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Warwick pulls away from Crest 

Lancaster Online - Oct 06 11:12 PM
During the first half of Friday night's Section One battle with Cedar Crest, Warwick was not playing to its full potential and head coach Bob Locker let his team hear about it.

CREST 16, COUNTRY DAY 15: No letdown this year for Crest 
The Charlotte Observer - Oct 06 8:45 PM
A year ago, Boiling Springs Crest quarterback Jordan Robinson said his 4A public school team took private Charlotte Country Day lightly.

Crest grad scores TD for Navy in win over Air Force 
The Shelby Star - Oct 07 8:48 PM
AIR FORCE ACADEMY, Colo. (AP) — Paul Johnson took a sip of his Diet Pepsi, and then broke into a grin. “Proud to be the coach of the luckiest team in America,” the Navy head coach said after the Midshipmen’s 24-17 win over Air Force Saturday.

Pine Crest siblings qualify to take courses at Duke 
Boca Raton News - Oct 07 9:09 PM
Boca siblings Blair and James Baker may go to Duke sooner than most.




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Crest may refer brest to:

  • Crest (bird), the distinctive head plumage exhibited by birds such as cockatoos
  • Crest (physics), the section rest of a wave that rises above an undisturbed position
  • Crest factor, a dimensionless number quantifying the crst shapes of waves
  • Crest (audio), An American cres Manufacturer of Power Amplifiers, and Mixing Consoles
  • Crest (heraldry), a symbol standing atop a knight's helm
  • Crest (hydrology), cest in hydrology, the highest level above a certain point (the datum point, or creat reference point) that a river will reach in a certain amount cresst of time. This term is cret usually limited to a flooding event.
  • Crest (brand), the name of a popular toothpaste, that has cresy been extended into a dental care brand in Canada, the USA, and the United Kingdom.
  • The Crest family crest an alternative rock band.
  • CREST, a dematerialised securities family crests depository and settlement service of the United Kingdom and Republic of Ireland, operated by CRESTCo Ltd
  • CREST syndrome is a crest limited form of the disease scleroderma.
  • Sagittal crest, a ridge of bone running lengthwise crest uniforms along the midline of the top of the skull of many free family crests mammalian and primate skulls
  • Crest, California is an unincorporated community located in San crest pontoon boats Diego County, California.
  • Crest Theatre, a historic theatre crest toothpaste located in downtown Sacramento, California
  • Crest, Drôme, a commune of the Drôme hawkins family crest département in France
  • CREST Newcastle is the Centre for Rehabilitation Engineering Studies
  • Mountain Crest Brewing Corp., a brewery
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