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Kavkaz Center - Oct 08 12:52 AM
Anna Politkovskaya, a prominent Russian journalist and critic of the war in Chechnya, has been found shot dead at her apartment block in central Moscow. Her body was discovered in a lift by a neighbour on Saturday evening, according to police sources quoted by the Interfax news agency.

Murder in Moscow: The shooting of Anna Politkovskaya 
Independent - Oct 07 4:30 PM
A body found slumped in a Moscow lift. A discarded pistol and four spent shells. A mysterious thin man in a black baseball cap. The murder yesterday of Anna Politkovskaya, the most famous reporter in Russia, is a story as sinister as anything she investigated in her fearless, award-winning career.

Assassin's bullet kills fiery critic of Putin 
Mail and Guardian - Oct 08 12:06 AM
Anna Politkovskaya, the journalist who did most to uncover the Kremlin's dirty war in Chechnya, was shot dead close to her Moscow apartment on Saturday in a killing that sent shock waves across Russia. Her body was found slumped in a lift next to a pistol and four bullets.

Critical Russian Journalist Murdered 
Sky News via Yahoo! UK & Ireland News - Oct 07 8:11 AM
A prominent Russian journalist well known for her critical coverage of the war in Chechnya has been killed in Moscow. Anna Politkovskaya's body was found in a lift at the building in Moscow where she had an apartment, according to police.




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It is indeed unfortunate in the era of gastric bypass surgery that Dr. jeep body lifts Lockwood didn't live to see his work applied to the increasing numbers surgeons specializing in body contouring,body lifts of excellent candidates.

The operation is extensive and is 3 body lift for a 84 bronco ii known for wound healing complications. Some surgeons have arbitrarily divided the operation into smaller body lift 2000 durango tires portions to help limit these complications. Furthermore, the concept has been expanded upon to include additional lifts such as those of how much is a full body lift the inner thigh (medial thigh lift.) The traditional lower body 2000 dodge durango 3 inch body lift lift targeted the upper thighs as well as the buttocks and abdomen. body belt in aerial lift For the large volume weight loss patient, this operation is ideal to body lift for jeep liberty remove the redundant skin that frequently "hangs" around the lower body lift kits for a nissan pathfinder trunk restoring an improved contour.

These operations typically require 5-8 hours operating time when done "all at once." Close post-operative supervision is advised.

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