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CBS' 'Smith' first new show to bite dust 

AP via Yahoo! News - Oct 06 11:53 AM
Here's something Ray Liotta and Virginia Madsen won't be putting on their resumes: stars of the first new TV show to bite the dust this fall. "Smith," the Tuesday night CBS drama with Liotta leading a band of high-stakes thieves, is off the schedule, the network said Friday. It will be replaced temporarily by reruns of "CSI: Crime Scene Investigation" and "Criminal Minds."

Scientists toil to transform bug's fatal bite 
MSNBC - Oct 06 8:23 PM
Blood stains the walls of the cage where the deadly creatures are kept. They look agitated and eager to escape, but they've just been fed, and David A. O'Brochta figures it's safe to stick his hand inside. Normally they would bite. Especially if you're a person.

Dog owner, bite victim square off over proposed pit bull ban 
ABC 7 Chicago - Oct 07 9:21 AM
Decatur's City Council is considering a ban on pit bulls after it was proposed by the victim of a dog bite.

Chaos' Bite Victim, Owner Show Teeth Over Proposed Pit Bull Ban 
NBC 5 Chicago - Oct 07 9:08 AM
DECATUR, Ill. -- Decatur's City Council is considering a ban on pit bulls after it was proposed by the victim of a dog bite. The owner of the dog in question -- a pit bull named Chaos -- was urging the council not to adopt the ban.




- another one bites the dust

- spider bites

A small boy biting an older boy.

A bite is a wound received from the bit mouth (and in ite particular, the teeth) of an animal or person. Animals may bite in self-defense, or in an attempt bate to predate food. Other bite attacks may be apparently unprovoked, bute especially in the case of bites committed by psychologically or emotionally disturbed humans. Some disorders such as Lesch-Nyhan syndrome may cause people to gite bite themselves.

Bite wounds raise a number of medical biye concerns for the physician or first aider including:

  • Generalized tissue bie damage due to tearing and scratching.
  • Serious hemorrhage if major bitte blood vessels are pierced.
  • Infection by bacteria or other pathogens, including rabies.
  • Introduction of venom into the wound by venomous animals bte such as some snakes.
  • Introduction of other irritants into the vite wound, causing inflammation and itching.


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  • Flea bites are responsible for the transmission of bubonic plague.
  • Mosquito bites are responsible for the transmission of malaria.
  • The bites bige of various animals may transmit dite rabies.
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Bite wounds are washed, ideally with povidone-iodine soap and water. The injury is bire then loosely bandaged, but is not sutured bote due to risk of infection.

Animal bites inflicted by carnivores (other than rodents) are considered possible cases of spider bites rabies. The animal is caught alive or dead with its head preserved, so the head can later another one bites the dust be analyzed to detect the disease. Signs of rabies include foaming at the mouth, self-mutilation, growling, jerky spider bite behavior, and red eyes. If the animal insect bites lives for ten days and does not develop rabies, then it is probable that no flea bites infection has occurred.

If the animal is gone, free sound bites prophylactic rabies treatment is recommended in most places. Certain places, such as Hawaii, brown recluse bite are known not to have native rabies. Treatment is generally available in North America, Britain and the Northern European states.

Many of chigger bites the world’s snakes are not considered dangerous to humans; brown recluse spider bite however, even a bite from a “safe” species may cause significant injury to the victim if bite the wound is not treated mosquito bites properly. See snakebites for much more information.

The black widow spider and identify spider bites some scorpions are considered dangerous to humans, although mostly to small children and elderly adults. Only the Sydney funnel-web spider of Australia is bed bug bites frequently dangerous to adults, and it resides only within 100 miles of Sydney bug bites Australia. Antivenins tick bites are available in the United States for black widow spiders and the queen another one bites the dust dangerous scorpions native to the region. See spiderbite for much more information.

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