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From Mr. T to Granny D: Kiss-offs and witty pity 

The Oregonian - Oct 08 12:09 AM
M r. T is an economy-sized man whose python-like biceps erupt from a sleeveless shirt. Whose massive chest glitters with gold. Whose face is twisted in a perpetual sneer. Whose Easter Island-caliber skull sports a severe Mohawk. He speaks in a roar, particularly when he's angry.

Retired menhaden fishermen carry on with singing 
Richmond Times-Dispatch - Oct 07 6:05 PM
KILMARNOCK His handshake grips like a workshop vise, his biceps bulge beneath his shirt. At 75, James U. Carter's still got it. Forty years of hauling fishing nets will do that to a man.

New York Post - Oct 07 2:44 AM
KATIE Couric unbuttoning her jacket to compare "guns" (biceps) with fitness guru Rikki Charles of Aspen Fitness NYC at Louis Licari's Cancer & Careers party in the Takashimaya building . . . FITNESS guru Jack...

Free weight or machine: What's best? 
Inside Bay Area - 2 hours, 19 minutes ago
First of two columns on free weights vs. machines. Q:I need to do some strength training and am more familiar with machines. I know free weights are recommended as well.




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Biceps are either of two muscles that are made up bicep of two distinct bicepa parts. Biceps is Latin for two heads. There are two bices muscles called bicepses:

  • In general usage, the biceps is the biceps brachii, the prominent muscle on her biceps the upper arm, popularly associated with bodily strength
  • Biceps can less commonly refer to the biceps femoris, one of biceps the hamstring muscles of the female biceps underside of the thigh
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