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Sunday Mail - 11 minutes ago
THE star of the biggest TV show in America has hit back at claims she's too skinny to be healthy. Ellen Pompeo's leading role in hospital drama Grey's Anatomy has won rave reviews on both sides of the Atlantic.

ABC strong Thursday with "Anatomy," "Betty" 
Reuters via Yahoo! News - Oct 06 5:52 PM
"Grey's Anatomy" beat "CSI" head-to-head in Thursday night's primetime race, leading ABC to a nightly victory in the coveted adults 18-49 demographic while CBS prevailed in viewers.

'Anatomy' lesson beats 'CSI' for No. 1 
New York Daily News - Oct 07 1:19 AM
The Thursday night battle between ABC's "Grey's Anatomy" and CBS' "CSI" rages on. After losing steam in its second week, "Grey's" was back on top this week with 22.4 million viewers, according to preliminary numbers from Nielsen Media Research. "CSI" was a close second with 21.2 million.

Alex shows new dimension 'Anatomy' 
AP via Yahoo! News - Oct 06 8:24 AM
Each of the primary story lines on "Grey's Anatomy" moved forward this week, but it was Alex who owned the episode.




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Anatomical drawing of the human muscles from the Encyclopédie.
Anatomical chart from the Cyclopaedia, 1728

Anatomy (from the Greek ἀνατομία anatomia, from ἀνατέμνειν anatemnein, to antomy cut up, cut open), is the branch of biology that deals with the structure and organization of living anatimy things. It can be divided into animal anatomy (zootomy) and plant anatomy (phytotomy). Furthermore, anatomy can be annatomy covered either regionally or anatmoy systemically, that is, studying anatomy by bodily regions such as the head and chest for the former, or studying by specific anatomt systems, such as the nervous or respiratory systems for the latter. anatomi Major branches of anatomy include comparative anatomy, histology and human anatomy.


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Animal anatomy

Animal anatomy anatomy may include the study of the structure human anatomy of different animals, when it is called comparative anatomy or animal morphology, or it may be limited to one animal only, female anatomy in gray's anatomy which case it is spoken of as special anatomy.

Human anatomy

From a utilitarian point of view the study anatomy and physiology of humans is the most important division of special anatomy, and this human grays anatomy anatomy may be approached from different points male anatomy of view.

From that of Medicine it consists of a knowledge of the exact human anatomy diagrams form, position, size and relationship of the various structures of the healthy human horse anatomy body, and to this study the term descriptive or topographical human anatomy is given, though it is often, less happily, spoken of as anthropotomy.

So intricate is anatomy girls the human body that only a small number of professional hermaphrodite anatomy human anatomists, after years of patient observation, are masters of its anatomy of the human body details; most of them specialize on certain parts, such as the brain dog anatomy or viscera, contenting themselves with a good human anatomy muscles working knowledge of the rest.

Topographical anatomy must be learned by repeated dissection and inspection of dead human bodies. It is no more shoulder anatomy a science than a pilot's knowledge is, and, like that knowledge, must be anatomy of the eye exact and available in moments of emergency.

From the morphological point of view, however, human brain anatomy anatomy is a scientific and fascinating study, having for its object the discovery knee anatomy of the causes which have brought about the anatomy of human body existing structure of humans, and needing a knowledge of the canine anatomy allied sciences of embryology or developmental biology, phylogeny, and histology.

Pathological anatomy (or morbid anatomy) is stingray anatomy the study of diseased organs, while sections of normal anatomy, applied foot anatomy to various purposes, receive special names such as medical, surgical, gynaecological, artistic and superficial anatomy drawings anatomy. The comparison of the anatomy of different races of humans is part of the science of physical anthropology or anthropological anatomy of the brain anatomy. In eye anatomy the present edition of this work the subject of anatomy is treated systematically rather than topographically. Each anatomical anatomy of the heart article contains first a description of the structures of an organ or system (such as nerves, grey's anatomy soundtrack arteries, heart, and so forth), as it is found in humans; this is followed grey's anatomy quotes by an account of the development (embryology) and comparative anatomy (morphology), as far as vertebrate animals anatomy of the foot are concerned; but only human anatomy clip art those parts of the lower animals which are of interest in explaining human body structure are anatomy of a rat here dealt with. The articles have a twofold purpose; first, to give enough details grey anatomy of structure to make the articles on physiology, surgery, medicine and pathology intelligible; heart anatomy and, second, to give the non-expert inquirer, or the worker cat anatomy in some other branch of science, the chief theories on which the modern scientific groundwork of anatomy female human anatomy is built......

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