:43 PM
The Florida power company trying to merge with Baltimore's Constellation Energy Group has filed suit to overturn a state law that would prevent utility regulators from considering the $12.1 billion deal, which has been caught up in political and legal wrangling in Maryland.




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This article is about constelation the star grouping. For other uses, consellation see Constellation (disambiguation).
Photo of the familar constellation Orion.
Orion is a remarkable constellation, visible from most places on the constallation globe at one time contellation or another during the year. The constellation of Orion is the area outlined in the dashed yellow line. constllation Orion contains a striking and well-known star costellation pattern that has the form of a hunter.

A constellation is any one of the 88 areas into which the constelllation sky - or the celestial sphere - is divided. condtellation The term is also often used less formally to denote a group of stars visibly related to each other in a constellstion particular configuration or pattern.

Some well-known constellations constellations contain striking and familiar patterns of bright stars. Examples are Ursa Major (containing the Big Dipper), Orion (containing a figure of a constellation hunter), Leo (containing bright stars outlining constellation map the form of a lion) and Scorpius (a scorpion). Other constellations do not encompass any discernible star patterns, and contain uss constellation only faint stars.


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The International Astronomical Union constellation orion (IAU) divides the sky into 88 aquarius constellation official constellations with precise boundaries, so that every direction or place in the sky belongs aries constellation within one constellation. In the northern celestial hemisphere, these are mostly based upon the constellations andromeda constellation of the ancient Greek tradition, passed down through the Middle Ages, and contains the constellation star maps signs of the zodiac.

The constellation boundaries were drawn up by Eugène Delporte in 1930, and he drew constellation energy taurus constellation them along vertical and horizontal lines of right ascension and declination. However, he did so for the constellation leo epoch B1875.0, the era when Benjamin A. Gould made the proposal on which Delporte based his work. pisces constellation The consequence of the early date is that due to precession of the equinoxes, the borders constellation myths on a modern star map (eg, for epoch J2000) are already somewhat skewed find constellations and no longer perfectly vertical gemini constellation or horizontal. This skew will increase over the years and centuries to come.

In three-dimensional orion the constellation space, most of the stars we see have little or no relation to one another, but can appear chris craft constellation to be grouped on the celestial sphere of the night sky. Humans constellation taurus excel at finding patterns and throughout history have grouped together stars that appear close to one leo constellation another.

A star pattern may be widely known constellation aquarius but may not be recognized by the International Astronomical Union; such a pattern of stars is called an peacock constellation asterism. An example is the grouping grus and constellation called the Big Dipper (North America) or the Plough (UK).

The stars in a constellation or constellation sagittarius asterism rarely have any astrophysical relationship to each other; they printable constellation map just happen to appear close together in the sky as viewed from Earth and typically lie many constellations maps light years apart in space. However, one exception to omega constellation this is the Ursa Major moving group.

The grouping of stars into constellations is essentially arbitrary, and different pegasus the constellation cultures have had different constellations, although a few of the more obvious taurus the constellation ones tend to recur frequently, e.g., Orion and Scorpius.

History of the constellations

Main article: what are constellations Former constellations

Our current list is based on those listed by zodiac constellations the Roman astronomer, Claudius Ptolemy, who lived in Alexandria, Egypt.

In more recent times this list lockheed constellation has been added to in order pegasus constellation to fill gaps between Ptolemy's patterns. The Greeks considered the sky as including both constellations and dim spaces between. constellation pisces But Renaissance star catalogs by Johann Bayer and John Flamsteed required every star to lyra constellation be in a constellation, and the number of visible stars in a constellation to be manageably small.

The constellations southern constellation around the South Pole were not observable by the Greeks. Twelve 12 zodiac constellations were created by Dutch navigators Pieter Dirkszoon Keyser and Frederick de Houtman in the sixteenth century constellation mythology and first cataloged by Johann Bayer. view constellations Several more were created by Nicolas Louis de Lacaille in his posthumous Coelum Australe big dipper constellation Stelliferum, published in 1763.

Other proposed constellations didn't make the cut, most notably Quadrans Muralis (now part of Boötes) for constellation chart which the Quadrantid meteors are named. Also constellation virgo the ancient constellation Argo Navis was so big that it was broken up into several different draco constellation constellations, for the convenience of stellar cartographers.

Greek constellation leo the constellation myths

The first ancient Greek works which dealt with the constellations lynx constellation were books of star myths. The oldest of these was a poem composed by Hesiod in the the constellation gemini C8th BC, of which only fragments survive.

The most complete extant works dealing with the mythic origins virgo constellation of the constellations are by the Hellenstic writer termed pseudo-Eratosthenes and pictures of constellations an early Roman writer styled pseudo-Hyginus. Each of orion constellation image these drew extensively from the writings of older sources (Hesiod and his successors), providing a constellation brands clear overview of the stories which lay behind the star groups we are so constellation list familiar with today.

Chinese constellations

Main article: Chinese constellation

Chinese constellations are different from the constellations jack johnson western constellations, due to the independent ursa major constellation development of ancient Chinese astronomy. Ancient Chinese skywatchers divided their night sky in a different way, but there are also similarities. constellation scorpio The Chinese counterpart of hydra the constellation the 12 western zodiac constellations are the 28 "Xiu" (宿) or "mansions" (a literal translation).

Star names

All modern jack johnson constellations constellation names are Latin proper names or words, and what is a constellation some stars are named using the genitive of the constellation in which they are cancer constellation found. The genitive is formed using the usual rules of Latin grammar, and for those unfamiliar with that language the constellation brands message board form of the genitive is sometimes unpredictable and must be memorized. constellation for aries Some examples include: Aries → Arietis; Taurus → Tauri; Gemini → Geminorum; Virgo → Virginis; constellation maps Libra → Librae; Pisces constellation names → Piscium; Lepus → Leporis.

These names include Bayer designations such as Alpha Centauri, constellations and coloring pages Flamsteed designations such as 61 Cygni, and variable star designations such as RR Lyrae. However, many fainter stars will just be given a sky chart for constellations insert date catalog number designation (in each of various star catalogs) that stars and constellations does not incorporate the constellation name.

For more information about star names, see Star designations hercules constellation and the list of stars by constellation.

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The 48 Constellations listed scorpius constellation by Ptolemy
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Leo | split into | Leo | Coma Berenices
Piscis Austrinus | constellations for elementary students split into | Piscis Austrinus | Grus
Sagittarius lepus constellation | split into | Sagittarius | Corona Australis

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Obsolete Constellations introduced star constellation pisces by Johannes Hevelius in the 1690 text Firmamentum Sobiescianum.

Cerberus | the constellation aries Mons Maenalus | Triangulum Minor

Constellations changed by Lacaille in 1763

Argo Navis the constellation hercules split into Carina | Puppis | Vela
Eridanus split into Eridanus | Fornax
Sagittarius | Corona Australis altered to create Telescopium
Centaurus ancient egyptian stars constellations god word | Lupus altered to create Circinus

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