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Take the edge off stress by perfecting belly breathing 

Centre Daily Times - Oct 07 12:04 AM
You've seen them -- those magazine covers flashing the perfect belly -- flat and tight. Indeed, it seems that holding the belly in -- tight and braced -- has become a way of being for many Americans who seem to believe that a tight, flat belly is a marker of health.

From Mr. T to Granny D: Kiss-offs and witty pity 
The Oregonian - Oct 08 12:09 AM
M r. T is an economy-sized man whose python-like biceps erupt from a sleeveless shirt. Whose massive chest glitters with gold. Whose face is twisted in a perpetual sneer. Whose Easter Island-caliber skull sports a severe Mohawk. He speaks in a roar, particularly when he's angry.

CBS' 'Smith' first new show to bite dust 
AP via Yahoo! News - Oct 06 11:53 AM
Here's something Ray Liotta and Virginia Madsen won't be putting on their resumes: stars of the first new TV show to bite the dust this fall. "Smith," the Tuesday night CBS drama with Liotta leading a band of high-stakes thieves, is off the schedule, the network said Friday. It will be replaced temporarily by reruns of "CSI: Crime Scene Investigation" and "Criminal Minds."

black eye
Black gloves wave Norman goodbye 
Aljazeera - Oct 09 2:20 AM
American sprinters Tommie Smith and John Carlos, who famously wore black gloves at their medal ceremony at the 1968 Mexico Olympics, were pallbearers at the funeral of Australian Peter Norman – the man who stood alongside them in their protest.

Local: Vets want names on memorial 
The Nashua Telegraph - Oct 08 1:19 AM
NASHUA – The city's monument to Vietnam veterans is a nondescript granite plaque wedged in a triangle where three ball fields intersect at Memorial Park on Ledge Street. ... - By PATRICK MEIGHAN Telegraph Staff

blood clots
Bristol-Myers strengthens blood thinner warning 
Reuters via Yahoo! News - Oct 06 12:12 PM
Bristol-Myers Squibb has strengthened its warning about the risk of possible fatal bleeding linked to its blood thinner drug, Coumadin, adding a black box to its label, U.S. health officials said on Friday.

blood sugar
Stopping insulin avoids drop in sugar from exercise 
Reuters via Yahoo! News - Oct 03 11:52 AM
In a study of children with type 1 diabetes who were treated with insulin pump therapy, temporarily suspending insulin helped prevent a decline in blood sugar (hypoglycemia) during exercise. However, as might be expected, the risk of high blood sugar (hyperglycemia) increased.

Two-year bans for three bodybuilders 
Trinidad Express - Oct 04 7:30 PM
THREE Trinidad and Tobago bodybuilders who were being considered to compete at the Central American and Caribbean Games (CAC) which took place in Jamaica a week ago, have been handed two-year bans after testing positive for a prohibited substance.

body lift
Kavkaz Center - Oct 08 12:52 AM
Anna Politkovskaya, a prominent Russian journalist and critic of the war in Chechnya, has been found shot dead at her apartment block in central Moscow. Her body was discovered in a lift by a neighbour on Saturday evening, according to police sources quoted by the Interfax news agency.

body system
Exam body drops ‘unfair’ upgrade system 
The Herald - Oct 06 6:49 PM
A CONTROVERSIAL computerised appeals system that automatically upgrades the exam results of thousands of pupils has been scrapped after it was found to be unfair.

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- belly

Here is an article on - belly dancing.

- pregnant belly


Country Boston, Massachusetts, USA
Years active 1991–1996
Genres Alternative
Labels Sire/Reprise
Members Tanya Donelly delly (guitar/vocals)
Thomas Gorman (organ/guitar)
Fred Abong (bass) (1991-1993)
Gail Greenwood (bass) (1993-1996)
Chris Gorman (drums)

Belly was belay a musical band formed in 1991 by former Throwing Muses members Tanya Donelly bellu (also in The Breeders with Kim Deal) and Fred Abong. Based in Boston, Massachusetts, the band bely consisted of Tanya Donelly on lead vocals, Fred Abong belky bass, Tom Gorman guitar, and Chris gelly Gorman drums. The band had an alternative rock sound that was uniquely mixed with both a twist bellz of pop-reminiscent haunted melodies (much like those of pregnant belly Julee Cruise and the Cocteau Twins) and an occasional country music-like twang, which made it popular with belly college students searching for indie rock bands.

