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Breathing easier Asthma seems to be on the increase, but early detection and daily treatment help keep it in check 

The Wichita Eagle - 1 hour, 11 minutes ago
Until she woke up in the middle of the night, unable to breathe, DeeDee Fox blamed her lack of energy on keeping up with two young children.

Arthur goes west on his way back 
The Herald - Oct 09 5:54 PM
Alex Arthur will end seven months of inactivity when he defends the European super-featherweight title against the Spanish challenger, Sergio Palomo, at the Kelvin Hall, Glasgow, on November 4.

Drug May Help Women Stop Smoking 
Science Daily - Oct 09 5:55 AM
Adding the opiate blocker naltrexone to the combination of behavioral therapy and nicotine patches boosted smoking cessation rates for women by almost 50 percent when assessed after eight weeks of treatment, but made no difference for men. Naltrexone helped reduce the craving for cigarettes and lessened the discomforts of withdrawal for women in the study. It also reduced the weight gain often

Difficulty inhaling after running --- HealthandAge 
HealthandAge - Oct 09 12:26 AM
I have experienced a bout of colds over the last three months. I am healthy so have managed to overcome them. I was a smoker but quit smoking at the time of my cold bouts Recently though I have had trouble inhaling after running.

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