Rise to stardom

Donelly's unique voice helped bring belly dance out both fury and sweetness, a talent belly dancing that attracted the teenage misfits similar to beer belly those who helped The Cure to become so famous in the 1980s. Quickly rocketing to more wide-spread popularity with their EP Slow Dust (1992), belly dancer Belly made number fat belly one in the British indie chart. Soon after, their single "Feed the Tree" made the top belly button 40 in the British chart and their first album, Star (1993), belly button rings got good reviews from newspapers belly punching and rock magazines and nabbed them a larger audience when it hit number two big belly in the British chart.

In the United States, the album was RIAA Certified Gold, largely based on the success belly dancers of "Feed the Tree," on Modern Rock radio stations and MTV, beautiful pregnant bellies where the video was featured belly fat as part of MTV's Buzz Bin videos and Alternative Nation video show for much of 1993. Two follow-up singles were released, "Gepetto" belly inflation and "Slow Dog," but neither matched pregnant bellies the initial success of "Feed the Tree." Star was consequently nominated for two Grammys.

Critics claim belly button piercing that the majority of Belly's songs belly stuffing are naively childish, and that the band was merely playing growing big belly unilateral tunes to easily gain more popularity. However, most of the band's seemingly innocent tunes overlie darkly meaningful lyrics, such as "Dusted" belly gallery (about a drug addict) jelly belly or "Full Moon, Empty Heart" (about a mother who threw herself and gigantic belly her child from a window after losing a custody battle).

Greenwood era

After Star hit it big stuffed bellies for the band, Fred Abong left and was belly expansion replaced by bassist Gail Greenwood. According to an MTV News report at the huge belly time, Greenwood was originally a guitar player in bulging bellies a Boston-area metal band before Donelly recruited her to play bass in Belly. As such, she was considered less technically talented than Abong, bulging belly stories but she still managed very belly buttons well in the band. She became the main attraction at their shows, her hair wildly flying into her belly growing fat face as she belly rings played, but the sound of the band changed to accommodate her style, with its shows featuring more electric guitar than before and less belly button licking clips of growing belly the dreamy quality of its 2nd album.

As a result, the group's next album, King (1995), was more rock and roll-oriented. Despite the belly expansion pregnant band's input on Donelly's lyrics, the album was not a popular success and akon belly dancer the band was stuck between mainstream and underground acceptance. belly dance costumes King, saw its belly casting numerous singles fail to sustain any significant airplay on Modern Rock radio, and the videos for "Now They'll Sleep" and "Super Connected" received hairy belly little airplay 38 weeks belly on MTV outside of limited airings on 120 Minutes.

By 1997, Belly's members had decided to break up. Donelly continues to release bellies growing bigger albums as a solo artist, her material belly punch gathering somewhat more of a country/folk sound.


  • Star (1993)
  • King (1995)
  • Sweet Ride: belly button piercings The Best of Belly (2002)
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- belly dance

Take the edge off stress by perfecting belly breathing 

Centre Daily Times - Oct 07 12:04 AM
You've seen them -- those magazine covers flashing the perfect belly -- flat and tight. Indeed, it seems that holding the belly in -- tight and braced -- has become a way of being for many Americans who seem to believe that a tight, flat belly is a marker of health.

On the outside, parolees' new trade skills bring hope 
The Star-Ledger - Oct 07 9:51 PM
In the belly of a cavernous carpentry workshop where a band saw shrieked, Kemar Plummer focused on a slim piece of blond wood clipped into a vice. He cut halfway through, blew away the dust and then grabbed a chisel to make the final touches to a picture frame.

Volunteer vacations can teach us a thing or two 
Sun-Sentinel - Oct 08 12:19 AM
Through the fog inside my dive mask I see a healthy patch of Creamsicle-colored fire coral that I suddenly realize, due to the downward swing of an Atlantic Ocean swell, is only a few perilous inches from my belly.

Police: Man lands in jail on tank full of gas and belly full of beer 
Post-Star - Oct 07 11:24 PM
SARATOGA SPRINGS * A Greenfield man testing how far he could ride a homemade moped with a tank of gas and a couple beers made it to the Spa City and then to county jail Wednesday, police said.